Hugo & Todd Fight It Out Over Appointing Denis Carr to Council in Cornwall OCT 31, 2015

Halloween seems a great time to write this piece and ponder the future of this term on council.

After the utter joke that was not only the Brock Frost term on council, but the manner in which council dealt with the the hot mess that was his tenure the public is sorta mulling about what to do.

The obvious is to appoint the next person on the list.  It’s  traditional, but going down the list leads to a position that actually supports a bye election which is council’s right.

11th place finisher Guy St. Jean sailed off to Florida with his Sugar Daddy.    Carr himself has issues which this scribbler has written about in the past.   If at City Hall the people that clean the floors can’t run for council how is it that we can have the President of the Labour Council or Heart of the City sit?

Now I’m not picking on Carr.    Frankly I think he has some of the qualities that this council desperately needs.  Not all, but a few.   While the last council may have been under Bob Kilger’s thumb to the point of covering up his scandals and messes, this council is an utter dysfunctional gong show that is busy destroying public art galleries, shutting down kids hockey rinks and worm stands.

It has shown no leadership and no vision for our city.   The latest farce is asking management for a report on the Chem tanks when most likely the very people writing the report were part of the cover up.    That’s almost as good as Bob Kilger’s lawyer saying he was not in conflict over the Rob Hickley case.  If council was serious an outside police agency would be called in to do a proper fraud investigation.

I am tending to lean to agreeing with Freeholder editor Hugo Rodrigues in Cornwall having a bye election.    The piece written by self proclaimed hack, Todd Lihou, shows why a bye election just might be a good thing.    I won’t belabour Mr. Lihou’s utter lack of professionalism, but suffice to say a bye election now might give the residents a chance to send a clear message to this council in their choice.

Of course this being Cornwall, Brock Frost II, might get elected.

The entire Frost mess is an example of many things.    Do we choose younger and prettier over older and less pretty?

Frost’s campaign was utterly vapid.  Buying a hockey team, bringing kisses to seniors, kissing under age River Queens (as alleged)…it simply is a Simpsonesque gross caricature that over 4,000 voters fell for.

It was embarrassing and scary.

And it was this writer that wrote upon finding out that Frost was running;

Brock Frost is to politics what Syphilis is to dating.  

Looking down the list the only candidate that would make any sense is Mike O’Neil who ran the best campaign, had vision and would make a great addition to council, but sadly did not spend the money to create the awareness with the public.

Carr, Grant, and Gardiner would be the next in order of votes followed by Alyssa Blais.

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It is time for a bye election.  Any other solution would be penny wise, pound foolish.

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