Cornwall Ontario –   The areas foremost landlord & tenant specialist commented on the new standard lease that’s in effect in Ontario as of April 30, 2018. Cornwall & Kingston Paralegal James Moak commented on the new Provincial lease to CFN: [bs-quote quote=”Firstly all landlords must comply with the new mandatoryContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –  The problem with people being parachuted into communities to be journalists is that sometimes, some of them, bring an outside perspective and don’t really look at the local big picture.   And sometimes they may listen to the wrong people. Or sometimes, they just poot any silly thoughtContinue Reading

Legislation Includes Rent Control Reform, Eviction Protections to Keep Rentals Affordable Ontario has introduced new legislation that would, if passed, help keep rental housing costs predictable and affordable while strengthening protections for tenants across Ontario. The Rental Fairness Act, 2017, would address rising rental costs faced by people in OntarioContinue Reading