DRV2WRK Meeting

I attended the DRV2WRK meeting last night at the Navy Club. ( www.drv2wrk.ca)  The room was filled to capacity. There was music; food; politicians; concerned citizens; and a few media types. Cornwall has long suffered labor issues that are now coming home stronger in other areas of Ontario.   Cornwall is more familiar sadly with poverty […]

Border Closing UPDATE

LATEST UPDATE A lot of places are talking about the border closing.   Here are some of the stories out there. MP to the Rescue Mohawks only allowed on Seaway Bridge TALKS PLANNED MEDIATION? Truckers Weigh In “CBSA points out that U.S. guards working on the territory have carried guns for decades without any objections from […]

Bridge Update – Tuesday June 2

The night was quiet with no major altercations which is a good thing.  Hopefully the rhetoric can ratchet down. Here are some stories and coverage on the event. Truckers Frustrated by Bridge Closure Frustration on all sides Bob Kilger calls on Ottawa Stand Off at Seaway Bridge Coverage from further away Calgary suggests it’s time […]

David Rawnsley to Run Again for Greens

With the smell of election in the air it’s good to see another party get things going. Green Party Candidate David Rawnsley will be running again in the next election.   I predict him to garner more votes this time around.    Good luck David. So far in this riding we have Mr. Rawnsley running for the […]

Busy Monday Night …..

Busy Monday Night …..

Sometimes in life you have to make a choice.   Sometimes you want Chocolate and Vanilla.   Sometiemes you can have both! Last night my goal was to go to the Cornwall & Regional Writer’s Society as Lorna had taken to calling me a Ghost member.   I love writing and for some reason almost every Monday night […]

Cornwall Hospital Breaks Ground!

L I N K Now this is good news for Cornwall!   If you don’t have your health you don’t have life and anything to improve health services is a blessing. “The new project will include an expansion of 95,000 square feet of new space and 78,000 square feet of renovation. The expansion will house five […]