9:00 AM – The Political Round Table and our weekly schedule on Seawayradio.com – Tuesday September 14, 2010

Cornwall ON – This is the first week of the Municipal election week here in Cornwall and the last segments of our show will be devoted to politics in our area. At 9:00 AM join pundits Denis Sabourin and Joe Gunn as our Political Round Table tackle some of the hottest subjects in Politics.   […]

Creating Jobs At Reynolds Food Packaging – Company gets $102,225 via Eastern Ontario Development Fund – September 2, 2010

Summerstown ON – Ontario is helping a Summerstown company increase production and create 45 new manufacturing jobs. With support from the province, Reynolds Food Packaging is investing to retrofit its existing facility, implement a more efficient manufacturing process and upgrade equipment.  These improvements will double production capacity and help the company maintain its position as a market […]

MPP Jim Brownell Annual Family Picnic a Blast! Cornwall Ontario – August 23, 2010 VIDEO

Cornwall ON – SD&SG MPP Jim Brownell sure knows how to throw a party.   A good time was had by all in spite of the rain Sunday as Mr. Brownell had his annual picnic at the Lost Villages Museum. Fresh local corn was served up along with BBQ burgers and hot dogs from Bensons. […]

Letter to the Editor – John Milnes of South Stormont Ontario Questions Tammy A Hart – August 23, 2010

Dear Sir: So, Tammy Hart, of Newington, is seeking a nomination with the Conservative Party of Ontario.  No, she has not told me personnaly but her frequent unbalanced attacks on Premier Dalton McGuinty clearly point to that scenario.  It is fair play for opposition parties and the public to be critical of the governing party.  However, it must be remembered […]

Letter to the Editor – Brian Lynch is not Happy with Online Gambling in Ontario – Cornwall – August 17, 2010

Dear Editor: I have many concerns about the McGuinty Government’s plans to introduce internet gambling in Ontario in 2012.  Experts on problem gambling say that internet gambling exposes more young people to gambling, preys on the vulnerable, and encourages and increases addiction. This is quite an about face for the governing Liberals who condemned the previous […]

Letter to the Editor – Tammy A Hart Supports Conservative Leader Tim Hudak – Newington Ontario – August 15, 2010

Newington ON – What do we expect from our politicians today? I know what I expect.  I want honesty, accountability, passion and good money management. Ontario needs a sector by sector strategy to produce high value goods and improved services.  We can’t keep increasing taxes while our productivity is going down. The public sector in Ontario since 2003 has increased […]

Letter to the Editor – James Borer on Education in Ontario and Tammy Hart- South Stormont – July 30, 2010

South Stormont ON – Education and learning is what provides light in a world of ignorant darkness.  I have had many opportunities to witness first hand just how dangerous it is when people, societies and cultures are ignorant of simple facts and lack common decency in seeing each other as human beings. So when ignorant […]

Letter to the Editor – Tammy A Hart Not Happy with Ontario Education – Newington Ontario – July 24, 2010

Newington ON – If you think Health Care in Ontario is bad, just wait till September when you see how badly Dalton McGuinty has screwed up our Educational System. $1.5 billion per year is being spent on three and four year olds to attend full day/every day kindergarten.  Teachers making $70,000 plus, ECE’s (Early Childhood Educators) making $47,000 plus and EA’s (Educational Assistants) […]

Letter to the Editor – Brian Lynch not Happy with eco fees – Cornwall Ontario – July 23, 2010

Dear Editor: The McGuinty Government’s handling of the eco fees issue has been a complete fiasco.  There was no plan to protect consumers from being blindsided by these new eco fees on July 1 at the same time as the introduction of the HST. The Ontario NDP support the concept of producer responsibility for the recycling […]

Weekly schedule for Seawayradio.com – Tuesday Political Round Table 9AM EST – Cornwall Ontario – July 20, 2010

Cornwall ON – Click the Seawayradio.com logo above to go to our show page!  Or any of the images below to go to the show page to listen live or via podcast! If it’s Tuesday morning it’s time to talk politics live from Cornwall Ontario with your host Jamie Gilcig and political pundits Denis Sabourin […]

McGuinty Government Deliberately Conceals its Cuts to Solar Power? By Richard Komorowski – Cornwall Ontario – July 12, 2010

Cornwall ON – The Government of Ontario operates quite a nice news room on its website, highlighting some of the events happening around the province. It’s designed particularly for members of the press. It also has a service which will email press releases, media events including cabinet ministers, etc. I subscribe to this service. Of […]

McGuinty Government Learns Lesson from Harper – MicroFIT Solar Power Program CUTS by Richard Komorowski – July 11, 2010

Cornwall ON – Following the Harper government’s unprecedented lead in cancelling its part of the ecoEnergy refit program last March, a year ahead of schedule, the McGuinty Liberal government has announced it is cutting some of the rates paid to producers under the province’s MicroFIT program. Until just recently, the province was guaranteeing a price […]

Letter to the Editor – Tammy A Hart not Happy with “Microfit” cuts to rural farmers – Newington Ontario – July 10, 2010

Newington ON – Premier Dalton McGuinty created a lucrative program called “microFIT” for small producers of solar electricity across Ontario.   A producer would be able to benefit by selling the electricity on the grid for a subsidized price of 80.2 cents per kilowatt hour.  That’s 20 times the price paid for nuclear power.  Most of the 16,000 applicants were […]

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