CFN – Has SD&G Provincial Nomination seeker John Earle ever had an adult job that wasn’t patronage tinged?   Does this make him the perfect candidate to run for Wynne Government against incumbent MPP Jim McDonell? Mr. Earle, is recently re-married to new wife Alyssa Blais who herself is noContinue Reading

CFN – The Kemptville Agricultural program has a glimmer of hope.  Today, after much community pressure; especially from Conservative members in the region the Wynne government blinked and Minister Brad Duguid issued the following statement late Friday.   I am pleased to hear that St. Lawrence College and Algonquin CollegeContinue Reading

CFN – Is Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne turning PC leader Tim Hudak into a viable alternative as Ontario inches its way closer to an election?   Is the trick for Mr. Hudak to say as little as possible and let horrible news like Kellogg’s closing down following the Heinz plantContinue Reading

CFN – Randy Hillier’s fall as PC Labour Critic this week has highlighted the problem with Partisan politics.   As some viewers of CFN may be aware I myself have elected to become Hyper Non Partisan.   No more party allegiances or memberships. In my political life I have beenContinue Reading