Letter to the Editor by Pastor Tom Newton : Municipalities will obey ban on prayers APRIL 23, 2015


LTEYes, the High Court of the Land has spoken, and many gladly obey. Another nail in the coffin of religious freedom and expression!

I am not surprised at the High Court’s decision here, seeing its track record on past ungodly actions: abortion, same sex marriage, physician-assisted suicide, and many others. The trend is more secular humanism (paganism) and less God (His worship, His Bible, His standards). Yes, I understand we are in a post-Christian era now. No need to deny that, but it is worse: we are in fact reverting back (falling, apostatizing) to the time before the introduction of Christianity after the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ (A.D. 33). In our rebellion, we have successfully kicked off most of the influence of Christianity and are now going back to heathenism, paganism, and barbarism. Rank idolatry!

I know that many of the rank and file applaud the Court’s action, but “following a multitude to do evil” is still wrong in the eyes of God, and shall in consequence reap further judgment upon us from the Most High God. God judges a rebellious nation in many ways. First He abandons the nation to “fools” – those who are in authority to direct, manage, and oversee the social, political, and economic affairs of the nation, provinces, and all municipalities. Once the “fools” are in charge, there is a rapid digression to further abandonment of all morals, civility, and common decency. God abandons those that abandon Him – His worship, His Bible, His salvation, His standards, even the avenue of prayer! I know that the common response to all this is, “who cares”, but we will care when God starts to overthrow a nation such as ours has become by the enemy within and the enemy without.

So why pray? Let’s use the example of our local municipalities. Prayer at the opening of a civic meeting is called an invocation. It is an acknowledgment in a form of a prayer for God’s assistance, His help, His wisdom in the matters that are before the civic members. In our day and age, such invocations are mainly religious formalities, asked by various religious groups. In Iowa recently, a Wicca priestess even did the invocation. Someone might say, “Good, let’s get rid of the religious formalities”, but what is going to replace it–a moment of silent mediation? How about an invocation to the god of reason, or the god of money and prosperity, or the god of pleasure? How about an invocation to self? (Another name for secular humanism is self-worship.)

Look at the mess the Liberals have made of Ontario: beer tax, carbon tax, selling of Hydro One, scandals after scandals, and, yes, let’s not forget the New Ontario sex-ed. program. I would venture to say we need all the “prayers” we can get. Do we have to go far from home? Just look at Cornwall, South Stormont, and see the evidence and the aftermath of the devastation of the “fools” being in charge of the ship. Even our Prime Minister has invoked the frowns of the Most High God with his weak knee action against abortion, and same-sex marriage. Prime Minster, with all due respects, are you pro-life, pro-family, pro-God? Inaction and lip service is worse than Nero playing his fiddle while Rome burned.

“I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty. For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour” (1Timothy 2:1 -3). May the Great God of Heaven have mercy upon our wretched souls, for His glory, and for His honour. Amen!

Pastor Tom Newton

Calvary Baptist Church, Cornwall, On.


  1. When one individual can control the outcome regardless of the number of individuals in opposition then democracy is lost. Does anyone care? Apparently not in apathetic Canada.

  2. The song remains the same.

    And all this kerfufall because one person in Quebec complained.

  3. Here we go again. Municipal council meetings are not prayer meetings. The public should be able to attend council meetings without having to endure religious mumbo-jumbo of any kind. We are all free to worship or pray to any god or deity we want. There are plenty of places available for worship and such, without highjacking municipal council meetings for the purpose.

  4. The Good Lord is going to put out His wrath on the dirty people of today and all is written in the Good Book the Bible. I personally cannot wait for the Lord’s wrath upon this mighty sinful world. I do not belong in his world and wish that I never saw it.

  5. That’s too bad Jules. When you start getting up in years like we are, life is supposed to be relaxing and fun.

  6. Furtz I don’t find life relaxing and fun not these days. This world is going straight to hell and there is no stop and without repent to the Good Lord there is no turning back. Everything in the Bible is 100% true whether you believe it or not is the truth.

  7. What can I say Jules? I’m sure if I believed all that bible and religious bunk, I’d be miserable too. I ditched all that stuff over fifty years ago, and what a huge relief it was. It took a year or so to “deprogram” but it was well worth it.

  8. Furtz about Cornwall we got rid of BOB (BA) and now we have Leslie and Les is continuing on his predecessor’s plans. Cornwall is Cornwall north, south, east or west and nothing changes for the better. All the corruption that is done down in Cornwall is worse than any other time in its history. Who in their right frame of mind goes and puts false charges on another and make an innocent person suffer terrible consequences and they have no shame nor guilt. Furtz do you know that when one does horrible things to another that something is going to get them back in return and even ten times worse. These are things that people don’t think about and I have never seen it to fail as yet. Cornwall’s reputation is mighty black and getting blacker all the time.

  9. Having people charged and having the charges dropped happens all the time. Like I’ve said before what happens in Cornwall does happen elsewhere. I think it gets noticed more here due to its size. Yes, I will give you that Cornwall has had some strange things happen here. But we do live in a very strange world, don’t we?

  10. Furtz writes -“There are plenty of places available for worship and such, without highjacking municipal council meetings for the purpose”.

    Nobody is “highjacking” anything. This ban on prayer is first of all an abuse of power by our court system – the real “highjackers”, and secondly, a reckless forsaking of our Judo-Christian heritage which Canada has embraced for hundred of years. That this is part of our heritage is overwhelming and I believe is one of the main reasons Canada(the Western nations) have been blessed with prosperity and peace. Denial of such historical facts is a clear indication of one’s foolishness, reprobation, and hatred for the true and living God. To ascribe such prosperity and peace to human reason and ingenuity is out right dishonoring to God.

    Now this ban on prayer is another sign that we are abandoning God and His Word for the gods of – evolution, secular humanism, money, and atheism. Call it what you want, but God calls this idolatry. Those that abandon God, God abandons! Look at the gigantic mess that has become of our province. Every area of society is in fast decline – scandals,incompetence in government,injustice in the court systems, oppression of the rank and file by the “highjackers”,hatred, murder, malice, greed out of control, alcohol and drug abuse, prostitution, etc. Let’s not overlook – the overall abandonment to idolatrous pleasure, all manner of sexual perversion and immorality,the overthrow of the family, marriage, and general wholesome sexuality. And where are all the jobs? All we get is social welfare! Remember Furtz (others likewise) – Rome did not fall over night, but gradually as Rome forsook God of the Christians, God gave over the Roman Empire to internal and eventually external destruction. We can expect the same from God, for He is not dead, and He is faithful to His word – “… but now the LORD saith, Be it far from me; for them that honour me I will honour, and they that despise me shall be lightly esteemed”(1Sa 2:30).

    One final note – How did you like the Liberal budget? More taxes, more incompetence, more oppression from the “highjackers”. Premier Wynne is more concern in promoting her perverted sex agenda than leading our providence in righteousness. Still no opposing voice from the other political parties! Defeat the budget! Quit being so concern about your precious names and political career, and your pay check, and do what is morally right. The ship is going down! Wake up! Seek God.

  11. Ever heard of laws, PTN? Ever heard the expression “I’m completely in favor of the separation of church and state. My idea is that these two institutions screw us up enough on their own, so both of them together is certain death.” George Carlin quotes.

    One question for you. How do you defeat the Liberal budget when they have a majority government. Is there a secret you know about that you haven’t told us yet?

  12. Hugger 1 – The ungodly, Christ rejecting George Carlin has gone to his just reward – dead, gone, burning in Hell right now!

    Is there such a thing as a vote of confidence on the budget? If not let the Pc’s and NDP’s boycott the chambers of Queens Park – no show until Premier Wynn resigns.

  13. Furtz – the head gasser admits defeat. Furtz – means “its a word you say when you drop a very smelling fart”. 1Co 9:26 “So then I run, not as if I were uncertain. And so I fight, not as one who beats the air”.

  14. Hugger there is no such thing as “separation of church and state” and that was something misquoted by people in the US about their constitution. The founders including the colonists of that time were deeply religious and the US was founded on Protestantism. What made the US so great was their commitment to their faith and God provided them with so much compared to other countries. Today people turned their backs on God and He turned their backs on the people. I was raised an RC and people of my faith have never learned the Bible and it was never taught to any of us and people are wondering why that was not taught to us and I too am questioning all of this. I can say so much here about what has happened to the RC church but Jamie won’t print it. The RC church is not like what people think it to be and if they knew what happened and is happening they would be in literal shock. I love George Carlin but I never listened to anything he said about religion or the Bible that is one place that I never touched upon nor will I. About the economy and about the American Dream you have to be asleep to believe it then yes I will laugh with George and he is right on there and some other things but never laugh or make fun of the Good Lord whatsoever.

  15. Jamie I apologize for writing so much today but I have to say something else here. Hugger having charges made on a person who hasn’t done anything wrong and not checking into the matter to find out if this was true or not is a set up done on Jamie and that destroys his good name. This horrible act done by those who made the charges is going to come back by the Good Lord in a very fierce way back on them. Believe me Hugger I can tell you a story that happened to my mom who worked in a professional man’s house in Cornwall and his daughter stole something and accused my mom falsely and I had mom quit working there and the man lost his wife, the some years down lost his only son and then lost a daughter and the daughter who did the false accusation lost her husband. Hugger what one dishes out falsely will come back in a fierce way. I am not saying that lightly and horrible things happened to people who hurt me as well.

  16. Sorry to disappoint you Newton, but your dream of Canada transforming into a theocracy run by evangelical bible-thumpers ain’t gonna come true.
    George Carlin is burning in hell is he? That’s funny! Has he been sending you updates?

  17. PTN….you think boycotting the legislature assembly would force Wynne to resign? Not a chance.

    Jules….Jaime isn’t the first to be falsely accused by someone and he certainly won’t be the last. It happens all the time.

    And I firmly believe church and state should be separated. Do I believe it’ll happen? Nope.

  18. You are absolutely right Pastor. George Carlin used terrible profanity while making his jokes and his own sister disowned him for that many years ago. I found him funny and at the same time right about a lot of things but never would I touch his jokes on religion or the Bible. George was a sinful man and his family casted him aside for that. George was right about the American Dream and such things but never ever on religion or the Bible that is what God would set against him and yes he died and could be in hell for all we know.

  19. Jules, there is a reason that George Carlin is burning in Newton’s imaginary hell. It’s because he spoke the truth, and made it funny.

  20. Newton sure doesn’t have a firm grip on how our parliamentary system works. A majority government grinds to a halt when the Opposition stays away? I never knew that.

  21. Furtz I remember George Carlin being interviewed by someone on TV and I saw it on the net and maybe youtube might still have it because I saw it on youtube that his sister rejected him and I believe that he went to a Catholic school run by nuns and he was making some jokes about it. Hell is no imagination at all Furtz and hell can be both spiritual as well as an everyday kind of hell that people go through here on earth.

  22. What I know of a majority government is that they have the power to pass bills through Parliament whereas if they have a minority government then a lot does not go through because they are weakened in power and it is then that the opposition takes its lead.

  23. Hugger no Jamie isn’t the first nor the last person to be accused falsely but he is accused and we all know about it and what is going on both with this phone system, with the Barney Fife PD, as well as on Facebook, etc. This is horrendous for anybody to bear. People are going to pay dearly for what they did to Jamie and to others I guarantee that. I have been hurt by some people and I have seen bad things come back at them. For some it would have taken ten and twenty and more years and some less but they got it back in return. What you do to others you get back. If you ever heard about life is a cycle well that is exactly true.

  24. Jules writes – “If you ever heard about life is a cycle well that is exactly true”. Sounds like your mindset has been infected by Eastern religions abet. “Karma” and “reincarnation” are terms used in what is called fatalism. The closest principal that you might be thinking of in a Biblical way is “sowing and reaping” (Gal.6:7-8).

    Fatalism makes the true and living God subjected unto it’s laws and rules. Fatalism makes God impersonal and even a force of nature. So the idea that people get punished or rewarded on bases on what they do or not do is totally un-scriptual and therefore not true.

    As created beings by a living God, we are accountable now for our actions, words, and even attitudes that do not conform to God’s Holy Standard – the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. God created us to think, talk, and act like His Son. God is going to personally judge us for our failure and reject of not conforming to His Son. He doses this now -“reaping and sowing” – by allowing sinners to fulfill their wicked-evil desires and suffer the consequences for such choices. Misery now and the Great White Judge later. Personal accountability!

    The Bible declares -“the wages of sin is death”. So instead of “karma” or the false principal of “reincarnation”, we will be held accountable for our actions by a real/righteous/living Judge. God has delegated all judgment unto His Son – “Because he hath appointed a day, in the which he will judge the world in righteousness by that man whom he hath ordained; whereof he hath given assurance unto all men, in that he hath raised him from the dead”(Act 17:31).

    And by the way Jules, the Bible says “there is none righteous, there is none that doeth good, no not one…”(Rom. 3:9-). So the whole concept of being rewarded for “doing good” is throw out the window. Sinners can only sin! We sin to lessor or greater degree, but in God’s eyes and according to His standard it is still all sin. Still worthy of eternal judgment and damnation.

    So in one sense Canada is reaping what she has sown. As she sows more rejection of God and His word, the more she reaps the righteous judgment and abandonment from God. This is a personal Holy God administrating righteous, fair justice upon all. Jules -“karma and reincarnation” can not show mercy, nor can they forgive sins! Trapped in the endless cycle of life, death, life, death, etc. This is not God’s way at all. Thank God for the Lord Jesus Christ!

  25. Pastor you will notice life getting much worse without the prayers before work or in schools. When one turns their backs on God everything goes wrong. I used to work with a very good man in the federal government and he was a Baptist and he had a picture of Jesus on his desk and every morning before he started work he prayed. That lovely man was a very good person and never drank nor cursed and so even tempered and always a good laugh.

  26. Pastor I don’t know about reincarnation but one thing is certain is that we pay for things right here on earth as well as on judgement day. Yes it sounds more like what the people of India believe in but I think that some of that is true. The Bible is the absolute truth and no doubt about that. Yes Canada has accepted gay/lesbian marriage, drugs, abortion, etc. etc. etc. and she is going to pay dearly here on earth and in this present age. We haven’t seen anything yet but it is coming. There is something in Ottawa’s paper about a Canabis lounge here in Ottawa and they show the cops in front of the place and I haven’t read it. Society is going to hell as we speak. Some people like Furtz may be laughing themselves to pieces at what I say but what I am saying is the complete truth. When you take the prayer away from the classroom, from government offices, etc. things go mighty wrong. This is just the beginning of sorrows to come.

  27. The Flying Spaghetti Monster is our only hope!
    I know that is true because I read it in a book that was inspired by The Flying Spaghetti Monster.

  28. Religion aside, this is a tradition being expelled from our country.

    Because this one person has so much power, maybe he can be offended by taxes or increases to public servants !!!!

  29. Pastor Newton I don’t know if you ever heard this or not but being that you are in the religious field you might have heard about this where the Pope was calling for a New World Religion and Pope John Paul II had people representing the world’s religions at the Vatican and also called for a New World Order. This New World Order calls for a One World Religion which is Pagan – Humanism. This rally blew me away and he put a date on this New World Order in Masonic Signals. I looked into what my Catholic faith is (universal) and found out about Masonic and I will not go to the church ever again. The highest positions are occupied by high degree Masons Pope, Cardinals and all. The Catholic people would be in dreadful shock to find all of this out for themselves. I found out and want no part of any of it. I believe in God, and I believe in the Bible and want no part of the other. This will blow people away when they find out the truth. My mom would be rolling over in her casket and maybe dad would be laughing his head off in his casket and maybe running away with it. LOL LOL. ROLF!

  30. I haven’t perused CFN for quite some time and I see nothing’s changed. PTN is still hammering away ad nauseam. Pasta is still flying around. It’s like deja vu all over again.

  31. One can always hope Eric (its praying that is no longer allowed in certain public forums). Hope has not been banned although some have abandoned hope (wide spread apathy).

    Take a look around the world Eric, Canada is not a country that embraces tradition it is in fact one of the very differences that sets us apart from other nations. Multiculturalism does not support tradition in fact it breaks it apart. For example at one time the RCMP had a uniform which was replaced by a dress code in the 80’s. Why do you think France et al repealed multiculturalism years ago? Loss of traditions was a factor.

  32. I’m sure there was much moaning and groaning and gnashing of teeth when slavery was abolished in Canada. Same with the tradition of hanging criminals in public. And giving women the vote was really over the top!
    Canada has lost its way.

  33. “And it came to pass, that the beggar died, and was carried by the angels into Abraham’s bosom: the rich man also died, and was buried; And in hell he lift up his eyes, being in torments, and seeth Abraham afar off, and Lazarus in his bosom”(Luke 16:22-23).

    No ad nauseam in Hell, just righteous torment forever and ever and …. Ban prayer, burn Bibles, crucify Christians, etc. Do what you may – the result the same: Psa 9:17 “The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God”.

  34. Pastor I found out just this evening about what is the Mark of the Beast and that is a cashless society that the elites want to implement and if we go for this then we are condoned to hell. The cashless society is what the man of Microsoft was insisting on lately Bill Gates. People you have a lot to learn about what the Bible states and it is real folks.

  35. JUles, Jules, Jules….cash will never disappear. Black markets, etc. thrive on its existence.

  36. Yes Hugger black markets do thrive on the existence of cash but this is what the elites want to do and Bill Gates has suggested this lately along with someone else that doesn’t come to mind just now. There is so much talk about gold and silver coins but those were confiscated during the 30’s Great Depression and can be confiscated again.

  37. I think that our Furtz will be eating his spaghetti monster when all hell breaks loose. LOL LOL. ROLF!

  38. Jules the Word of God says this about all that – “For God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast[Antichrist,False Prophet], until the words of God shall be fulfilled”(Rev 17:17). As the world abandons God and His Word – The Holy Bible, God abandons the world to itself -“666”. Six in the Bible is the number for man, so 3×6- the highest, ultimate manifestation of sinful man, the best the world can produce – the ANTICHRIST. He is coming, maybe already here. Just waiting to come to power. He will make the works of Stalin, Hitler, and others look like child’s play.

  39. Thank you Pastor. You have given me more information about the number 6. I knew about 666 and the Bible says that it is a number of a man and I have read where this person could already be here as we speak and getting ready to show himself. Yes he will be a great deal more dangerous than Hitler and he will be influenced by Satan and will be very demonic. One thing is for sure and that is that man fails no matter what he does but only God is the right way to go. I have changed my life somewhat since I came to the Bible and that is the truth. Before that I was a little bit like Furtz just not as harsh but I sure changed towards the better and feel really good inside. I thank you so much Pastor.

  40. Jules, have you read Brain Droppings by George Carlin? Very insightful and amusing at the same time. Your local library probably has it.
    I also recommend the movie Religulous starring Bill Maher. It too is insightful and amusing. Your library will have it.

  41. LOL LOL. Furtz you are one in a million. ROLF! I am sitting here having a good laugh about you. The only thing that I have listened about George Carlin was about “The American Dream that you have to be asleep to believe it” and I have seen him on Bill Maher’s Show and he was very serious and right in what he said about the US political system and all and no dirty words. No I haven’t seen the movie Religulous by Bill Maher and he matches you pretty well since he is an atheist. I find some things funny about Bill Maher and other things not so funny. I do not laugh at religion at all and think that poking fun at any religion is evil. The time that I roared with laughter the most at Bill Maher’s Show was when he threw out the Truthers from his Show. I don’t watch any of his shows but was told to watch this particular thing on youtube.com and that was a riot of laughter for me to see. My son along with a few friends here in Ottawa were into a small political party and my son did the filming for the group and one day they landed at a Book Signing Event on Rideau Street and who was there was Paul Martin and something happened that was funny but Paul Martin’s body guards through this fellow (a friend of my son) out of the store and my son filmed it and put it on the net. I just roared like crazy about it because I met the young man before and he is a riot.

  42. Proselytizing again Furtz – Mat 23:15 “Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves”.

  43. Jules, life would be pretty sad if we couldn’t poke fun at silliness and stupidity.

  44. Women were not given the vote, they argued their right to vote and won.

  45. David, Google “slavery in Canada” and do a little reading.

  46. No David. Women were granted the right to vote federally in 1919 by an act of Parliament. And at that time, there were no women in Parliament. Do a little reading.

  47. So Furtz so Emily Stowe and her suffrage group did nothing? Canada became a country in 1867 some 30 years after slavery had been abolished through the British Empire.

    No slavery in the country Canada and women fought for the right to vote (suffrage groups) I read constantly Furtz and you would do well to follow your own advice.

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