Cornwall Ontario –   When I heard about the case of one of Canada’s most decorated soldiers, Collin Fitzgerald,  being utterly screwed over by our court system right here at the Cornwall court house I rushed over. Because of this newspaper a requested gag  order by the crown might haveContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – Former Canadian Soldier Collin Fitzgerald has had a rough year.   The decorated war vet who is suffering from PTSD has also suffered at the hands of the Ontario Justice system. He was released on bail today in Cornwall after spending the last 43 days either inContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – Arlene and Bryan Fitzgerald have a lot to celebrate for their 41st Wedding Anniversary  as their son, former Princess Patricia Light Infantry Man Master Corporal Collin Fitzgerald was released on bail after a two day hearing and will be with them to help celebrate. Collin stood inContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – The dramatic bail hearing this morning for former Canadian Forces Sgt. Collin Fitzgerald was an interesting insight into how our court system; justice system, policing, and society are failing those with Mental health issue. It was wonderful that after we broke the story that some members ofContinue Reading

Letter to the editor: It seems as though everyone who works for the Ontario Ministry of Justice, including crown attorneys, judges, prison guards and provincial police officers may conduct their duties without being held accountable for the actions or inactions? A very close friend of mine, decorated veteran Sgt CollinContinue Reading