Jason Stuart: SHUT UP, I’M TALKING! A true Survivor in Hollywood BOOK REVIEW by Marshall Kruger 091619

Michael Musto says, “If there’s ever a museum for gay comic/actors navigating their way through show biz, Jason Stuart would have to curate it”. 

Everybody who knows Jason, knows he is hilarious, but not everybody knows that he has been a true pioneer in the worlds of stand-up and LGBTQ representation.

And now, as it turns out, Jason is also a wonderful writer!

His book is great; filled wit his very funny stories, plus tales of his rough and tumble journey in Hollywood, and more than a few lessons for those thinking about entering the business of show. 

He’s also very quick-witted comedian, but he also has quite a range as an actor with almost 150 film & TV credits on IMDB.  Reading stories about his life, you can really see how these experiences shaped him as a performer. 

He is very candid in this book, and gets right to the heart of of his life. What’s most inspiring is that Jason is a true survivor, undaunted, still growing, changing and still stepping into the spotlight night after night. Words that Jason never uses to describe himself are ‘cool’ and ‘courageous’ – but I couldn’t think of a more fitting way to describe a guy who had the strength and tenacity to swim against the tide and then current mores to be himself publicly and unapologeticly.

Like the old saying goes, after the Apocalypse, there will Roaches, Cher and Jason Stuart! 

I’ve read many books by people in the entertainment industry but have not found one that spoke it’s truth in such an engaging way. Jason pulls you in and doesn’t let you go – even after you’ve turned the last page.

You can find Jason’s book on Amazon.com and other fine book selling sites.

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