FEBRUARY 15, 2021 – No matter how Trudeau tries to spin things, present day life in Canada will not return to anything resembling normal until Canadians get their vaccination shots. We have seniors dying in long term care homes because we don’t have the vaccines. People over 60 are atContinue Reading

JANUARY 24, 2021 – Anyone following the tragic deaths in our long-term care homes knows that this sector of our province has been largely ignored over time by both the present Ontario government and previous ones. Out of sight out of mind would be a good description- until of courseContinue Reading

JANUARY 2, 2021 – Stupidity seems to have infected the political class including- MLA’s, ministers, and political staff. What do they NOT get about restricting travel during the COVID pandemic, especially in provinces with a lock down in place? It is pretty simple- when the health advice on federal andContinue Reading

Well, the Prime Minister feels that no other organization other than WE CHARITY (which his wife Sophie is an ambassador for and supports) was capable of looking after the Canada Student Service Grant “The WE organization is the only organization in Canada that has the scale and the ability toContinue Reading

Well the Tory leadership race is off and running. Really only two serious contenders at this point. Peter MacKay and Erin O’Toole have entered the contest plus a few of the “Who Are They?” Still plenty of time for some hard-right candidate or someone representing the Social Conservative movement toContinue Reading

The Conservative leadership race is off and running. More like a pegged-legged sailor than a sprinter, but at least they are moving. The party is carrying a lot of negative baggage from the 2019 campaign. It will have to do a damn good job of persuading Canadians that they representContinue Reading