CTV  had reported on Feb 14 2012 –   Liberal MP Justin Trudeau is facing a barrage of criticism for suggestions that Quebec separation could be deemed acceptable given the politics of Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Now prime Minister Trudeau is trying to divide the French and English population once again byContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –   I’m a refugee of Quebec.  One of the multitude of Anglos that left (along with a lot of  Francophones) for a multitude of reasons. I write this the day after helping empty my Mom’s Cote des Neiges apartment and finding an album of pics from theContinue Reading

Dear Editor,   I am a concerned Canadian citizen and believe it is my civic duty to protect the rights of children in our country and our community from segregation. The act of separating English and French children on different buses is promoting segregation and division across both linguistic groups. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/new-brunswick/acadian-society-says-bilingual-buses-promote-assimilation-1.3019136 .  Tensions are rising inContinue Reading

Hugo Rodrigues Editor of the Standard Freeholder Yes Mr.Rodrigues, “Vive la Francophone” in Cornwall and area, but as well to all of those many other cultures. Sir let me tell you the distaste I received upon this reading this article and many others feel the same way as I. Firstly, I can appreciateContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – Nurse Christopher Cameron if anything is a very determined person.   He has been protesting in front of the Eastern Ontario Health Unit which allegedly only hires bilingual staff in spite of Ontario not being a bilingual province and the vast majority of the city being English speakers.Continue Reading

With health care in Ontario taking about half of the annual budget and rising, have you wondered how much administration cost there is, even before the hospital’s share? Is that an area to review for savings?   We see much dedication and administration expense towards the promotion of French throughContinue Reading