I was just watching this week’s city council meeting on Cogeco and it’s amazing to watch this group interact. There definitely are certain “types” of people.  You can see which councilors supports business interests, and which councilors support human interests; which councilors are smarter or brighter, or which councilors youContinue Reading

LINK Is Councilor Denis Thibault politicking or is this a good thing?  Talk back to us Cornwall.   Councilors received a 2.1% pay  increase bringing their salaries up to $14,270 per year. I’m going to ask some of our City Councilor’s to respond to this article. please visit our sponsors:Continue Reading

Due to overwhelming demand the Justin Trudeau  Community Breakfast (Saturday March 14th from 8:30-10:30) has had to change the location to the Cornwall Civic Complex Salons A-C. People can still order tickets by contacting Denis at 613 346 5416 or e-mail m3011@glen-net.ca or check out the Liberal riding association websiteContinue Reading