An Open Letter to Premier Wynne Regarding Hydro Delivery Charges by Jamie Gilcig MARCH 16, 2017

Dear Premier Wynne,

Your legacy will be decided by the Hydro mess that you yourself publicly own.

The impact of the abuse of Ontario residents via the debacle that is our Hydro system is public record.  From paying management ten times as much as other provinces, to dumping electricity for less than it costs and signing long term contracts at rates that simply are beyond the pale of the marketplace, this is all on your hands.

Your low rent Three Card Monte shuffle of “lowering” hydro rates by ballooning long term debt reeks of petty base electioneering after one of your competitors launched a plan that made a lot of sense.

Frankly you’re only still in power because of weak opposition, but as your energy policy has obliterated many rural communities; to the point that you now have grounds to shut down many of their schools simply because people haven’t been able to find work or afford to live in rural areas, even someone as putrid as Tim Hudak might beat you if he was still leader in the next election.

This latest disturbingly strange action by your Hydro team is to eliminate delivery charges to our Indigenous friends and neighbors in Ontario.   LINK

News that First Nations community residents will be exempted from delivery charges on their electricity bills as part of Premier Kathleen Wynne’s recently announced plan for electricity relief is being greeted with delight by First Nation leaders.

To favor any group based on their race, religion, or sexual orientation is simply wrong in 2017.   To persecute people on the same factors would be worse.

But with the school closings, tax increases, and abject poverty many are facing in Ontario, to simply give a cherry to one group is morally and fundamentally wrong.

It’s also a reminder that your NDP counterpart is correct in that the province should retain ownership and control over it’s power sources instead of selling them.   In your case especially as it seems that you, yes you via your government, are financing the sale to many groups, again at taxpayer expense.

Hydro should not be some magic wand that you can simply give and take at your whim and impact communities.

I’m all for removing any delivery charges; but that elimination should be for all in Ontario, not just a group, and certainly not based on the factors that optically seem connected to this decision.  While you’re at it please take away all of the other nonsensical charges that other provinces do not inflict on their residents.  It’s taxation without representation.

If you were honest when you took responsibility for the hydro mess in this province it’s very clear what you should to, and that ma’am, is to resign like your predecessor did before you.

You clearly have not steered this province in a positive direction economically unless you’re a manager at …Hydro One.

Jamie Gilcig – Editor – The Cornwall Free News


  1. Very well crafted letter! It would be in the Premier’s best interest to read it. I am glad here in Cornwall, Cornwall Electric( A Fortis Company) buys its power from Quebec.

  2. Author

    Brian we’re being overcharged in Cornwall too. It’s just compared to Hydro One we’re not noticing it as much.

  3. Thank you for the info Jamie! 🙂

  4. Looks like Wynn will be taking her party down with her, unless, of course, the Cons decide to throw the next election too.

  5. Author

    Funny you mention that Furtz ol chum. I’m working on a story after a high level leak suggested the frontrunners to replace her. The question is whether Ontario will bite that bullet again or give one of the other parties a chance.

  6. It’s almost laughable how the Cons whine and chew about how the Libs are running the province after deliberately throwing the last two elections. They look like absolute fools right now. The Libs could have and should have been defeated years ago.

  7. Author

    And right now Brown’s biggest threat is from within his own party. Imagine if he were to pull an Eric Duncan?

  8. Agreed Jamie. The bible thumping nut-bar faction of the party feel totally betrayed.

  9. Bring back Bill Davis

  10. I have one more thing to add to this and that is I read today where a man in China (government or something like that) said that in 30 years people will not be needed for a lot of jobs and one is manufacturing. I have heard about this for many years now and they want to get rid of people. This is not a conspiracy theory but a conspiracy fact.

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