NOVEMBER 27, 2020 – Finally, after numerous flagrant violations of Emergency Health orders regarding gatherings, wearing of masks, and social distancing, rampaging MPP Randy Hillier has finally been ticketed by police at Queen’s Park. MPP Hillier, part of a anti mask rally in Cornwall last Saturday that was supported byContinue Reading

After numerous and historical issues with the Eastern Ontario Health Unit while serving as Public Health Officer, we the undersigned as that during this COVID 19 Pandemic the Province of Ontario takes immediate action after the incident involving the Food Basics store on Brookdale Avenue. The public’s safety has toContinue Reading

Bratty Conservative MPP Amanda Simard, who caused a huge storm against Premier Doug Ford, has walked the floor. Ironically the decision comes after another of those wacky corrupt Burke women was given a plum gig that it appears Ms Simard was expecting to get. I mean, it must feel bad,Continue Reading

Toronto Ontario – Show of hands: how many of you expected the Ontario government to lose the constitutional challenge of its Bill 5, which aimed to reduce the size of Toronto’s city council? No one? Exactly. No one – no one who has been paying attention, at least – expected DougContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – As it’s become clear that the political assassination of Patrick Brown was from within his own party it’s raised a number of questions for voters who clearly have had enough of the Wynne Liberals and their abuse of the public purse. From Hydro, to Sex Ed curriculum,Continue Reading

Conrad Black: What happened to Patrick Brown was outrageous — but also an opportunity Justin Trudeau is a fair-minded person. He knows better than to greet the destruction of a prominent political career with joy (NAT POST) The sudden departure of Patrick Brown as leader of the Ontario Progressive ConservativesContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –  The Curse of the Ontario PC party strikes again.     Death by Social Media after unproven sexual accusations against now former leader Patrick Brown have led to his resignation.  “However, defeating [Ontario Premier] Kathleen Wynne in 2018 is more important than one individual. For this reason,Continue Reading

Ontario Invests in Province’s First Continuing Professional Development Centre for Francophone Legal Professionals Ontario, in partnership with the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law, is improving access to justice in French by establishing the province’s first continuing professional development centre for Francophone legal professionals. The pratiquO pilot project will helpContinue Reading

Mr. Patrick Brown, MPP Leader, Official Opposition Legislative Building Queen’s Park Toronto ON  M7A 1A8   Dear Mr. Brown:   I am writing in response to your letter to Premier Kathleen Wynne regarding Hydro One’s rate application currently before the Ontario Energy Board (OEB).  Your letter is just another distractionContinue Reading

Ontario Passes Legislation to Lower Electricity Bills by 25 Per Cent May 31, 2017 Meaningful Savings for All Residential Households Coming this Summer Ontario passed legislation today that will lower electricity bills by 25 per cent on average for all residential customers to provide significant rate relief and ensure greaterContinue Reading

Legislation Includes Rent Control Reform, Eviction Protections to Keep Rentals Affordable Ontario has introduced new legislation that would, if passed, help keep rental housing costs predictable and affordable while strengthening protections for tenants across Ontario. The Rental Fairness Act, 2017, would address rising rental costs faced by people in OntarioContinue Reading

Patrick Brown PCs Vote Against Safer School Zones Act   TORONTO ONTARIO –  This afternoon following Question Period, Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry MPP Jim McDonell and the Ontario PC Caucus voted against important legislation that protects school children, seniors, other pedestrians and cyclists.   This is in spite of the PCs previouslyContinue Reading

CORNWALL ONTARIO – Locally people are fighting to save their local schools, especially in rural areas like South Glengarry, where the people supporting Char-Lan are putting up a great battle including the video below shot by students Lloyd Rozon, and Harry Tieman. The group has also created a facebook page forContinue Reading