11th Councilor by Jamie Gilcig- Circus Over Freeholder Story on MacDonald Lauzon Resignation Suggeston

11th Councilor by Jamie Gilcig- Circus Over Freeholder Story on MacDonald Lauzon Resignation Suggeston

jg2CFN – The circus that has become the Chem Tanks plunked on our waterfront by Trillium Distribution Cornwall Inc. has taken a bizarre turn.

Mark A MacDonald who is running for council suggested that Council demand that Guy Lauzon resign.

It makes for great filler on a slow news day; but is quite bewildering?

What’s more bewildering is Mr. MacDonald and others alleging to be against the tanks holding Mayor Kilger and council responsible for the cover up.

Mayor Kilger himself stated in a press release issued by City Hall that Economic Development knew about the lease for the tanks in June 2013 as opposed to December 2013 when everyone acted surprised and shocked after finding construction crews working away.

While I’m certain no fan of our MP who’s actions should have been condemned long before this can anyone truly blame him in the tank mess?  I surely can’t.

The Freeholder earned their paycheques from City Hall by attacking Mr. MacDonald.  What was most interesting was who gave quotes.

Kilger Beard

Mayor Bob Kilger said he would not support such a motion if it was presented before council. “Mr. Lauzon was duly elected by his constituents and I don’t know what basis he (MacDonald) is thinking of. There is no precedent for this,” said Kilger. “I think it’s more publicity oriented than goal oriented.”

Well Bob would know publicity, and his entire performance to date on this issue has been a bad spin nightmare.  It’s only the fact of the Economic free pass he’s getting from other media that holds back more questioning of his own role in this cover up.


“I will not support it,” said Coun. Denis Carr, “It’s just ridiculous. Mark MacDonald doesn’t know the whole story.

Well Denis that’s the point.  We should all know “the whole story”.  Why are you and your council refusing to divulge what happened between June and December?   I know if my staff “forgot” to mention an issue that has drawn the ire of the public that this person would be fired or demoted.   Why is there no apology from City Hall over this?  Why not explanation?  Why is Norm Levac clearly refusing to answer the question and why aren’t you and your confreres not asking the question in open council to force an answer?


” Syd Gardiner said MacDonald’s request was “over the top.” “You can’t come to city council unless you are on the agenda, and he is not on the agenda,” said Gardiner. “As far as we are concerned, we are doing our best to make sure the tanks don’t stay.” Gardiner said

Syd Viscious“Mark is bullying us into supporting him and that’s not the way to do it,” said Gardiner.”

Sid “Vicious” has been covering up things as well.  He also was given a free pass by Cornwall Police when he attempted to rip up protester signs that ended up in the Mayor’s office for a week before being returned.  Membership has its privileges.  Speaking of bullying is something that the good councilor should be familiar with as he is alleged to have “bullied” Seaway Tourism to boycott CFN even though their budget is made up of taxpayer dollars.

“I think it’s not going to happen,” added Andre Rivette of MacDonald’s request. “Bottom line is Guy Lauzon has played an important part in the negotiations.” Rivette said it is great to throw stuff and see what sticks, but “there is no need for this sensationalism.”

Councilor Rivette seems to be moving closer to the direction of the Kilger council?  Maybe it’s getting closer to election time?  Maybe rumors of his replacing Kilger as mayor might be true so that his son Rodney could run for council?  (we think not)

Again, why would a councilor like Mr. Rivette, who has tried to champion so many causes refuse to ask in open council why ED didn’t report the lease in June and hold them responsible?

And speaking of action why not put in a few by laws to help hinder the tanks?  Why not have a weight limit on the road and a speed limit of 10KM per hour?  Speed bumps can be placed.  Turn the road into a one way roadway.   Surely if our council was serious there are many issues they could implement yet not even discussion?  Where is our leadership?  Who is really trying to protect the people of Cornwall and respect their wishes?

Who responded to the Freeholder story is very indicative of this council and how things have rolled.  It shows why we need to clean house this election; but we can’t just change bobble heads; we need actual new candidates who will clean house and steer Cornwall in a healthier, cleaner, and yes, Greener direction.

Tonight there is a rally before council.   I doubt it will be terribly well attended.  One council candidate said that he wouldn’t support because of the fact that I called for it.   This is the Cornwall Culture we have to change.  When there is a common issue everyone should work together putting away their petty bs to the side.  Sadly that doesn’t happen often here.

And what happened to Kevin Hargreaves and the Chamber of Commerce?  What happened to them?   Where is all that angst that they bleated about the Chem tanks?

Council is at 7 PM tonight at 340 Pitt Street.  The protest starts 15 minutes before.   All that’s needed is a crowd to send a message; not that Mayor Kilger and council seem to care as they have limped through this process as predicted leaving residents of the city about to see an awful lot of truck traffic as they haul load after load from the Tank farm.


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