In 2014 Should Gay Politicians Stay in the Closet by Jamie Gilcig POLL #cdnpoli

In 2014 Should Gay Politicians Stay in the Closet by Jamie Gilcig POLL #cdnpoli

CFN – In this day and age can a politician keep their sexuality private?  Should gay candidates disclose if they are gay in 2014?   Of course people are entitled to their privacy, but being a public servant is a role of trust.

In particular here in Canada is the Conservative Party which many have claimed has a “Glass Ceiling” for gay members.

jbairdcw1Can John Baird for example, who has done some strong work advocating for gay rights in other countries, truly be himself as a Conservative in the Harper team?  Can he become leader of the party and replace Mr. Harper at some point or would his sexuality be an issue among the party faithful?

Locally there are two prominent politicians that are closeted; one far more than the other although those close to them surely would not be surprised.

bobBernieShould they be forthright with the public?   Do we have a right to know?

Is Bernadette Clement for example a single gal or hiding a long time relationship even when stumping for MP or Council here in Cornwall?

I asked the amazingly talented writer Matthew Hays about this subject.   Mr. Hays has been a long time activist as well as editor and contributor to multiple media outlets, as well as teaches journalism.

Matthew Hays - photo via Facebook
Matthew Hays – photo via Facebook

I would be genuinely surprised if a candidate were to run in 2014 in Canada and somehow expect to remain closeted about their sexual orientation. I suppose if they were in a very conservative party whose base was anti-gay, then perhaps they would remain closeted. But in this day and age, I would still find it surprising. I think what puts off many voters is hypocrisy and dishonesty in politicians and the system. If someone has the guts to be open about their being gay, my suspicion is that might even set them ahead of the pack.

Mr. Hays wrote a piece back in 2012 in Xtra LINK

Now that the National Post has declared the ruling Conservatives the new best friends of the gay community, it raises the question: if these people are such warriors for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans rights, why hasn’t even one of their MPs stood up and come out?

Wynne Truck CornwallWith Ontario having an openly gay Premier in Kathleen Wynne, and dedicated long term MP’s like Scott Brison is it honest for politician’s to stay closeted.  Is it an urban vs rural issue?  Are those in cities like Toronto and Ottawa more open and tolerant than say in Cornwall with our political cover ups and Project Truth?


Is it appropriate to ask a politician if they’re gay as has happened with current warden of the counties Eric Duncan, who’s on a fast track to becoming MP of our riding and is the mayor of North Dundas, and super helper to current MP Guy Lauzon?  Should his sexuality impact his amazing achievements at such a young age and with many stating that he is the main cog of the local “Big Blue” machine which has led to massive majority wins for Lauzon and current MPP Jim McDonell as well as himself?

Is it honest for a Politician to stay in the closet in 2014?

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What do you think dear viewers of CFN?  You can post your comments below.

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Hey Hugger1 you once said– sorry if people took your comments the wrong way! I wish you no ill will at all Your comment below missed the point i was trying to make and possibly its the way i wrote it..if so i am sorry.. I just mentioned you and Jules filled that comment section that is on Jamie’s home page My point was that usually that isn’t the case and many names are on that list. My point was that Jamie said long ago on his naughty and nice column that even when he tried to post positive stories… Read more »

Peter Jenkin

I would willing to bet the farm that SF editors are so short staffed that NOBODY even read that LTE
and it really didn’t stand out on that opinion page that had several letters above it.
Now this isn’t proper Journalism but Sun Media is-in my view-short staffing local papers and using the money to keep that dreadful Sun News Network on the air.

admin says:
May 7, 2014 at 6:58 am

Well his counterpart at the CAJ didn’t have his staff ask Mayor McGillis or apparently fact check the political smear LTE either.


@StopDrone/strikes / Ronald: Not a problem. I agree I find “negative” type stores tend to attract more comments that “good news” stories. I tend to get on a roll when I comment, I’ll comment on a few or several stories in a row, rather than wait for others to reply to my comments.


@Peter Jenkin: I agree. The CSF seems to be short-staffed, probably as you say “using the money to keep that dreadful Sun News Network on the air.” I know from time to time the CSF has printed on the same day the same LTE letters that have appeared in the Ottawa Sun. I think the CSF cherry-picks their LTE’s. If the LTE’s don’t go along with their view they don’t get published.


Stop Drone/Strikes I wish that other people would comment and there are names that used to post and I don’t see them anymore. Even those who read don’t post. I seem to be a piece of entertainment for all and good I am glad for that. I sure do get wacky at times (at times????) a lot of times. I think that I am a bit more calm today. I said it before that people should post and say what they think. Many of my posts are not published and I am not saying anything wrong but just that it… Read more »

marc Carriere

Mr. Newton……{MODERATED}….anyone who is not brainwashed is not entitled …right?……the biggest bigots read the bible non stop……they are the first to think they are special amongst the rest of us….who just live to be good…….we’re all going to hell right?….think about your hypocricies next time you ingest the body of God……the body that is only there for ” Some ‘ of you…….homosexuals will reach heaven before the rest of you….simply for the misery you put us through…{MODERATED}.



“DEBATE THE PRINCIPLES, NOT THE PERSON” – from a Biblical perspective. Sodomy is listed in many places in the Bible along with other sins that merit God’s wrath, and bars the practitioner from every getting to Heaven. As one embraces this sinful life style, such is a sure sign that there is no grace operating in their life – “such shall not inherit the kingdom of God”. But there is more, the sin of sodomy and its acceptance is a sign from Heaven that God is abandoning a society to “vile affections”(Romans 1). The Biblical term for such abandonment is… Read more »

David Oldham

Sexual orientation is a personal choice matter best left on the sidelines. When individuals deliberately wave banners I become cautious of their intentions. I was raised to be tolerant and empathetic and to consider the person first. However the flag waving is growing tiresome. Why not take the nonsense to the next level and insist that taxpayers fund heterosexual parades and promotion. Have we not digressed far enough as a society for that?
Let us all simply consider the person first and leave sexual orientation out of the equation altogether.


David. Sexual orientation isn’t a choice anymore than skin colour is. Who would choose to belong to a group that has been vilified and persecuted for centuries?

David Oldham

Furtz you are correct, sexual orientation is simply a personal matter whereas sexual practice is a matter of choice. As for who would choose to belong…masochists, attention seekers, etc.