LTE UDear Editor, 

 I am a concerned Canadian citizen and believe it is my civic duty to protect the rights of children in our country and our community from segregation. The act of separating English and French children on different buses is promoting segregation and division across both linguistic groups.

 Tensions are rising in New Brunswick (Canada’s ONLY bilingual province) over this very issue, in fact a rally is being planned in Fredericton May 8, 2015 to address the many concerns of bilingualism; proportionate representation and promotion, language hiring policies vs merit hiring policies and forced or compulsory French immersion.

Many people may not realize this, but in Alexandria, Ontario kids have been riding separate buses for over five years now. Is this happening in our community???

I am not sure, but I do intend to find out. I have sent inquires to all four school boards(UCDSC,CDSBEO,CSDCEO,CEPEO).

Do you accept segregation in Canada?

In Equality,

Debbie Cameron
Long Sault, ON


  1. Now Eric how many Franco Ontario groups and Chapters are there sponsored by the government? Ontario spends what $680,000,000 yearly to support the language of 4% of the population? That’s a lot of MRI’s ,CT’s, Hip/Knee surgeries and so on for ALL the people of Ontario instead of having our rationed health care service. How many are immobilized and debilitated because of waiting for our rationed health care. One of the nurses Debbie Knows in the states got diagnosed with Hip degeneration and within 10 days had surgery .I know one here that has been waiting over a year…the government puts limits on amount of these surgeries yearly.

  2. Eric, if bilingualism has been such a disaster, and so many people hate it, why isn’t there a political party, federal or provincial, that will abolish it?

  3. Furtz said: Eric, if bilingualism has been such a disaster, and so many people hate it, why isn’t there a political party, federal or provincial, that will abolish it?

    I think no one wants to attempt o clean up this mess. Can it even be cleaned up? IMHO no.

  4. Yes Hugger its been institutionalized and entrenched.No politician wants to be labelled as this is a standard protocol when one Questions bilingualism. How dare you speak up on it you French hater ,bigot ,arrogant ,single minded uneducated racist person. The diatribes I received were worse. How dare one question the religion of bilingualism.

  5. Hugger, I thought governments were elected to to clean up the messes left by previous governments. There must be dozens or even hundreds of Canadians who want official bilingualism abolished.

  6. Furtz your math is atrocious try adding 4-5 0’s on the end of it .You think Local and even that, your way low balling it .I think and Know country wide. But you keep that narrow minded approach it works for you.

  7. No party wants to be known as the one that killed bilingualism.

  8. Too funny! Pretty sure that if there was wide-spread popular support for abolishing bilingualism, it would have been an election issue at some point.

  9. Furtz :Hugger said it ,but who would kill the religion of bilingualism even when the people do not want it?

    Referendums would decide this once and for all, but we the people are not allowed to have input as a just democracy would.

  10. Chris I don’t think that bilingualism will ever be abolished because we have 2 main sets of ethnic diversities that have made Canada and they are English and French. Under English you have the Scots and the Irish, etc. Under French well they came from France originally and they are Québecois and Acadiens. The thing is to send your children and grandchildren to French schools since the time that they enter 4 year old kindergarden. Children are like sponges wanting to learn. Kids learn unless there is a learning disability of some sort.

  11. Furtz, Quebec has what 75 seats federally, about 25%? Also there are several in eastern Ontario with a vocal minority, so which party wants hundreds of kids banging pots and marching against them?

    Few people want to get rid of bilingualism Jules, or language choice, but the laws and perceived political need is becoming staggering. A value for money audit and other needs assessments should not be ignored for this sacred cow.

  12. Furtz and Jules, perhaps you can help. Please contact Stats Can and ask them to include language questions on the 2016 census. You know, to squash the opposition.

    Have you or family been affected by bilingualism when searching for a job? etc

  13. Sorry Eric. I’m getting old, and life is way too short waste on BS like that.

  14. I only wish that the where numbers warrant clause actually meant something and was implemented fairly.

  15. Eric the government lies to the people even looking them head on in the face like what Bill Clinton did to the Yanks. Stats Canada is a joke and the real unemployment is double if not triple or just about what Stats Canada says. I wish that the Canadian people were really awake because only then there would be real hell to pay.

  16. Jules, Jules, Jules….the “real” numbers may be higher. But StatsCan uses population, labour force workers, unemployed “workers” and other factors to determine the unemployment rate. Those numbers can be subject to being skewed or worked depending on who is doing the calculating. What you see as an “unemployed” person the government may not see as an unemployed person. The numbers can be interpreted in many different ways.

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