South Glengarry Council: Freedom of Expression Out of Order by Don Smith

South Glengarry Council – decision to respect Charter of Rights & Freedoms OUT OF ORDER

CFN – Yesterday, at the time of publication of our article on freedom of expression, South Glengarry Township had not published their meeting agenda for next Monday; in fact we could not find it online until today (Friday), a day after their deadline for getting the agenda to Council members.

Reading through the related staff report that is attached to the agenda, it’s clear that Township Staff and at least some of the Councillors (Gravelle and Prevost) are strongly recommending against the adoption of the proposed bylaw to adhere to the Charter Freedom of Expression as “officially” espoused in federal law.

We’ll let our viewers read it for themselves and draw their own conclusions.





Derik Brandt’s report recommends:  “There are several problems with the wording of the requested resolution.  These problems include that the requested motion is worded in the negative and would also be a reaffirmation of the Township’s existing position of allowing the use of any language for advertising purposes in the Township of South Glengarry. Therefore Administration recommends that the motion cannot be dealt with because it is out of order. Additionally, Administration recommends that no changes be made to the Township’s current position of allowing residents and businesses to express themselves in the language of their choice on their signage without any requirement for any additonal languages. Moved by Joyve Gravelle, Seconded by Frank Prevost.”

The report concludes with a proposed resolution:  “Be it resolved that the Township of South Glengarry receive Staff Report #01-13 and endorses the recommendation therein.”

CFN will be at Monday’s Council meeting to video record the decision for all to see.

Don Smith reports on a variety of topics, notably good news items as well as social justice issues.







  1. Barry Renouf January 12, 2013 at 7:27 pm

    Well Barry, if I remember correctly you seem to be one that is reasonable with how you approach this issue here on CFN.
    And because of that reputation you have I will take some time to respond knowing that it shouldn’t be a fruitless and frustrating endeavor and more of a respectful banter.

    Barry wrote, “the N.B. Anglo Society got what they deserved in Bathurst because they choose to celebrate their Anglo day on the same date as the French loss at the battle on the Plains of Abraham. Talk about a slap in the face.”

    At first glance I would agree with you whole heatedly Barry if things were not to freekin messed up. The two groups in question here, — the French and the English — seem to have two sets of rules when it comes to A) what constitutes a slap in the face and B) how one reacts to such a thing.

    Firstly I MUST SAY… Since you seem to be someone who is quite aware of things you will no doubt realize the fact that they “MAY” very well have chosen this date out of the sheer bitterness and resentment because as you know, the MAJORITY Anglophones in New Brunswick are feeling rather put out in a province where they are actually the majority but are being treated as if they are a minority who are of little to no consequence at all. Can you not see that this MAY BE the primary (as in start the ball rolling) initial slap I the face that begins things. Please, I am sure that would be an easy one to see and accept. Being the majority and being treated like sh!t as if you were the minority in your own province which is majority English and also inside your own Anglophone majority country on top of that.

    At just about every turn the French seem to have no problem when it’s THEM “doing the slapping” but in turn seem to have a great deal of problem when it’s the other way around. It’s as if they simply cannot see injustice unless it’s directed
    — AT THEM —

    Again looking at NB for example we see many annoyances. The French seem to be doing whatever they please there. The English are loosing their rights and their access to jobs within their own government. As a matter of fact they are being more and more restricted from ALL jobs as a result of this forced bilingualism each and every day. Similar to what is happening here in Ontario now.

    That in and of itself would be enough to push most folks to want to hit back and fly a flag on the other guys important day, don’t cha_think?

    Not being able to work for their own government ESPECIALLY when one considers these people are STILL IN A COUNTRY CALLED Canada.

    New Brunswickers are seeing more and more French only or French first signs being erected in a place where they are supposed to be the majority.

    But, once again, the French don’t seem to be seeing that as such a slap in the face.
    And again, likely because IT’S NOT directed at THEM.

    Of course, then the majority English that are living there and having to put up with this, then turn around and look over at Quebec. What do they see…? They see how the process works in Quebec with the French saying, in no uncertain terms.

    Wait a second here, we are the majority and we decide how to run things and thus, French is the common language and you English as the minority will just have to put up with what WE DECIDE (Bill 101 etc etc). Again another slap in the face when one views this from NB and knowing what your fellow English (in this case minorities in Quebec) are going through.

    We then look at the minority English in Quebec. They are forced to live with (or be slapped in the face with) such things like. The Canadian flag being treated like cr@P (not a slap in the face to those Canadians who live in Quebec, NO!!)

    The National holiday being celebrated as St Jean day and while Canada day is relegated to a mere — moving day – Oh no that’s NOT a slap in the face, NO)

    If you ask me THAT is a HUGE slap in the face to ALL Candians…

    Then outside of Quebec (in Ontario for now) we see HUGE Franco flags being erected here and there and everywhere (AND, these flags BTW, are flown year round with perhaps ONE minor exception) and this means that these Franco flags are already up and “in our face” flying on certain Anglo days that are important and significant (to the English) as well.

    Makes me think, maybe they should just push to fly HUGE Anglo flags all year round everywhere too. Oh no, that would be way too much they would consider that a slap in the face TIMES 364.

    All of this to also make the final point that… The French “province” that’s right…

    – province” NOT country…

    Won’t even allow Canada (the country) to celebrate the historical fact that there was indeed a victory by the British on the Plains of Abraham — Our heritage, cultural background and history (which is indeed just as important TO US as any day is important to the French) AND THAT SHOULD BE respected. Period… The victors get to decide… That’s just the way it is. Not to mention, one is a country and one is a province. C’mon. Really ?

    Canadians should be able to put up flags and celebrate that day if we so choose. And the French, like the side in the US that lost and accept it, should be able to accept that history is history and they should be able to live with it.

    This thing of remembering and wallowing and viewing it as a slap in the face is simply childish and NOT respectful of something that REALLY IS important… History is history. And the FACT is… We live in a country called CANADA not a province (or nation) called Quebec.

    We cannot change history.

  2. And same to you Stephen RE: your January 12, 2013 at 11:33 pm POST…

    Well said indeed … And welcome since your name seems new to me.

  3. RE: Message Tim wrote on January 12, 2013 at 7:25 pm
    “Admin, francophones have been doing this for many years, i.e. patronizing businesses of their their fellow French tribesmen. They even boycott Wal-Mart because it’s an American company. They hate anything English.”

    Yes, Time/Admin and, if I am not mistaken they have a strict “buy provincially” ONLY policy when it comes to ANY and ALL materials for construction and re-development in Quebec.

    Despite the fact that they get the MOST of the money from the ROC they are sure to spend it on their own internal industrial complex ONLY.

  4. @ Peter. You indeed are in a dilemma. You are living in a township where a large (40%) percentage of the population is Francophone, and your elected council has passed a bylaw that forces businesses to use bilingual signs. Since the sight of these signs is causing you to have great anxiety and consternation, it looks like you have only three courses of action open to you.
    1: You can work like crazy to get councilors elected who will rescind the bylaw. That’s how democracy works.
    2: You can move to a township that has a very small Francophone population, where it’s unlikely you will ever have to see French on a business sign.
    3: You can stay where you are and be miserable for the rest of your life.

  5. I do not think that we need to remove French from the landscape altogether, however like Gaelic in Gaul before the Franks overran it, the language should be allowed to stand on its own merits or die a noble death, not be artificially bolstered by laws and funds.

    Although I have my own political leanings, if a politiician of any party stated that he or she would repeal the protectionism of the francophone language remove the office of the French Language Commissioner, and transfer the funds that are spend federally and provincially in keeping a dead language alive, and gave it to the military in order that our troops were adequately equipped, they would have my vote irrespective of party.

    Latin died out, Gaelic is a fraction of what it was, why can French not live and die by the number of people that speak it in the 21st Century rather than spend millions to ensure that people that have no wish to speak or read it, have to, while the same cannot be said the other way around.

    As far as that Flag in Casselman, i always thought that desecrating a flag was treasonable, so how does someone get away with adding a fleur de lise to the trillium.

    Can you imagine the FLQ outcry if people started putting the Union Flag beside the Fleur de Lise in quebec.

    Why would politicians sit back and allow the desecration of the provincial flag, and the national flag when they paint it blue, and not take action.

    In order to settle this once and for all, they should have the referendum, allow quebec to cede if that was the desire of the people, although it is not and has never been a nation so would have some teething issues, like setting up a central bank, decisions re military bases, native land etc, however if the people of quebec wanted to go on their own, smile and give them that ability.

    Then Canada would no longer have to bail out the province, we could put import duties on all products imported from quebec to canada, and see how many businesses want to stay in quebec, after that.

    Although when i first came to Canada, it was one of the nice things, having dual language, the more i have seen in the past years, the more i have come to resent it. When travelling to Quebec it is quite clear that Quebec do not want you there, so why must Ontario try to appease the Quebecois, who transplant to Ontario – quid pro pro.

  6. @ Ed

    To quote you, who the hell do you think you are to tell me that I am in a dilemma ?

    First off, 40% and I question the percentage here, where did you get this stat . ? Be specific, no gusses here

    Secondly, 40% if accurate , is by my math is NOT A MAJORITY

    When bill 101 was passed in quebec the anglos had a 37% minority base, so this cuts no ice with me

    Third, I am not miserable, I am invigorated.

    Please, you have a very bad habit of making assertions when in fact there is no substance to your claims.

    Do not confuse political positions with misery, this may happen in your world , but not mine.

    These by-laws have kicked the proverbal sleeping dog into awakening.

    I’d prefer to let as many people know as possible, about what the french zealots are doing, based on by-laws that currenlty force bilingualism on us.

    A catylist if you will. And I may add a mistake by the french zealots because, now the cat is out of the bag.

    You also MISS THE POINT.

    It is not bilingual signs that are at issue here.


    Anytime government takes away a freedom to choose, it threatens democracy.

    Regardless of what any court in the land may say, that is against THE CHARTER OF RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS.

    I don’t care if a francophone puts up a french only sign. No problem, his choice, what does offend, and should be of consequence to all, even you ed, is that your choice to do as you you please regarding business signage has been removed.

    if they can do that, what else can they ( governments )
    take away. Religious rights, gay rights, teh right to counsel etc.

    Where does it end? Look at quebec Ed, THINK Its the PRINCIPLE

    THIS IS AS BASIC A RIGHT as having a lawyer to represent the accused in any court case in the land, and even then, the accused has a CHOICE of representating him or her self.

    So, please if we annoy you, that we have chosen to stand up for ourselves, take pride in the fact we are exercising our democratic right to fight for the freedoms we believe in, then post on another site, or go to another site.

    People here for the most part, are trying to discuss in an intelligent , WELL INFORMED manner, issues that they passionately believe in, we are not here to respond to unsubstanicated rants that make little or no sense.



  7. @ Peter. With a really quick Google search, you can get the demographics of any township in Canada.

  8. @ stephen

    I love the way you think

    I know this will never happen in the short run at least. Governments rarely consider good ideas from the people, they think they know better.

    Here goes:

    If the federal government and the provincial governments come together , have a referendum on quebec separation.

    If canada votes to have quebec leave then I propose the following’

    Have a 10 -15 year moratorium on quebec separation.

    During the following 10-15 year period, the governments of quebec and Canada can discuss and decide the following:

    1) Borders

    2) Maritmes

    3) international treaties

    4) Trade

    5) Currancy

    6) Anglo population

    7) Relations with foreign governments

    8) **** any other relevent issues that may be deemed as pertinent.

    Once agreements are made, a treaty is drawn up and signed by both Canda and quebec.

    At the end of this moratorium, quebec leaves.

    This would be similar to Hong Kong be taken over by mainland China 1999

    If this could happen in the timeline suggested , there would be minimal disruption to the stock markets.

    Foreign countries would have a 10-15 year adjudtment period to get used to a new canada and quebec.

    We as canadians, could re-write our current constitution to reflect an English canada, and set up our own Canadian value system to reflect Canada without quebec.

    So quebec leaving, could be done in a reasonable,peaceful and

    well thought out exit.

    Just a suggestion

  9. Census 2011 for SOUTH GLENDARY:

    Language MOST OFTEN SPOKEN AT HOME (by both English and French):
    Total: 13,095
    English: 8,435 (64.4%)
    French: 3,650 (27.8%)

    Total: 13,095
    English: 8,720 (66.5%)
    French: 3,910 (29.8%)

    Based on these numbers, let us see how the South Glendary council will vote on the motion tomorrow.

  10. leo said: “do you remember Pierre Laporte”?

    Do you remember Bain, an english freedom fighter who shot a frenchman…….cold blood

  11. @ Ed



    Still, 40% is NOT A MAJORITY

    maybe you should consider addressing the other points I have raised with you as well.

    Lets not just take one cherry picked demographic

    Look at the WHOLE PICTURE, and comment .

  12. @Cory Cameron
    RE: Your POST on January 12, 2013 at 9:49 pm
    Cory wrote, “There are French organizations in Russell Town. that are flatly ignoring the very laws that are instituted supposedly to benefit the French language.

    It is written in the tea leaves Cory. And there is no denying it.

    Bilingualism is code for French only…

    WE MUST push back. I am not even sure that accepting the idea of French ONLY signs is a good way to go. If you ask me, French is fine (IN ONTARIO and the ROC) ONLY if it is secondary ie: on the non dominant right side or on the bottom). Now, where have i seen that before? Oh yeah, in the “province” of Quebec. Oh, but they have the extra demoralizing and demeaning factors thrown in that the English text should be HALF the size of the French — AND — in the non dominant position.

    @Stephen RE: POST on January 13, 2013 at 11:31 am
    Stephen wrote, “why can French not live and die by the number of people that speak it in the 21st Century rather than spend millions to ensure that people that have no wish to speak or read it, have to, while the same cannot be said the other way around.

    I (and many others) believe your answer can sorta be found here Stephen.

    Stephen wrote, “When i first came to Canada, it was one of the nice things, having dual language, the more i have seen in the past years, the more i have come to resent it. When traveling to Quebec it is quite clear that Quebec do not want you there, so why must Ontario try to appease the Quebecois, who transplant to Ontario – quid pro pro.”

    We have been living here for years putting up with this &%#@*. I am in Ontario but, just imagine the remaining English people who still live in that god forsaken province and what they have to go through each and every day. Things like this couple, went through.

    And this has been going on for years now. As you see here in this 1970’s clip – “Nowhere else in the free world are people forbidden to use their own language on their signs.”

    _____(o o)

  13. @ Stella. If you keep bringing up that Bain character i will be given no choice but to put you in a video for all the world to see.

    But, have a nice day eh 🙂

  14. @ Peter. I’ll add one more thing you can try that might make your problem go away. Boycott every business that is owned by a Francophone, and drive them out of your township. I’m sure that Russell Township would be better off without these businesses. But more importantly, you’d be able to enjoy your community once again.
    It must be a b!tch living in a township where almost half the people are French. You’re a brave man.
    Be careful out there.

  15. @ stella,

    Please stella, don’t compare apples and oranges.

    First off, if you know any history at all, you will know that LaPorte’s murder was in COLD BLOOD AND CALCULATED

    In legal parlence, ist Degree muder, it was planned and was a deliberate part of a conspiracy.

    The courts have ruled on this. It is a fact.

    The F.L.Q. was in existance for years and were hell bent on violence.

    Mr. Bain, has a history of mental illness.

    Has suffers from mental illness.

    He is currently being tried and is undergoing testing for mental illness

    This too is a fact. It is on the record, or do you dispute this also?

    The killers of Mr. Laporte never underwent mental illness testing because they were deemed to be SANE

    The murderers of Mr. Laporte were sane and their action deliberate, not random and sick as is the case with Mr. Bain

    Again, hard as you try stella, you not only can’t dispute the facts, but I won’t let you.

    Again your crediabilty is zero.

    What I don’t get, is that you never seem to tire of being wrong.

    That in itself is self-defeating and makes you look very, very, bad, in terms of knowing what you are talking about.

    Don’ t you do any type of research before opening your mouth?

    Stella, do yourself a favor, before you post, check on facts and logically compare and contrast statements you make.

    I guess your friend pierre has rubbed off on you.


  16. @ Ed

    I guess looking into the logic behind what we are tryintg to do is to much for you , being it requires thought and reasoning.

    I agree with the boycotts, the staying away from anything bilibgual, maybe then, when this happens and it will, the french will loose enough business that they will realize that their place in canada is not only secure but welcomed.

    However, their insistance in supporting hostile and offensive laws will be met with equal hostility.

    Times are changing, it is not business as usual, unless changes come about to REFLECT THE WILL OF THE MAJORITY.

    by the way, it won’t be the Englsih that move, if ,anything it will be the french.

    This is NOT quebec.

  17. @ Ed

    I know you are on a short leash here ed, but why won’t you tell us where you stand on the forced bilingualism ?

    You have been asked many times , and we can only conclude by your refusal to answer that you do indeed favor forced bilingualism and believe that the people do not have the right to choose .

    I only ask because, you are consistently supporting stella and previous to that pierre, the guy that really frightened Lowell Green, remember him ,ed ?

    Anyway I hope you will Get off the fence and state you position on this issue that you continually comment on, but seem to take no stance on yourself


  18. @ Edudyorlik

    I don’t believe stella will bring up Mr. Bain again unless she is compeletely bonkers.

    The last thing she wants is to be shown for all the world to see as a fraud and a propontent of misinformation and bias.

    Or maybe not

    I think in future, I will call her on EVERYTHIN.

    She makes herself an easy target to be called out on her asserations, and statements that are bankrupt of fact.

    What I can’t understand is why THE FRAUD SQUAD ( down to 2 now) continually post on matters that they do not research or know very little to nothing about.

    In effect, with respect, they are really making fools of themslves.

    I look forward to again sparring with the FRAUD SQUAD, no contest really and sad as well

  19. @ Leo. I don’t give a rat’s @ss about bilingualism. There are way more serious and interesting things to think or worry about. For some strange reason, I enjoy hearing the French language, and seeing French on signs doesn’t send me into fits of rage. Must be something seriously wrong with me, but I’ll live with it for now. I can’t imagine spending my life all bent out of shape because French people live among us.

  20. @ ed

    Speaking of being BENT OUT OF SHAPE , ed easy, your blood pressure man.

    Be careful , don’t insult people, you know what Jamie said to you, I would hate to loose you too.

    I value and hang on every word you say.

    BUT , for someone who doesn’t give a rat’s %&$ , you sure seem to like to comment on forced bilingualism,don’t you?

    I also said, guess you were napping, that I come from deep french roots, I love the french language, but I don’t need it, or any other language forced upon me, eddy.

    I just wanted to correct your satatement that I don’t enjoy seeing french on signs.

    Keep well eddy, and take care of your emotions, they are running wild


  21. @ eddy

    Gee, eddy, sorry you are so angry. Must be the weather.

    I know ,eddy you don’t care about these issues, really, you want just to get under the other guys skin

    its what you live for eddy, go for it man

    Take them all out, we are loving it.

    but try not to look foolish in the process, its a challenge,I know, but if anyone can, you can



  22. @Ed RE: POST on January 13, 2013 at 5:59 pm
    Ed wrote, “For some strange reason, I enjoy hearing the French language, and seeing French on signs doesn’t send me into fits of rage.”

    Well Ed, if it were only this simple it wouldn’t be so bad but the FACTS (remember those) the facts are that MANY people have lost jobs and cannot even get jobs in their own city / country because of this CR@P.

    And that doesn’t even touch on how our fellow Canadians (those living in the “province” of Quebec) are being treated on a daily basis. YOU MUST have seen the story of the Ambulance dude who refused to speak English (the so called “other” official language of the freekin country within which the dude was standing while refusing to speak it.) AND, YOU MUST admit that this kind of CR@P being perpetuated against those who represent the language you are supposed to be ONE OF has a way of leaving a bad taste.

    Ed wrote, “there must be something seriously wrong with me”

    In light of what i just pointed out and your A) inability or B) refusal to see it, i would say YES, it appears there is something wrong with you Ed.

    Ed wrote, “but I’ll live with it for now. I can’t imagine spending my life all bent out of shape because French people live among us.

    again Ed, it has nothing to do with the fact that “french people live among us.” It’s all the other extenuating circumstances that flow from said French people where the problem lies.

  23. Fight On Guys!
    Keep your eye on the ball and never turn your back on those scary French people. Yous guys have way more balls than us wimps who live further away from the Quebec border. Yous are the first line of defense against the French hoards that are about to overrun Ontario.
    God bless yous all for putting your lives on the line to save Canada!

  24. @ Ed

    Hey eddy, why don’t you go on sites where your more important issues are, and then you can relax ,eddy?

    You can keep well, keep the pressure down, and not go into a ,a real snit eddy,

    We don’t want you to be ill, especially for those OTHER matters you find more important, do we?

  25. @ eddy babe

    Thank you for your most apt blessing, it is truly appreciated coming from such a fine and deep blogger

    You are the man eddy.

    Keep your cool, dont be mean and you can come back and play in the sandbox

    We really like to hear from you, amusement is in such short supply

    Go eddy baby go

  26. Alrighty edudyorlik. I will book an appointment with a shrink tomorrow. I know I should be outraged, but I’m not. I’ll try to work myself into a burnin’ hunk o’ hate, like yous guys are. It’ll take some time for me to catch up to yous guys.
    God bless.


    Any English Canadian that has been a victim of a loss of employment because of forced bilingualim

    Any Canadian that will not rise above a certian level within a job because of bilingualism

    Any English Canadian businessman or woman that has been forced to posts signs in french and Englsih

    Any English Canadian that has had a restriction on your child’s education beause of bilingualism

    Any English Canadian that has had a negative experience because of bilingualism

    Any English Canadian that feels he or she has been unfairly treated because of bilingualism

    Any English Canadian that has felt used and placed at the end of the line because of bilingualism

    Any English Canadian that feels his or her tax dollars are being spent in a manner to promote bilingualism, and DOES NOT AGREE TAX DOLLARS should be spent for bilingualism

    Any canadian that has an opinion about forced bilingualism in canada and its affect on English Canadians everywhere

    We NEED to hear from you. it is your experiences that will help determine the factual information needed to make the case against bilingualism in Canada

    Please send in your posts, especially if you have been following the posts on CFN



  28. @ Ed

    I’ll drive you to your appoinment eddy

    Please get better eddy, your posts are to die for

  29. @Ed
    So i gather, since you didn’t defend you position that you agree with what the paramedic did. And how he refused to speak English to a father whose infant daughter was potentially dying on the floor in front of them.

    Gotcha… OK, that’s all we need to know. Carry on… You are indeed a fine specimen. Oh and caring too.

  30. I guess the pressure got to stella,

    Now there is one

  31. @ Stella

    Here is a chance to show your stuff and be serious.

    What do you think of canadians that want quebec out of canada?

    Wait, don`t answer yet.

    These Canadians want quebec out for a variety of reasons:

    Some include the following:

    First, they are sick of paying for quebec`s have not province status in canada. in other words quebec cannot pay its way without CANADIAN taxpayers money.The majority of canadianas being English , and they feel it is not RIGHT

    Secondly, Canadians resent the fact that their primary language in quebec is outlawed , however, they are asked to support quebec.

    Thirdy; they feel, as recent events has displayed that there is NOTHING CANADIAN about quebec.


    Over the last 50 years due to quebec`s laws .policies on language, and the overall anti- English climate, they feel it would be in Canada`s and quebec`s interests if they separate.

    Fifth, they simply feel, as do most quebeckers, that the time has come , based on the most recent P.Q. victory to finally say adieu

    Sixth, canadians are starting to feel indifferent towards quebec, they are fed up of their insesntent whinng and bitching about all that is canada, they feel if Canada`s that bad ,then just leave.

    There are still more reasons, however this is geneal tone of it.

    What say you stella


  32. stellabystarlight, Bain had a business in Quebec, lived there and tried his best to communicate in French. The local municipal office reported pleasant dealings with him. The English Freedom Fighter (EFF) label is just wrong.

    Ed says “I don’t give a rat’s @ss about bilingualism. There are way more serious and interesting things to think or worry about”

    In its current state, bilingualism is just too costly for the return in Ontario, if we could move half of that money, and half the government workers dedicated to it (Ont. & Fed) to disability, senior, and poverty concerns for a year even, we would have a stronger country.

    I expect South Glengarry will choose do nothing tonight. Speaking about the issue and helping more people to become aware are both positive though!

  33. @ADMIN

    What happened to Canada is not a democracy any more, and the blogs Please?

  34. Ed/Furtz
    January 13, 2013 at 5:59 pm

    “@ Leo. I don’t give a rat’s @ss about bilingualism.”

    If so furtz why do frequent this site and comment is you dont give a rats @ss?

    January 13, 2013 at 8:29 pm

    “I’ll try to work myself into a burnin’ hunk o’ hate, like yous guys are. It’ll take some time for me to catch up to yous guys.’

    Now your accusing others of hate ,this coming form a person who prefers to be antagonistic to people who have been discriminated and take pleasure from this?

    FIGHT ON FURTZ perhaps there are other disadvantaged people you can antagonize***S***

  35. I would really like to get a francphone’s oponion, about how they feel about quebec separating

    I’d also like to discuss, if they think that 65% of the federal governments jobs are held by 21% of the population, and less than that, given thaat 17% out of the 21% are from quebec.

    I would want to know if, in their hearts they can UNDERSTAND how the English are really fed up with this split and inequality.

    If anyone responds to this, please have crediable facts and substiciated sources available.
    Don,t run off at the mouth, for the sake of just answering, a serious outlook, would be appreciated.



  36. OK, yous will all be pleased to know that I saw my shrink today about my lack of anger problem. She’s got me started on an experimental drug called Pistoffalot-Plus. She says that if I stay on the medication and do daily mental exercises, I should have my anger and hate levels up in about two weeks. If I stick with the therapy, there’s a chance I’ll be a freedom-fighter by spring! Wish me luck.

  37. @ Ed

    That’s a clever way to avoid the REAL issues and avoid holding people like that paramedic to account for what he did and the fact that behind his inane actions is a government that not only condones this behavior but is the catalyst for it. The concept (from my point of view anyways) is not to bring you to a rage but to see perhaps if you are one of the few “on that side” who has enough reason and common sense to actually see and admit that what is happening is WRONG and immoral to say the least.

    To MANY of the people here this is NOT a joke. There are people who have lost their jobs, people who cannot get jobs, people who cannot advance in their carrier ETC… But to you it’s some kind of little game.

    But, you seem to enjoy being flippant and… Whatever it is that one would call that behavior of yours ( i have a few choice words but i will keep them to myself).

    Suffice to say, carry on… Whatever turns your crank there Ed. Stay smilin…

    Oh and have a nice day eh. 🙂

  38. Just a note to the same people that haven’t been deleted but will be shortly if they don’t get it. Your argument or post should be related to the subject of the post. Not to those that make comments. It’s all good to debate their point, but if you continue to post directly about a poster you will be terminated.

    If you feel that strongly about one of the posters email in a letter to the editor (which you can’t do anonymously) and then you can chat about them to your hearts content.

  39. Adm wrote: If you feel that strongly about one of the posters email in a letter to the editor (which you can’t do anonymously) and then you can chat about them to your hearts content.

    Hmmm, strange indeed! Talk about putting an individual behind the 8 ball. Bashing party?

  40. Getting back to the original story…
    Any bets on how the vote will go?
    My guess is that it will be soundly defeated, as it should be.

  41. Well Stella if you folks want to attack each other rather than actually debate a subject there’s a device for that. One that has never been used to date and hopefully never will…

  42. @ Stella

    Ok Stella, I have asked you to state your views on my post at ( 4:29a.m.)

    Here is your chance to speak to the related issues that have been previously brought up by a variety of bloggers.

    And yes, quebec separation affects Ontario, in that it would reduce the francophone community in canada to just under 4%.

    So, this is a relevant issue, particularly to people that are victims of forced bilingualism in Ontario.

    It also affects the 28 million English Canadians that pay federal taxes, from which provinical transfers are garnered, for programs that incorporate bilingualism l and grants to francophone groups here in Ontario.

    This will allow you to state and/or maybe defend the positions you may have.

    This goes to the heart of an issue that has been with this nation since its inception.

    Nothing personal here at all. Just plain facts backed up with “crediable” sources, the way a professional would present an argument

    So, are you up to the challenage?



  43. @ Admin

    Thank you for getting bloggers back TO THE ISSUES, instead of personal attacks.

    I hope when people discuss these issues they are prepared to factually back up any an all assertations they make, and limit GUESSES AND OPINIONS, that they have a habit of trying to pass off as fact

    bravo and ole,

    Hopefully rants and nonsesnse will be eliminated



  44. Ed:

    Do you insist that as an English speaking person I should be forced to have knowledge of the French language whenever the majority language in MY and YOUR country is English?

    What have you to say about this?

    I don’t care if you speak French. I also speak, read, and write French. However, I would gladly forfeit a job to someone else if I was offered one strictly due to this fact alone. I don’t think the deciding factor should be whether or not someone speaks French.

    Now, it looks like the English majority aren’t waking up and therefore the country’s resources will go to those people whom list French ancestry as their ethnicity. Ironically, a minority populace within a majority setting…

    I do have a favour though. I ask that at least, whenever your ilk mess things up so bad that they’re irreplaceable or cannot be repaired, please don’t try faulting the Non-Francophones for the problems. Because, as you can see, it won’t be our fault if things go bad. For how can it be whenever we’re fighting for something so simplistic as our rights to express ourselves by posting in the language(s) of our choice.

    Take the reigns of the nation – but beware, don’t fault us for your shortcomings.

    Here’s a new concept for you. The concept of individualism.


  45. So…how did the vote go tonight based on these population statistics for South Glendary? :

    Census 2011 for SOUTH GLENDARY:

    Language MOST OFTEN SPOKEN AT HOME (by both English and French):
    Total: 13,095
    English: 8,435 (64.4%)
    French: 3,650 (27.8%)

    Total: 13,095
    English: 8,720 (66.5%)
    French: 3,910 (29.8%)

  46. Why doesn’t quebec just get out of Canada?

    Everyone going their own way, what’s the big deal?

  47. Helga, I am not sold that the language used most at home is the best representation. The numbers, although from self declared results, are telling though.

    Detailed Language at Home South Glengarry pop. 13095
    Eng. 78.5%
    Fr. 16.9%

    Knowledge of English
    Eng. 5905 + Eng&Fr 6890 = 97.7%

  48. @ Cory. Admin has asked us to stay on the topic of the original story, so I will just briefly say this. If you hate living in an area where there is a significant French population and services are provided in English and French, you are free to move.

  49. Is CFN going to provide coverage of this vote?

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