Maurice Dupelle & Bad Politics Leave Agape Food Bank on the Brink in Cornwall Ontario – by Jamie Gilcig 071618

Cornwall Ontario –  One of the biggest problems in Cornwall is the utter failure of charities due to really bad politics.

The United Way for example boycotts this newspaper.  They also kept missing their funding targets so they no longer have them.  Instead of acting like a responsible charity and pursue their mandate they fail those they are actually supposed to be serving.

Same for the Agape food bank and Centre who just hit the Freeholder with desperate pleas for help.

Instead of coming to all media, especially the largest in this community,  more petty politics; however this time people are left hungry and wanting.  That should be grounds for board resignations.

We actually have a program subsidized by local business people.   Imagine over 15 million page views worth of exposure for Agape and other charities in 2017 for …..FREE!  Not only did Agape not request to be part of the program at least five area charities refused free ads.

Let’s look at its current board and director (based on info from their website and apparently not updated).

ED – Johanne Couture

Jim Healey – Chair 

Louise Lanctot – Vice-Chair
Lise Snider – Secretary/Treasurer
Rachel Larin – Director
Maurice Dupelle – Director
Bernadine McEvoy-Robertson – Director
Gabriel Riviere-Reid – Director
Marc L’Ecuyer – Director

The problem with too many Cornwall charities is that it’s all patronage instead of being about the Mission.

With donations down over 30% this year clearly there’s an issue.  Why would a food bank boycott the largest newspaper in their community with a history of helping?   Only the board can answer that.

“It is so bad, the Agape Centre made a public plea for financial support from the community in front of local and regional media outlets on Monday.

“We decided to have a public plea … because I do think we get forgotten, as well as the fact we don’t have provincial federal or municipal funding,” said Maurice Dupelle, chairman of the Agape Centre’s board.”

Again, why didn’t Chairman Dupelle, and the Agape not send a release to CFN?  Was it because we’re covering his CL issues?   If that’s the case he really should resign today from the Agape.

The lack of donations this summer means it hasn’t been able to afford to buy carrots.

Of course those of us on budgets know that you eat seasonally to get the best value.   Sometimes you wait for carrots or cabbage and eat what is seasonal, but the bottom line is that the problems at the Agape are internal.

They also own a choice piece of real estate.  Maybe, just maybe, it’s time to sell that property so it could be developed and use those funds to create a trust fund to help fund the yearly needs of a food bank?  Not all food banks after all own extensive downtown large properties worth quite a bit of cash, even in Cornwall.

In the meanwhile it’s time to replace this board with one that actually will put people first and feed those that need our care and leave politics to the politicians.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  Is it time for Maurice Dupelle to resign?

Should Maurice Dupelle & the Agape Centre Board Resign for Failing the Hungry in Cornwall?

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  1. I know in my case it’s been having to reduce what I give to charity. Costs keep going up, my income has not kept up the rising costs. Something had to be changed. Sadly it was my level of donations to charities. At one point I donated to seven charities. That is now down to three.

  2. Author

    Hugger that’s why it’s important that Charities get the best bang for the buck of their communities and not behave like the Boys & Girls Club, local Alzheimer’s Association, United Way, Agape, and Tri Country Literacy to name a few. Put the mission first and leave the politics at the door. If we won’t let people support charities and be inclusive with the community at such levels what does that say moving up the ladder?

  3. Maurice Dupelle should attempt to peruse an education instead of trying to fulfill positions that he is unqualified for and in some cases it has been to the determent of others. I give a VOTE of NO CONFIDENCE to Maurice Dupelle,

  4. Jamie when hubby was very sick in the hospital my daughter gave some money to the hospital in their donation boxes and she is on a tiny salary but gave from her heart. Many people who make big salaries don’t give at all and have no heart. There are people that I have met at the material store who make quilts for the hospitals and do this from their hearts.

  5. Actually, not very intelligent on the part of many charities ? For a non-profit to refuse advertising of any sort is ludicrous ? Especially, the CFN with it’s level of online viewing . I would shamefully agree, that (some) of our local charities are severely hurting themselves by doing a half assed job in their fundraising campaigns ? Wake up folks & get a life !

  6. There are two kinds of example, and one of them isn’t good… Moe has risen to his level of incompetence.
    (apologies to Laurence J. Peter)

  7. Jamie I don’t kid you when I say that you have the best newspaper in Cornwall and that is the truth. Not one can match you – no corporate rag full of nonsense can match the good news that you work so hard to put out with your few staff members and get everything out perfectly. You are tops and I mean that fully. You are the envy of Cornwall because you are the best.

  8. Author

    Staff members? Jules we don’t have staff. We have a few very kind and talented occasional contributors. I wish we had staff! Hope all is well with your hubby and please try to wait for others to post as opposed to responding to your own posts 🙂 rolf rolf!

  9. With all of the charities suffering has there been any thought of combining efforts and having only one organization run the various functions?

  10. How does someone with only a PSW become a director? No wonder Agape is in trouble!

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