$1100 Per Call to the CCPS & Counting for 2017 by Jamie Gilcig 101917

Cornwall Ontario – For those upset about the high price of policing in Cornwall Ontario and the CCPS refusal to give out real and concrete numbers and information it’s been a challenge to process data so that the public can understand how much they’re being gouged.

What we know for sure is that the budget is around $18M for this year.  We know the approximate population of Cornwall, and the area.

For example we can compare the CCPS to what SD&G is paying for OPP service.

To put that in reference SD&G spends about $158 per person per year for the OPP.  Cornwall spends $396.68 per resident with less service availability.  Does that make any sense, especially with the Police Chief himself and so many high level managers and officers living outside of the city to avoid paying our high taxes.

Now we have been able to crunch some interesting numbers.  The city hosts a crime map service.   It started in July and shows 3,799 calls to service from then until today; 91 days.

Divide $18M into 365, multiply by 91 and then divide that number by 3799 and you get approximately $1,181.00 dollars per call.

The CCPS doesn’t give breakdowns of calls in its blotter.  Many days, it doesn’t even publish a blotter and most calls appear to be for breaches of minor infractions.

Sunshinelist.ca published that 62 members of the CCPS are on the Sunshine list for this year, which means that they earn over $100K per.    Those 62 members alone represent approximately $10,387, 608.93 or nearly 60% of the CCPS budget for 2017. (An average of

Clearly we’re paying an extremely large amount for policing services.  The question is why and why is City management just rubber stamping budget levels and refusing to ask the big questions and dialog about possible alternatives.

And this is being done while infrastrastructure reserves are bare, services dwindling to the point where the city no longer has an art gallery, and economic development, especially in the downtown and le village are near non existent?

Does that make any sense to you dear CFN viewers?

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  1. I am late in reading this piece. But it is an excellent of good reporting with facts and figures to back your words!

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