CORNWALL ONTARIO – Now in its 29th year, PwC MS Bike – Ottawa to Cornwall is one of the most popular cycling events in eastern Ontario and it’s fast approaching. It will take place Aug. 18-19 and the Cornwall Chapter of the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada is looking forContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Cronyism isn’t unique to Cornwall Ontario, but ED poobah Bob Peter’s ex wifey, who got her management gig at City Hall around the time that Bob resigned over his mysterious use of city credit cards at Eastern European houses of ill repute pulled a doozy recently. (PhotoContinue Reading

5 Different Days Out in Ontario   When people think of Eastern Canada, they often think of the gushing rivers, the sprawling pines, and the thundering power of Niagara Falls. People rarely think of high octane thrill rides – though they really should start to. The vistas give way toContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –  Many Cornwallites are crying fowl, and heading down the 401 to check out the Big Rubber Duck in Brockville this weekend as the 61 foot cutie will settle on the town’s picturesque waterfront. Locals can still celebrate the pooping of the geese in Lamoureux Parc.  While notContinue Reading

An Ontario travel website seems to think the province ends at Ottawa and Kingston.   A quick visit to the website shows that Eastern Ontario has no section and that the Cornwall area is lumped into Ottawa with no areas highlighted on its map. Eastern Ontario seems to be listedContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – Guy Menard I believe, really cares about his community.   He and I may not agree who gets to play a part in our community, and to what degree; but clearly he wants Lift Off to remain; and so do I.  Sadly his company did not sponsorContinue Reading