CORNWALL Ontario – David Murphy, the  Cornwall City Councilor with the smooth voice and no substance has leaked at Lift Off that his bud, gifted musician Graham Greer, (The Wedgie King of Cornwall!)  is about to throw his guitar pick into the ring and take a run for council inContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – Mark MacDonald had called a meeting this morning at his new fave breakfast spot, Napoleon’s, in Cornwall Ontario. Candidates were invited to come down, speak, talk to media, and the focus was the report being voted on Monday night regarding a steep pay hike for council andContinue Reading

CFN – There’s a meme floating around social media.  It’s kinda interesting as I think it really encapsulates the reality of apathetic voting; especially here in Canada. Recently on CFN we’ve had a few posters proudly blarble about how they refuse to vote which frankly is scary and sounds likeContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – Canlyte is flipping the switch off here in Cornwall Ontario.  That would be nearly 200 manufacturing and support jobs lost and they join the hundreds lost recently in the call centre segment of our employment map. The announcement, or admission as it was leaking all over SocialContinue Reading