Former Cornwall Chamber Prez Kevin Hargreaves Shuts Down His Kelsey’s Franchise JAN 2, 2016

CORNWALL ONTARIO –  Another clique run business has shut it’s doors.  Recently Bryan Merkely shut down his adult education facility and sold the building, and now former President of the Cornwall Chamber of Commerce, Kevin Hargreaves and his wife Wendy, have folded the local Kelsey’s franchise.  They join disgraced former Liberal bag man, former Team Cornwall President, and financial advisor Gilles Latour, and fraudster and former City Councilor Brock Frost as the clique loses businesses one by one.

It’s odd, as Kelsey’s, part of the Cara group of fine eateries, normally do very well, but small town politics can be a double edged sword.

Mr. Hargreaves was infamous for giving the Canadian Charter the finger for the Chamber’s televised election debate over a new dress code that many felt was directed at this writer who was running for mayor of Cornwall,  as well as a banning of electronic devices at the debate.

Below was his answer to what would be “inappropriate” attire.

Mr. Gilcig,


Proper Business Casual for Men

  • Try khakis and a button-down shirt. If you opt for other shirt styles, it should always have a collar and sleeves. Clothing should always be clean and wrinkle-free. Avoid any holes or fraying. Wear socks in a color that coordinates with your pants, and that are long enough to avoid exposing your skin when you sit.

Shoes should be polished and leather is preferred. Avoid athletic shoes or boots. It is wise to keep a jacket and tie in the office for any unexpected meetings or guests.

While business casual is designed to make you more comfortable, you should always convey a professional and poised appearance.

Read more :


Never mind the Canadian Charter of Rights.  This is an event we, the Chamber are putting on and can impose whatever dress code we feel is appropriate.  The fact that you had to ask what is appropriate is ridiculous.  If you want to run this City you should have some idea of what “appropriate attire” is.  Should you choose to deviate from the directions you will be either be removed from the forum or the salon as a whole.




Kevin Hargreaves

President, Cornwall and Area Chamber of Commerce

Former journalist Greg Kielec, who himself was running for council that year noted:

Not to mention no electronic devices are allowed. Never seen that before at a candidates debate. In Toronto people are live tweeting every event in blow by blow coverage. Downright strange.

Mr. Hargreaves also boycotted this media outlet which is why I stopped eating at his establishment, and all Cara restaurants as some of us actually care about the Canadian Charter.

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Ironically, the location has seen improvement with a Lowe’s opening in the mall and Brookdale Avenue finally being open to the bridge to the US.

The restaurant employed around twenty staff.

It’s yet another death knell for the corrupt clique that has been bullying and dragging down small business and the local economy in Cornwall Ontario.

Cara and the Hargreaves have not responded to CFN as of press time.  The restaurant’s phone rang, but there was no voicemail service.  Cara has a voicemail that informs media that they only check for messages twice daily.

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  1. Why no choice for… “All the above”?

  2. Jamie the attire that was described to you is the way professional people dress and this is a code in professional level jobs. The problem is that the clique is poking fun at you and don’t know how good a person you are and just look at the exterior. This is the code in the government as well in the upper level positions.

  3. That’s too bad.

    I usually love Kelsey’s and Cara…

    I guess even the prettiest of baskets can hold rotten apples.

  4. May or may not be factual however I heard this morning that the restaurant would be run corporately like the Harvey,s franchise formerly owned by Roger Grant.

  5. Author

    Yes, Mr. Hargreaves spoke to his fave media outlets. A cliquester to the end 😉 We’re going to be doing a story and give him the title of Whiner of the Year for 2017. I was shocked by the twaddle he twiddled….

    Happy 2017 David!

  6. {MODERATED} Rose we have a very clear comment policy. If you can’t follow it your comments are not allowed through.

  7. As an outsider that doesn’t know what the “Cornwall Clique” is, or any personal history you may have had with these people, perhaps you could provide some background?
    Kelsey’s closing is not a big loss, as the food all tasted the same and the owner was a very vocal opponent with regards to compensating his workers (it gets around).

  8. Author

    The owner was an embarrassing douche. Only in Cornwall would he not have immediately been asked by the Chamber BOD to step down after fingering the Charter. The fact that the sheep didn’t and keep floating back is why this town is the way it is. And for a Kelsey’s to fail there has to be something epically wrong with whoever was calling the shots.

  9. You never know what goes on Jamie that maybe the clique is turning on one another. Business after business closes down in Cornwall and is becoming a ghost town. All that there will be left are people who are dying or the dead. I have said that before as well and it is the truth. Cornwall is finished and has been finished for a very long time.

  10. Jamie what goes around comes around and that is so very true. Nothing lasts forever and the evil ones pay one way or another. Look at all those at the top of the food chain in Cornwall they have fallen and the community lost all respect in them if they had any in the beginning. Cornwall is literally finished and a dying to dead town. People haven’t seen anything yet that is coming their way.

  11. Author

    Jules Cornwall isn’t finished, but it’s still changing. I’m not sure we’ll recognize it in ten years. When the big money comes, and it will, it will bulldoze much of the clique who simply aren’t able to compete. Apparently City Hall has already upset one major company that wanted to buy the Domtar lands as is…. I wish I could share what someone from that company said about a few certain ED people 😉

  12. Jamie things are going to have to change drastically for Cornwall to be better and one thing is the people have to change their mentality of following the bullies – cliques before the town can go ahead. If the people don’t change then it puts off companies from coming in. With the time OC Transpo’s train system will reach Cornwall. The bus system here is terrible and that is why the train.

  13. Thank you ADMIN all the best for 2017. Shaping up to be an interesting year…just reading about the appointments to the UN Human Rights Council…Saudi Arabia, China, Quatar, Cuba for starters have been appointed representing some of our worlds worst human rights offenders. Women, non Christians and journalists should be very concerned with who is now in the drivers seat.

  14. Correction non Muslims not non Christians.

  15. I will tell all the young people get an education – a good education and for those who are not in the academics make sure you get into the trades. Without an education you are toast literally toast. Wherever you go get out of Cornwall and make a good success. You need education outside of Cornwall.

  16. Jamie I have something here for you and something that Hugger and some others would never have agreed with me about what is to come. I may be printing on another part to show you how bad things are and going to be so bear with me Jamie and folks.

  17. Author

    Jules I think it’s critical that all governments be careful of deficits right now. The reality is that the tax base is being asked to support not only those on fixed incomes, but in 2017 most of the better paying jobs are tax supported. IE Teachers, fire service, health care, police services, etc.

    In Cornwall for example our budget for policing was I believe about $17M for the CCPS with a population between 35-45K depending on which numbers you look at.

    The United Counties of SD&G only pay about $11M to the OPP who have to police a far greater area and a larger population. (About 60K)

    At some point the well runs dry.

  18. Yes the well sure will run dry. Canada is going to be in terrible shape for decades to come and so will the US and the rest of the world. When they classify Canada and the US to be wealthy countries they better put on their specs and examine the books thoroughly. Canada is in very deep doo doo and I have been saying that for a long time now. Don’t be shocked to see a lower standard of living.

  19. Something drastic is going ot have to happen to bring prices down to sanity and if it takes the OPP to police Cornwall so be it or maybe we can call up Andry of Mayberry and Matt Dillon if things got any worse. LOL LOL. Cornwall is very small and to have the same salary as big cities is insane. This is pure insanity.

  20. Our family doctor retired including a doctor that I used to go to way back in the 80’s era and doctors are fighting with the government over their wages (not enough) and our doctor complained about all the paper work to fill out and fighting with the landlord of the building he was in for his practice. We are losing doctors and no wonder the underdog is paid like a doctor and doctors are leaving.

  21. Just this morning as well as yesterday we were talking about the businesses closing down whether in Cornwall, Ottawa, etc. You folks are not on Ontario Hydro just yet. Hold on for life because things are going to close everywhere especially with carbon taxes that didn’t work in Australia and Australia is like Canada. Hang on there is a great deal coming and I am not going to devulge much more.

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