Tweed CEO Bruce Linton Takes Media for a Tour – Before Shindig in Smiths Falls by Brad Milne 082418

Smiths Falls Ontario – Tweed’s new visitor centre in their global headquarters located in Smiths Falls will have its  opening  to the public on Thursday, Aug. 23,   just before Tweed’s 3rd annual  shindig .

The shindig is a concert event hosted by Tweed .  Local social media posts again this  year are speculating that Snoop Dogg will make an appearance .

CEO Bruce Linton did not confirm any line up information in his addressing remarks.   He did announce  chocolate being made in the factory footprint by  award winning  Hummingbird Chocolate in addition to the cannabis production.

As for sampling anything others Hummingbird’s Chocolate at this point it’s countdown to October and will have to be done online .

The visitor centre experience provides an unique  experience for those 19 years of age or older.

Product education and history displays, multimedia and some inactive,  the gift shop projects an image of a flag ship store like something located in Downtown Toronto  but throughout the entire tour there is an underlying theme of community, be it in the staff or in the rebirth of the building.

The iconic Hershey chocolate production viewing catwalk tour circuit has been preserved down to the original floor, although the hypnotic machinery of the chocolate production is gone.

The framed views are now more akin to a zen , ultra clean science fiction movie set .   For of those of us that could keep up with our tour leader Bruce Linton, we learned that more production windows are planned .

The spaces between the viewing production window houses a collection of sponsored artwork.  The year two artwork is not on display yet , but seems Smiths Falls has a new expanding art gallery in town as well .

In this lesser known give back Tweed program, Linton explains, where Red Bull might sponsor extreme sports, Tweed are sponsoring artists.

If like myself you remember taking the tour of the old factory as a kid, the soul of the place seems still there to relive for myself  and the power to spark imagination,  although on a different level.

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