CFN – She had a tragic yet beautiful face for someone so young.  She’d been a waitress.  A real waitress, not someone that had simply worked as one to get by.   She had that special quality that born waitresses have, like prostitutes.  She could put someone at ease whileContinue Reading

I was supposed to make an announcement yesterday and delayed.  Frankly I wrestled with whether to go public or not, but after much thought and consideration I have decided to be go through with the announcement. Some may know that my background isn’t journalism, but screen writing. It was myContinue Reading

Jamie Gilcig

CFN – So what do you think the friendliest city in Canada is?   I will be taking a well deserved break and travelling across Canada this March. As some of you know I have this little project called “Dirty Town Under a Crooked Bridge” and I will be travellingContinue Reading

This is an excerpt from a draft of Dirty Town Under a Crooked Bridge.  A novel by Jamie Gilcig. Sorry for being late with this excerpt, but it’s been a crazy crazy last few weeks. Please note that this material may not be suitable for children and certain tight asses.Continue Reading