Negative Perceptions About Cornwall Ontario by Jamie Gilcig JULY 18, 2016

Recently a list of 25 Things Cornwall, ON People Know Too Well – The bitter truth of it all went locally viral.

2. The ski hill is made from industrial waste.

Cornwall has a ski hill in the middle of town, right behind Lowe’s (formerly Walmart) which in and of itself is strange af. What makes it even worse/more hysterical is that it is made of garbage, pulp from Domtar and other industrial waste.

Cornwall Memes had also gone hugely viral before local police allegedly visited its creator which led to it being shut down.  It was replaced by the less vitriolic Cornwall Memes 2.

5. The Bar Scene blows.

Literally. Blow jobs in the bathrooms? Its happened.

The Glengarrian is like for people 30+ (mostly like 65+ though). Dekes is like 18 and under. Lola’s is usually empty. La Maison is a Sunday and Wednesday karaoke night only kind of place. The Rendezvous is sketchy. Bills is tiny. The Vu is closed now (thank god!). Any others I forgot? Probably a good thing.

8. For your health’s sake, the Cornwall Square really wants you to take the stairs. The escalator’s broken again.

(editor’s note – not sure it was ever actually fixed)

10. Guns and drugs were pedaled through everyone’s favorite shawarma restaurant, which coincidentally is right across from the police station.

And it took them how long for them to bust the place? The shawarma was so good, they needed assault rifles to protect their recipe, which apparently contained cocaine.

The reality of our community certainly is not one of a World of Possibilities, the very limp slug line pushed by Bob “Vienna Sausage”  Peters of the Economic Development of friends department.  (Allegedly he’s given Alyssa Blais’ offspring a plum Summer gig with Choose Cornwall)

Laughingly there’s a core of the Cornwall Clique membership that praise all in Cornwall.  Their mock outrage at Cornwall Memes and this list of 25 things was championed by Dan Allaire at the local Corus Radio outlet, the centre of the Universe of all that truly is wrong with the culture of our community.

Ironically, and probably unintentionally, while pathetic, was for the most part more humorous than the one people are actually clicking on.

1. The amount of care and passion this community has. Helping organize events and always being there to volunteer or donate to many important causes. The generosity of this community knows no bounds.

As I watch the closing of our local public art gallery of 36 years I find this particularly silly and amusing.  I mean, with allegations that one Cornwall Service club was skimming from an event to pay for the sponsorship there’s a certain silliness of that statement.

3. A vibrant local restaurant/coffee shop community run by people who live here and invest at home

Other than Timmies I count only one coffee shop, which while pleasant, certainly is not of the standard of a say a ….Starbucks, which certain locals dream for…..As for restaurants, one local media newster posited recently that they couldn’t think of one restaurant locally that they’d want to eat at that didn’t have um….secondary, income.

5. Local artists and performers who add so much whether it be visual, by sound or performance

Most of our local artists are no longer local.   Our finest, gets snubbed regularly by Bob Peters and City Hall.   Most of our area visual artists work for little to no money and I think have to pay out of their own pockets to function in Cornwall….

7. Great recreation facilities like the Aquatic Centre, Benson Centre and Curling Club

Lol, an Aquatic centre that has health issues every now and again, an arena built on some of the most toxic soil in the city with allegations of numbered bank accounts being a reason why the land sold for the highest ever cash per acre while needed nearly a million dollars of tax money to be cleaned up….

9. Splash pads and outdoor pools to keep cool on those hit summer days

Yes, thanks to Denis Carr and friends, most of our out door pools were closed and a splash pad built in Lamoureux Parc to replace them.   This is something to get excited about?

12. Awesome festivals. Beerfest, Musicfest, Ribfest to name a few…

Corus radio’s predatory promotional practices played a big role in the demise of  events like Lift Off.   With Winterfest also closing, and even the more bizarre and strange Parade of Nations it seems like NAV Can in seeming partnership with Corus keeps rolling out the limpness that attracts fewer and fewer participants.

Heck DUNET seems to be beating Corus Radio in listenership at times at this point.

Dan even managed to rip off one of yours truly’s lines, about being able to get anywhere in Cornwall in ten minutes.

While every community has some good and some bad; sticking one’s head in the sand always is good for a laugh.

Trying to export that kind of thinking is even more amusing.

Is Cornwall helpless?   Actually there is some opportunity to make things better, but as long as the clique culture continues and exclusionary bullying goes on at the expense of being more inclusive the mocking of the ever shrinking clique will only grow.

What are some of your favorite Cornwall memes or anecdotes?  You can post your comments below.


  1. You said it best about 98% of the people go right to the welfare office. There is absolutely nothing in that town of asbestos, garbage dump of a place that is full of cancers. I became mighty shocked and sadened to see children infected with cancers. Cornhole is finished and will never recover ever. All young people pack your bags and go to colleges and universities elsewhere and start a life.

  2. I don’t need to go out and eat good shawarma and we make our own food. We don’t need to eat from druggies or anything like that. This world is mighty sick when they have to turn to drugs.

  3. Jamie I spotted another little girl in Cornhole with cancer and this is shocking. My God Almighty so many kids who have cancers in Cornhole. I blame the contaminated water from the St. Lawrence River as well as the air, the asbestos infected ground, the asbestos Big Ben and so many other things that the people are not aware of.

  4. ” Peters of the Economic Development of friends department. (Allegedly he’s given Alyssa Blais’ offspring a plum Summer gig with Choose Cornwall)” Is anyone on Council reading this ? Is this factual regarding “economical development” handing out plum jobs to friends ? What is wrong with you people ? Everyone, except for Carr, should be responding to this demand !

  5. Author

    The Offspring has bylines on recent Choose Cornwall releases Clyde.

  6. Same old, same old. It gets boring and monotonous reading the same comments. Please turn the page please………………

  7. One of my top wishes is to have Cornhole flooded over never to be seen again and use it as a place for hydro electricity only. People should move out of that dump of a town known as Cornhole and by a very famous acting family in Hollywood. Cornhole is a loser town and that is exactly what it is. Nobody in their right frame of mind would accept things the way they are. Real people would fight.

  8. Hugger1, I’m interested your specific opinion on something. What is your hypothesis on why cancer statistics are not released? Do you beleive cancer stats for the Cornwall area would be something residents would be interested in knowing about? Also, why do think those stats are not released and who do you think is suppressing that? Why are there no region specific cancer statistics?

  9. Nice try with the fishing rod Jerry, but I’m not going to bite. But will say this;if you want to know why cancer statistics aren’t released ask StatsCan or Health Canada. Some residents may want to know the numbers, but I’m not. As to why they’re not released it probably has something to do with people not wanting to hear bad news. There are region specific stats, you just have to dig to find it.

  10. LOL Hugger, I tried. I guess it’s just another case of government knows best. I’m thinking there MUST be proof as to what’s causing record number cancers in the environment. Has to be the reason, because even though the majority of residents don’t want fluoride in the water, E.O.H.U says there is no proof fluoride is bad or causes cancer, so their going to fight us until we are all drinking it.

  11. Jerry..yes Cornwall has a high rate of cancer. But there are cities and regions with higher rates. If you dig you can find the info. I did it a while back. But it takes a long time to find the info. It isn’t easy to find as it’s buried amongst other (IMHO) useless info.

  12. Jerry fluoride was used in WWII by the Germans on the Jews, Gypseys and others to keep them calm before death. There are other chemicals in the water that causes cancers and Jamie showed the design that he made which is very true. We have seen it ourselves on our numerous walks. The mills have been finished for a very long time and young kids having cancers and ask why.

  13. Jerry check out Shawville Québec which has a lot of cancer. Windsor Ontario, as well as Sarnia Ontario have a lot of cancer. Check out Sudbury Ontario as well. Oh I cannot forget out in Alberta the area of Fort McMurray the workers on the oil and gas and those living around it are affected with cancer. There is a great deal more but keep on checking.

  14. How many of those young children who have cancers just now visited that filthy, carcenogen place called the Benson Centre? I bet that there are a number of people who have gone there both young and old and built on Domtar’s dump. You all wonder why you are sick – Benson as well as Big Ben – both the same cercenogen dump – Cornhole’s site seeing for tourism. Come one come all!

  15. That picture of Ford reminds me of what a sweet relief it is to not have him dominating the news every day. RIP etc, but thank Gawd that freak-show is over.

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  17. This was painful to read. If you exaggerated any further in your wording I may have wanted to cut my eyes out. Furthermore any tasteless clown who and I quote “Dreams” for a Starbucks, is just blatant derelict filth in my books. Tim Horton’s is the only coffee shop that is worthy of this gods country, Starbucks and there 5 dollar sewer water can just take that nonsense and put it you know where

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