Cornwall Ontario –    Nobody apparently.    A few seniors were enjoying the success of their Medical Marijuana treatment and sent in this photo that was inspired by the future of the members of this group on City Council, and in particular Mayor Leslie O’Shaughnessy.


The contractors left this mound of dirt that looked like a body was buried and we couldn’t resist.

They shared that the face that is the Bank of Montreal Art Centre, high taxes, the ridiculous CUPE strike, and their ever raising tax bill in Riverdale section of Cornwall has steered them up for the upcoming Municipal election where they stated that they hoped not a single one of “these scoundrels” gets elected ever again.



  1. Just drove by the site, (Leonard & Westmoreland) absolutely hilarious ! Nice to see a great sense of humour ! However, would agree Jamie, these seniors do have far too much time on their hands ? lol The flowers are gorgeous !

  2. I love it. Here’s hoping their wishes, and ours, are achieved and we can sweep council clean.

  3. Interesting….BoM building bought, but not in the 2018 budget!!! So how are they paying for this? And what happens if the new council decides to undo the deal and not use it as an “arts centre?”

  4. And now we hear they want to “renovate” the BoM building. But no budget for it or any idea how to pay for it. Can you say “municipal government out of control?” While I’d love to see an “arts centre” here our taxes are high enough. Let’s not give these monkeys a blank cheque.

  5. Author

    Hugger other media have reported $4-6M which yes, is utter insanity considering they’ve only raised about $3K so far from the “arts community”

  6. “HUGGER”, the “GONG SHOW”, last night was a gem, re: Arts center, the 3 ladies were just sooo excited, they couldn’t contain their excitement ! Apparently, a “massive” fundraiser is being planned ? One pot of gold was mentioned , the Hotel Tax could be tapped, all of $3,330.00 worth. Elaine wants to put out donation boxes ? This is a taxpayers nightmare ! From a lame duck Council ?

  7. Ah maybe they can raise our taxes again. Of course they will

  8. Save The Capitol!!! …oh yeah, emmm, disregard.

  9. Agreed. And no one from the city has explained still how the purchase was financed as it was not included in the 2018 budget. Does city council have a magic pot of gold we don’t know about?

  10. Author

    Hugger you’ll love today’s story about the city now burning more legal cash to defend a case they really have no reason to defend against yours truly.

  11. Well it doesn’t surprise me. City council likes to waste taxpayers money. My favourite is hiring specific “consultants” so that they get the desired result they want. In a lot of cases this work could be done by city staff, but they wouldn’t come back with the results city council wants. So they hire “consultants” to get the desired result and peddle that to us. Arrggghhhh!!!!!

  12. Author

    Hugger why did the city rent 34 parking spaces from St. Columban’s Church? And at what cost? That’s some crazy waste of more tax dollars.

  13. I must be missing out on a lot of things not going down to Cornwall to see all the strange sites. One day I will have to go down there with my family for a good laugh. In past years Cornwall was a great deal more normal and the vast majority of us escaped with our intelligence and left town. I couldn’t live there ever again.

  14. Parking for city employees
    The lot at 340 Pitt St is always full

  15. The cost is approximately $30k. The city has to pave part of the parking lot, paint parking stall lines, clean catch basins, and sweep the the lot in the spring. This is all subject to council approval in 2019 (I’m thinking that means as long as it passes through the budget process.) It’s all in the agenda, LOA and bylaw of June 25.

  16. Ah Ha! BINGO! I know who died! The town of Cornwall is getting ready for a burial because they are spending money that they don’t have and are getting ready to bury the town down deep since they will never be able to come out of the mess that they dug themselves into and nothing but raising taxes until the tax payers are bled bone dry. I FOUND THE ANSWER! YIPEE! I will give myself a gold sta

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