Cornwall Ontario –   The temperature will warm up as snow hits us starting tonight.  Currently it’s -10 in Downtown Cornwall Ontario.   The snow starts into the night and expect Friday to be wet and messy with a high near zero. The good news is that he weekend should be aContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –  CFN like all media outlets needs revenue to survive.  Our original business model was to support local business at reasonable rates. In fact we didn’t have digital ads (like adsense) until the City initiated a conspiratorial boycott that impacted our roster of advertisers, many of whom wereContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Our first real snowfall is predicted for later today and overnight.   Aren’t I glad I put our snow tires on this week.   Did you? CFN NearAcuWeather forecast for Saturday into Sunday: A high of only 5c for the Cornwall region.  Expect 2-5cm of the white stuff withContinue Reading

Former Ottawa teacher charged with sex-related offences   (Ottawa)—Last week, the Ottawa Police Service Sexual Assault and Child Abuse Section charged a Morrisburg man following an investigation into allegations that he inappropriately touched a male student. The incident occurred when the man was in the course of his duties asContinue Reading

CHARGES LAID FOR BREAK IN AT LANDFILL   (NORTH DUNDAS,ON) – On September 19, 2018 at approximately 2:11pm, Stormont Dundas & Glengarry Ontario Provincial Police responded to a report of a break in at a business (North Dundas landfill) on Boyne Road, Winchester, Ontario. Investigation indicated that sometime overnight culprit(s) entered the businessContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – After following up on a lead SIU spokesperson Monica Hudon confirmed that the January shooting of Babak Saidi, while checking into the Morrisburg OPP detachment has been limited to one officer. “The SIU is continuing to investigate the circumstances surrounding the shooting death of Mr. Saidi inContinue Reading

    Multiple arrests and charges by CRTF. (Cornwall, ON) On May 24th, members of the Cornwall Regional Task Force (CRTF) assisted the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) following a single vehicle accident in Morrisburg on highway 401. The investigation led the RCMP to arrest and charge Jasraj Sandhu (31), SartajContinue Reading

RCMP warn Ontario residents of scammers spoofing RCMP’s telephone number (June 19, 2018 – Cornwall, ON) The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Cornwall Detachment is issuing a public notice with respect to fraudulent telephone calls. The RCMP is warning the general public of fraudulent telephone calls which appear to be comingContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – On what’s expected to be a simple rejection of a corrupt and incompetent government that simply served itself and friends media spin has been fascinating. Total bias is clearly apparent in some media outlets that clearly are pushing for one side or another. Eric Grenier’s poll tracker,Continue Reading

No matter which political party you’re with advertising is one of the largest expenses in any campaign. You need value, impact, and delivery of your message in the strongest possible fashion. And local is important.  How do you expect editors to support you if you’re advertising on outlets that aren’tContinue Reading

Running for office is a major life decision. You are putting yourself out into the public eye to serve your community. There are many challenges. Whether you’re a rookie or experienced,  the two sessions of this seminar have something to add to your arsenal of tools and help you notContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –  Here’s an issue you kinda sorta can’t blame the government on.   While the high cost of gasoline is heavily taxed, if you live in this part of Ontario seeing 20-30 cent price swings per litre is a regular occurrence. That can be over a freaking $1.00 perContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –   The areas foremost landlord & tenant specialist commented on the new standard lease that’s in effect in Ontario as of April 30, 2018. Cornwall & Kingston Paralegal James Moak commented on the new Provincial lease to CFN: [bs-quote quote=”Firstly all landlords must comply with the new mandatoryContinue Reading

Like most media today we have to claw and fight for survival financially.   This being Cornwall there are other challenges that make it even more difficult. Many newspapers are starting to add paywalls which means unless you’re a subscriber you won’t be able to read them or there is limitedContinue Reading

Confused about how to get your website up the rankings in search engines? Do you have an older website or did you overpay for older technology?  Is your site mobile friendly?    Are you getting value?  Do you want to? Social Media excite and confuse you? Custom Web Design, support, consulting,Continue Reading