Liberal Riding Prez Jamie Labonte Joins Local Facebook Hate Group JUNE 15, 2015

CORNWALL Ontario – Bernadette Clement is hoping to spring board from Cornwall City Council and run again for the Federal Grits as MP against incumbent Guy Lauzon.

It makes sense.  Her council is in disarray and dysfunctional. Lauzon has no debating skills and his track record is full of political opportunity for a capable candidate.

There is a political lust to stop Stephen Harper and Justin Trudeau is still in a strong position in the upcoming election.

But this is one mighty odd patch of earth.

Labonte in hate group JUNE 1 2015

Oddly enough Mr. Labonte’s wife Tracie, who is the riding association’s communications director, also joined a group that is run by convicted criminal Kevin Dockery.

dockery rebel flag

It’s not known of Dockery is a Liberal member or not as well. His first facebook group was taken down for hate symbols and he simply started a new group within 24 hours.

boycott removedMr. Dockery recently lost a defamation case initiated by this newspaper against him.  The group also desecrated the Poppy with the support of former Liberal MPP Jim Brownell.


That image was published after one of the groups nastiest members was suspended for comments in the group.

Labonte Hart JUNE 2 2015 fbMr. Labonte’s rantings have been public.  Emails were sent to Ms Clement and Mr. Trudeau for comment but have not been responded to before press time.

Labonte HATE GROUP brazeau JUNE 7 2015

The above quote had Mr. Labonte weighing in on a piece we wrote exposing area journalist Adam Brazeau’s late night over the line sexually abusive hit up line to a former class mate the day  he attended a local rally against sexual abuse.

Labonte in hate group JUNE 1 AS PRESIDENT

Here he identifies himself as the riding president.

The politics of Eastern Ontario certainly deserve to be on a reality television show.

Ms Clement was destroyed in the last election against Mr. Lauzon performing worse than Denis Sabourin who had run before her and now is part of her team.   The riding nominations are to close shortly.

labonte LI

Mr. Labonte lists his current job as Riding President and a personal fitness trainer on Linked In.  His wife wrote is sole recommendation.



  1. Ironically, every time someone joins the hate group to rail against your news outlet, it’s confirmation that you have one more dedicated reader.

  2. I understand that Bob Noble raises ducks. He might be soft in the head, but he can’t be all bad. Ducks are pretty cool once you get to know them.

  3. Author

    Ducks are awesome. He probably tickles their toes….

  4. Facebook is for the lost and lonely. Personal fitness trainer? Is he kidding us? He’ll make a perfect liberal who doesn’t practice what they preach.

  5. Lost and lonely?? I don’t think so. Time to get with the times.

  6. Devon, I had no idea that I was lost and/or lonely. I subscribe to five or six Facebook groups that I quite enjoy. It’s a great way to communicate with people who have similar interests.

  7. Oh yeah..and guys who name themselves after CareBears.

  8. Furtz, I’m sure you’re not lost and lonely any more because of Facebook, ….people can’t dodge you on the internet like they do in the streets and grocery stores.. Now we’re inundated with a load of self righteous rants from a man who chases around a misguided priest in the local papers.

  9. CareBears? Did I miss something?

  10. Oh come on Hugger.,Everybody knows you are a Care Bear! 🙂

  11. Furtz I remember when you tried to entice me of going back on facebook so as you can have a real riot with me. Now I am a riot as is on CFN. I thought that on facebook you have to use your real name and not a fake name. I had my real name on facebook when I went on and I left because it wasn’t what I thought it would be and went on without knowing what it was all about. I would rather meet people in person to have friends. You don’t know who is on the other line and I don’t care for that. I like knowing the person personally. Furtz you are a much bigger riot than I am and love your posts – you are hilarious.

  12. Author

    Jules you do realize that Furtz is using a pseudonym and is grand-fathered in as you are, right?

  13. Jules, I’ve got to know all kinds of people from around the world who share the same interests as I do. The groups I belong to are all moderated, and rule-breakers are quickly banned.

  14. Jamie I do know that our Furtz is using a pseudonym just like myself and some others and he is funny I will say that for him. There are some days that I roar with so much laughter.

    Furtz when I went on facebook I was invited by some of my quilting friends (ladies) in the US and a few in Australia but when we went on facebook it had nothing to do with quilting and all to do with nonsense. It wasn’t more than a few months and I came off. There was another interest that I had and one lady used to be nice to everyone and she became a Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde with them and I didn’t know about that and came off some time ago and she saw me on facebook as well as others and people told me about her change and I was very shocked. You cannot tell who is who over the airwaves or on line. Jamie has an excellent paper and we all meet but we don’t know one another personally and good to keep it that way. Furtz you are a very funny man that is for sure.

  15. You can use a pseudonym on Facebook.

  16. Hugger 1
    While you can use a pseudonym or fake name on Facebook but their policy is NOT to allow anything but your real name. Currently Women’s groups all over the World as going on TV shows trying to built up Neg publicity against Facebook as they claim women are being hunted down online but former abusive husbands and boyfriends. Facebook also has a policy if you don’t have at least four friends they won’t let u post on some sites.
    Everybody needs to realize if you get nasty or do really hateful on the Internet Police can track you down. An Ottawa kid is facing serious jail time for using SKYPE to call out Police SWAT squads all over North America. Despite using voice changer and other Internet hacker tricks the cops ended up on his door

  17. I came in like a storm and now have “bloggers remorse”. Fact of the matter is that I happen to agree with Hugger and Furtz on many issues…and I apologize to both. I’d also like to thank Jamie Gilcig for “Cornwall Free News”. Jamie Gilcig for Mayor. I gave you my vote once, and I’d do it again.

  18. No worries Devon. We all do it now and then.

  19. You beat me Furtz..I was trolling, and didn’t get the response I was looking for.

  20. Not a problem Devon. BTW, welcome to the club. You’ll enjoy it here I’m sure.

    Melman…..Yes, I know. But there are always ways around “rules.” And in regard to the people calling police to fake crimes they should be charged. It just isn’t in Ottawa. Apparently this is a new thing among some high school kids.

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