Lauzon Toughs It Out During Election While Wife Endures Lymphoma by Jamie Gilcig

It’s an odd and strange election here in SD&SG.  With MP Guy Lauzon polling with over 60% support there is little doubt he will be re elected.   The lack of pork delivered to the riding this term clearly shows that the Harper team feel no threat to SD&SG turning Red or Orange.

In fact even the Best Western, for the first time since CFN came on the scene back in 2009, has a Lauzon sign on its yard instead of the traditional Liberal candidate.

The one weakness Lauzon has is public speaking.    He has zero ability to debate or talk on his feet.

One of his biggest assets has always been his wife Frances who is fighting a form of Cancer known as Lymphoma and being treated in Ottawa where most Cancer patients in this riding end up.   His team recently lost the doyon of Conservative politics in the area, Judy Bobka.

Mr. Lauzon has been reported not being himself in the limited debates in spite of being escorted to area events by his “other wife”, his EA Eric Duncan.

Lucky for Mr. Lauzon his competition in this election is limp at best with a Liberal candidate who can’t gain support in the counties, and whose mail out shows a total disconnect with reality,  and the NDP running a ghost in the form of one Patrick Burger whomever he is?

CFN wishes Mrs. Lauzon a speedy recovery.  Her form of Cancer has a strong 5 year survival rate if caught early.

It should also be noted that while the newspaper with the largest viewership and market share in the riding CFN was not invited to the debate in Martintown and still has not recieved an invite for the Chamber debate.

Due to Chamber helper Mike Metcalfe harassing this reporter with two security guards at the last election we may not be able to cover the debate live this year and will be reporting this to Elections Canada.

Will you be changing your vote dear CFN viewers?  Have you heard your local candidates speak?


  1. Vote and remember our veterans. Canada has a social commitment to help its vets and veteran lives do matter.Guy is not our guy and it is time to Heave Steve That is why I will vote anyone but Conservative. ABC on October 19th.

  2. As for voting….the only thing I’ve decided is that I’m not voting for the Cons (blue). I’ve basically narrowed it down to Orange or Red. At one point Green was in the mix. That was until Elizabeth May had her drunken meltdown a while back. But I would like to see the Green get 12 seats and get official party status and the perks that come with it.

  3. I am very sorry to hear about Mrs. Lauzon’s lymphoma and our friend Robert passed away with hat diesase but it was all over his system because he neglected it from the beginning. Yes it is true that when you catch cancer in the early stages you have a good chance of a recovery. Jamie most cancer patients from Cornwall are in Ottawa getting treatment. That was horrible news for me to hear because of what our friend Robert went through. My best wishes to Mr. Lauzon on lhis campaign ( am voting for Harpoon Harpo) and to Mrs. Lauzon on her fight to beat that horrible disease.

  4. Vote, and remember who sent our veterans into harms way … sent them without cause, without a plan, without equipment — and for what?

    Hell, all we did was oversee buggery, butchery, and corruption… we created a mess of widows, orphans, cripples, and grieving loved ones for both them and us — and where are we now? Sweeping one bloody mess under the carpet while we follow our American masters to make another.

    Please spare us the sentimental, romantic, and patriotic B.S. … Instead let’s fall silent silence in advance of November 11th, to reflect on the flag waving, the jingoism, and the camp followers that have taken our pride and joy, to top up cemeteries with corpses, and line the pockets of the corporations they spent their young bodies to protect.

    When did those corporations ever give a life, lose a night’s sleep to tears, or sacrifice anything dear.

    Look them over well, these glad handing political beggars, the kind of scum content to call it even — naming a highway for heroes — even as they glide down their highway to hell .

  5. I realize that I should have opened with a joke, my sincere apologies if I’ve made anyone think.

  6. Simon you did remind me that the Liberal government under Jean Chretien put Canada into Afghanistan. Thank you.

  7. Shame on you Mr. Oldham for raising party politics over a matter of squandered lives, that rests squarely on individual Canadians to decide… it is up to them to weigh the facts, examine their consciences, and consider what has happened under their watch, and to do the right thing — regardless of political stripe.

    But your foolishness begs a comment…
    Two political parties sent our lambs to the slaughter… Between September 17, 2001 and May 17, 2006 it was Liberal and Conservative party run governments, that each in turn, sent Canadians into this unholy mess — which would have been all the worse if the push in Parliament to send troops to Iraq had been successful .

  8. Priorities Guy… a continued career in the House is utterly pointless — spend that time at Home.

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