Cornwall Ontario –   City Councilor Mark A MacDonald wrote an open letter to Police Chief Dan Parkinson and embattled fire chief Pierre Voisine.   He sent it to media as well and we’re publishing it unedited. [bs-quote quote=”OPEN LETTER POLICE AND FIRE SERVICES Hello: Recent discussions regarding police and fire serviceContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – CFN can confirm that CAG, the Community Action Group, supposedly dedicated to fighting rising taxes in Cornwall has dissolved. Group leader Gerry Benson spoke with CFN after appearing at council to beg for more cash for his vanity Liberal slush fund excuse to pump cash into theContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –  An incensed Cornwall Ontario City Councilor, Mark A MacDonald, sent an angry email from his vacation in Barbados over a budget committee vote for a tax hike of nearly 5% for 2018 to council and the media this afternoon!   [bs-quote quote=”Hello everyone: With respect, if youContinue Reading

The new year brings high expectations and great challenges for the new council.  Dealing with the budget is going to be our biggest challenge The main thrust of the election CAG pledge that was signed by 22 candidates, focused on the fact that taxes are 1/3 less in the counties.Continue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – If Mark MacDonald has his way council will be voting to rescind the whopping raises the Kilger team voted for themselves last term. Returning to council after a four year hiatus Mr. MacDonald has been firmly in support in stemming the high taxes afflicting one of theContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – Gerry Benson and his friends on the Community Action Group are funny cats.    I’ve been a member for two years now and receive no information from them nor does this group do much except send the odd email.   While they make a valid point theyContinue Reading