Cornwall Councilor Mark Macdonald Warns Over Fire Costs & Taxes Going Up 081317

The Fire Master Plan deals directly with our “needs” and this not one of them.  This is one of a number of issues that should be addressed by the new FMP Committee.

The FMP points out very clearly that our citizens would be safer and better served if our fire service was meeting our basic “needs” under the FMP, rather than wasting time doing things that are not mandated.  And since when does our fire service “need” a Medical Response Team Leader.  This is going way beyond our legislative requirements.

At the present time, our fire service falls short, when it comes to meeting our very basic “need” regarding enough fire fighters responding to Moderate or High Risk calls.  This fact alone should send up a huge red flag regarding putting our citizens and the Corporation at risk.  We should be focusing on meeting our basic “needs” when it comes to safety of lives and property.

We are facing a huge tax increase this year, for various reasons, and all departments, not just fire, should be making this Council aware of areas that are  EXCEEDING OUR LEGISLATIVE NEEDS.

It’s worthwhile to note that data from the FMP shows that the cost of fire protection services in Cornwall, per $1,000 of assessed property value, were 77.7% higher than comparable municipalities.  The entire FMP is based on costs the community can afford, and it needs to implemented ASAP.

Mark A. MacDonald
Councillor, City of Cornwall

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