Holy Gilles Latour Former Team Cornwall Prez Nailed with $900K MFDA Fine NOV 29, 2016

Cornwall Ontario –   I live in a very odd community.  It’s as though the bottle is upside down and nothing spills.

Former Team Cornwall President Gilles Latour, who is still facing 43 criminal charges, was fined $900,000.00 by the MFDA for all sorts of icky things against his investment clients including stiffing his own mother allegedly.


Ironically, previous reports stated he was back living in his mom’s basement with his sports memorabilia collection which says a lot more about his mom than himself.   The former Liberal bagman for former Mayor Bob Kilger has certainly taken a swan dive since his scandal broke.

In the latest MFDA release:


The permanent prohibition at least means he shouldn’t be able to slither away to another town to continue his mayhem.

Oddly enough, in this community people like Mr. Latour  are still socially acceptable.  Latour was actually mentioned at a Team Cornwall event from its current President.

It’s embarrassing, but this after all that is a community that instead of celebrating the success of Hollywood Star Ryan Gosling, cheers on those that bullied him as a kid.

Latour may have his fine reduced based on compensation to his victims, but that ship most likely has sailed as it’s been reported that his building has been foreclosed on and the family home in South Stormont (because that’s where you live when you’re the President of Team Cornwall) was seized by Sheriff’s along with its contents.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  Does Mr. Latour deserve some hard jail time?   Will he get a cookie from his “friends” in low places at City Hall and its tentacles?

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  1. Yes HOLY COW GILLES LATOUR should be in prison. Willie move over you have another Cornhole criminal coming to join you. Cornhole is full of criminals and the lawyers are sure busy running after their money. Latour should face many long years in prison. I am happy to hear that he lost his home and business as well as a building. Cornhole is a hideout for these criminals.

  2. Wynne who has cost the taxpayers of Ontario tens of billions of dollars has accepted responsibility and in addition has apologized. In this liberal dominated former great nation Gilles perhaps should publicly accept responsibility and apologize. Similarly to Wynne he should, given the paltry amount by comparison, escape jail time and continue with his little life. Its 2016 after all.

  3. So, what has this taught us, that we are above the law if we are well liked but town elites, or maybe that we all could rob & steal by the pen & pay it back only if caught with no risks other than lose your good name & job, Son dearest should have had jail time, how could anyone do that to his own mother !!!

  4. How come his office is still up & running like it’s business as usual? Shouldn’t it be be boarded with wooden planks in shame? or at least change the name if he’s not involve with the office anymore.Every time I go by the office on Second street it makes me want to vomit, reminding me everyday the shame this guy brings to this city.

  5. Stephen…maybe not a bad thing…history repeats itself often because we tend to forget…which is one of the main reasons why we have Remembrance Day. I am not suggesting that we have a Gilles Latour day. Besides there likely are not enough days in the year to be inclusive and that might offend Liberals. Note to self might be a better option. Hate to hurt someone’s feeling it is 2016 after all

  6. Holy Jumpin’, David. Do you have Liberals on your mind 24/7? Is every problem known to humanity caused by Liberals?

  7. Holy Cow Gilles Latour should go to prison for what he did as well as fines and no longer able to practice his theft anymore in any business. People lose their jobs for a great deal less and we know of two very long term employees who lost their jobs over petty theft of $5.00. I cannot talk about it but this happened.

  8. Holy Cow Gilles Latour should lose his house, his vehicles, his furnishings and everything down to bare bone as well as prison term. This cannot be left alone at all. Cornhole’s reputation is black as ink and that can never be changed. The good people pay for the bad and that damn clique should be thrown to the four winds forever and never be seen or heard ever again.

  9. No punishment can match what has been meted out to his victims and family by his recklessness.
    God bless our sleepy community. A simple self-centred pathological braggart and liar ruins himself and his family in plain sight.

  10. Yeap, Cornwall will never change. Seriously?? Think before you speak.

    Hopefully this doesn’t get caught in the queue too long and Latour gets off for this taking too long to go to trial. It’s been over two years already. Hopefully the changes the government has planned will not allow any more people charged to be set free.

  11. Author

    Hugger I think the bigger issue is the investigation. There are allegations that the CCPS simply doesn’t have the staff and resources to properly conduct fraud investigations of this nature. And of course there are always rumblings of “free passes” to friends of friends in low places…..

  12. When a person steals they can never ever be trusted again with anything. OMG the women with over 20 years on the job did just that a few days ago and we are in shock. I knew them since we came back to Ottawa and they destroyed their lives. That is all I can tell you because we are not allowed to talk.

  13. 43 more charges on Holy Crap Gilles Latour!!!! I thought that this crime alone was incredible and these rich pieces of crap never seem to amaze us. I would never ever return to Cornhole and area ever again. What a mighty terrible embarrassment and what a mighty bad reputation.

  14. Agreed Admin. Hopefully the lack of staff / resources doesn’t give Latour a free pass as the alleged murderer got when his trial took too long to start. Arrggghhhh!!!!!

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