Cornwall Police Label Mass Car Swastika Carvings Mischief 050819

One would think that a rash of cars having swastikas carved into their hoods would be labeled a hate crime and not mischief?

But this is Cornwall Ontario where Swastikas carved into school washrooms apparently weren’t even reported to the police.

Here is what was put out earlier today by the Cornwall Police or whatever Danny Aikman and his police board with the old guy with dementia want to call it now:


Cornwall, ON – The Cornwall Police Service (CPS) is requesting public assistance regarding a series of mischiefs to motor vehicles that took place during the early morning hours on May 7th, 2019.

A man, described as being tall and thin, wearing a dark olive/ brown coat with a light coloured hoodie underneath, caused damage to multiple motor vehicles in the area of Pitt Street, Fourth Street West, York Street and Augustus Street. The damages are believed to have taken place between approximately midnight and 3:00 am. No suspect photos are available at this time.

Anyone with information on this incident or who may have noticed any suspicious activity is asked to contact Detective Constable Matthew Dupuis by calling 613-933-5000 ext. 2755

And here is a brief excerpt of what was reported on a local blog including pictures:

“The Criminal Investigation Division has taken over the investigation, and at this point in time do not believe this to be a hate crime,”

The blog sadly continues that some are more upset about having to call their insurance companies rather than a mass hate crime.

What do you think dear CFN viewers? Is this a hate crime? You can post your comment below.

With those for really weak comprehension skills this is definition from the Criminal Code of Canada:

Section 319(2) makes it an offence to wilfully promote hatred against any identifiable group, by making statements (other than in private conversation). The Crown prosecutor can proceed either by indictment or by summary process. The maximum penalty is imprisonment of not more than two years.

Most reasonable parties would consider carving swastikas into cars hatred against an identifiable group….

Photo: Social Media


  1. Mischief, hate crime or someone who just wants to deface others properties??

  2. Jamie nobody can tell me that those who draw swastikas in washrooms and on cars don’t know about racism. What century is it today? Where is the history in the classrooms? Cornwall is very very very uneducated yahoos who want to spread hate and violence. No company and no people of decency wants anything to do with Cornwall. Everyone left and all the Jews left that cursed town.

  3. WOW!! Kind of wide brush strokes there!!

  4. The Swastika is not some stupid mischief but it is a symbol of the PURE RACE which Hitler represented. That symbol was originally a symbol of good luck that turned into a nightmare during WWII era. Not only Jews but homosexuals as well as the Gypsies were put into Hitlers death camps. Cornwall is very backward and uneducated in every shape and form. Uneducated and backward sheeple.

  5. And again………………………

  6. Good people do not deface other peoples property and only the very worst TRASH does such things. LOW LIFE TRASH. Cornwall is known from east to west and from north to south – it carries its reputation wherever it goes. Good people leave that cursed town and they never ever return at all. Only the worst stays behind down there.

  7. I came across something on and go there and type in the search engine: Our Canada! Are We Racist?
    You may learn something for a change down in Cornwall. Yes Canadians are very racist and they try to hide it at times but are very racist and very ignorant. Educate yourselves and you would be surprised that you might just learn something for a change.

  8. “No company and no people of decency wants anything to do with Cornwall”

    Yet here you are Jules, practically LIVING on Cornwall website.

  9. Swish, swish…………..

  10. Hugger if you found this symbol on your vehicle or on your home you would not be calling it some little piece of nothing. This symbol means plenty. The ancient Native people used that Swastika Symbol on their pottery and tents and it was considered good luck of some sort until Hitler got hold of it and you know the rest of the story.

  11. I’m not calling it nothing; never did, never will. My issue isn’t with the way this was investigated or handled. It’s with the wide brush some use to condemn this city. And yes Jamie I know she does it and why. That doesn’t make seeing it constantly any easier.

  12. Author

    And yet Hugger, Cornwall keeps trying to prove itself all of the things that Jules calls it. Today was a perfect example. A hearing that the entire city should have at least be aware of and a full room.

    Instead it was muzzled.

  13. Surprised?? Nope. City council /management likes to pull the “emergency”meeting or “someone forgot to inform the media / citizens” routine. And they continue to get away with this crap.

  14. Author

    They get away with it because they are allowed to by people like you Hugger. Maybe not as much by you, but if more people supported CFN there would be more accountability.

  15. I have supported CFN in the past. But with costs constantly rising and my pension not keeping up changes had to be made. I can’t support more than half the causes and charities I did just two years ago.

  16. Jamie and Hugger if you knew Cornwall from past years and you look at it today you would ask what in the hell happened. We had very good people more than I can describe to you. People left town because of nothing there and they didn’t belong with the low lifes of town. I often think of the Nyman family among others – excellent people and I went to CCVS with the girls. Cornwall died.

  17. Defacing property is not a simple mistake at all. This was malicious in nature as well as hateful. Cornwalls so called cops are the Barney Fife PD who know nothing at all and are generally part of the problem down there. That symbol became a symbol of hate when Hitler took it over. I put a sheet of paper in my quilting book to cover up that symbol since it is there and a nightmare to look at.

  18. Author

    You have Hugger, but this is about a community and not just one person. There are some awesome people that have supported CFN in many ways. We simply need a larger amount to step up.

  19. Hugger there is no excuse at all to deface someones property at all. That is hate and malicious. So many uneducated sheeple in Cornwall and we didn’t pack up and leave for nothing. You have to be in a situation like some others to feel the racism. The Nymans were some of the best people going and they all left – there is nothing at all in Cornhole at all for them, nor for us nor for many.

  20. Did I say I agreed with the defacing of property? No. I just don’t like the wide brush being used on Cornwall AGAIN!!

  21. Swish, swish, swish …………..

  22. Hugger I will continue to paint Cornwall with a wide brush because they all deserve it. You have no idea what we have been through and the Barney Fife PD is just exactly what I call it and much worse. If I could paint it even with an even wider brush I would do just that.

  23. Author

    I know this is going to be scary, but just going through my own personal experience sadly the CCPS or whatever Mr. Aikman wants to call them now, has failed me. From my clearly false arrest to their refusal to charge people who have broken the law against myself like Mike Bedard, Traci Trottier, and Ian Bowering; not to mention their over costing to the taxpayer; they are a problem that needs a clear solution whether that is the OPP doing a costing or the people that pay the bills electing a council that will demand fiscal accountability.

  24. All?

    Disagree with one, whole heartedly agree with the other.

  25. Swastikaville deserves a mighty wide brush indeed. My nightmares of what we went through in that God Forsaken Backwoods of a town was something else. I later read about what our Jamie went through and nothing was ever solved in either case. We haven’t stepped one foot in that Swastikaville since we purchased a car from down there and never will ever again.

  26. I remember a swastika being carved or painted into the washroom walls at CCVS and nothing was done about it at all. The Barney Fife PD just brushes it all off because they are not even qualified for anything at all and that is why they are down in Swasticaville. I remember a Jewish lady brought to Cornwall to talk about her experiences during WWII and the racism but it was all on deaf ears.

  27. The wider the brush the better it is for me. I can paint what Swasticaville is like until tomorrow. The wider the brush the better.

  28. Jamie you made your own newspaper and to be completely and totally honest with you IT IS THE BEST AND I MEAN THAT FULLY AND HONESTLY. You built your business from the ground up and not rely o a corporation like THE FREELOADER IS and full of utter nonsense. You deserve the best there is and I mean those words. Swastikaville has been a mighty bad dream for me and never again.

  29. Hugger if I don’t like someone I don’t go around and deface their property. If I have something to say I will say it to them but I will not deface peoples property. That is hate and I mean hate. That cursed symbol became a symbol of evil and nobody can tell me that they didn’t know what that symbol meant at all. History always repeats itself which is one of my mottos in life.

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