Gilcig Election Blog – I Pull My Pillar of Switching to the OPP After the OPPA Political Ad

JG Election 300x250-02  TESTWe live in a world that has become far too politicized.   And I’m writing this in my election blog!

Early this week the OPPA decided to loudly get into the election fray by commissioning and buying advertising to run an attack ad against Tim Hudak.

Now most CFN viewers know  I’m no fan of Mr. Hudak.  Not because of his party; but of his views; but frankly a police force being that political frightened me.

It frightened me because I’m already personally experiencing the ramifications of what I believe in my opinion are members of our own CPS harassing me because of possible political/personal motivation.

I won’t go into the minutae of what’s going on right now; especially as it’s still in play; from my police charges for making threatening phone calls without my phone or records being viewed first, to the fact that the police have refused to charge people that have struck myself via my camera, and have been cyber bullying myself and frightening some of our advertisers.

When I endorsed (LINK)  the idea of switching from the CPS to the OPP it was chiefly financial; but there was a feeling from some of the research that I’d done that our small town force was in fact serving their masters at the top of the food chain.   Need bigger budgets; throw the man a bone.   Want shinier cars; don’t charge city councilors that might vote for your budget.

But when a union as large as the OPP’s spends as much as they have to attack a political candidate because they are not “pro union”  just doesn’t ring right.  I’m not weighing into the legalities of the question; but police in my opinion should be here to protect and serve the public.   All of us; not just the ones that sign their cheques and what’s scary about this OPPA action is the there’s a punitiveness of attack ads that should be left to politicians and pundits, and not in the hands of people we trust with tasers and fire arms who we would should never hesitate to call for assistance in times of trouble.

Also, how are the OPP supposed to investigate politicians that they might donate money to collectively?  Or vice versa?    We all have certain rights, but essential services like police should not be in uniform; standing next to their tax paid vehicles,  telling the public who to vote for or against in my opinion.

I have a hunch my campaign can still find that 5% in four years to cut from the Cornwall budget, but I cannot support a change from the Cornwall Police Service to the OPP after this action by their Police Union.

Policing is not an easy job and most who do it are dedicated and deserve our respect and appreciation for their service.   They deserve to be paid fairly and treated fairly; but they should not be crossing lines as the OPP Union has done this week.

PS!  This is not an endorsement or slur of any political party or candidate.

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  1. Jamie my dear fellow cops are there to protect the elite and after all what has happened in Cornwall with the sexual abuse scandal which took place far beyond my 63 years on this earth. Cops should not be taking a political side at all and should be neutral. Cops work for the NWO and they wear black uniforms for that specific purpose and the vast majority of the public is not aware of that at all. There is so much to this subject that would make ones mind spin. Jamie not investigating your case is putting a stigma on you and I warned you about Cornwall’s Barney Fife PD. We were warned when we went to Cornwall to live when mom was very sick and dying. If you look at the salaries of the cops of Hawkesbury, Cornwall, Ottawa, etc. they all earn the same income. I am not talking about OPP here but this is totally ridiculous. I think that is why they take a political side because they want to keep their humoungous, ridiculous salary no matter what they do or don’t do.

  2. Looks like an actual officer and police car were used, did the OPPA pay for an off duty service? Did senior management authorize the use? Were the OPP members polled to see if line with this ad by the association?

    The optics on this during an election period, along with teachers and other unions providing ads, makes one wonder about impartiality and what our kids are being taught!

  3. Unions have been politically active since the beginning of their existence.

  4. So that makes it OK Furtz? These unions make money from all the taxpayer funded members within, and now the fire association is getting involved. New media is different than a 1950 newspaper ad.

    I just want the parties making their pitch during an election period for my vote, not people teaching, defending and being paid for by taxpayer dollars, even indirectly.

    If this kind of ad continues, make the dollar amount part of the party allowable limit, and stop the warm & fuzzy names like family coalition!

  5. @ Eric. Unions, churches, businesses (large and small), and all kinds of organizations have been involved in politics since forever. It’s part of the process. Historically, unions have supported left-leaning parties, and big-business has supported right-leaning parties. Is there suddenly something wrong with that?

  6. Author

    Furtz when the OPPA are in uniform next to a police vehicle in an ad I think there’s a problem with that; but then I don’t think essential services should be allowed to strike either.

  7. I agree with Admin. When an OPP officer is in uniform and standing beside a police cruiser that seems to indicate that the OPP is endorsing the OPPA’s message.

  8. You have a point there Jamie. Government issued uniforms and police cars should not be used in the ads. Didn’t think of that. However, the union should be able to support any party it wants.

  9. Author

    Furtz I agree, the union should be able to support whom they choose. I just personally don’t like essential services being involved in politics at this level and while I don’t like Mr. Hudak he might have a point if we’re paying these folks enough that they have extra in the kitty to fund tv ads and donate wads to political parties…

  10. Furtz said “Historically, unions have supported left-leaning parties, and big-business has supported right-leaning parties. Is there suddenly something wrong with that?”

    Uh, yes, but not suddenly. When someone in a position of power (and trust for OPP & Fire) provides you a direction
    to vote, it could affect your needs within the Maslow’s scale.

  11. Nobody’s is telling anybody how to vote. They are expressing an opinion. And there’s a reason we have a secret ballot.

  12. Author

    Furtz they are using their tax paid positions to influence how that secret ballot goes down. Surely you get that. If they are in civilian clothing holding an OPPA sign it’s much different.

  13. I have no problem with the OPPA suggesting who to vote for in the election IF they are not in uniform and not standing beside an OPP cruiser. The same would go for teachers standing outside a school or a doctor / nurse in uniform standing outside a hospital. That gives the perception that the OPP, school board or hospital endorses their message. Just wrong.

  14. I agreed that they should not use government issued uniforms and cars in their ads. Are you saying that teachers, nurses, doctors, snowplow operators, or anyone who derives their paychecks from the province, should not be permitted to express political opinions? BTW, police unions in Ontario, until now, have always supported conservative governments. Unlike most union workers, police tend to be a very conservative bunch.

  15. Certainly Hugger1, how that message gets out with what resources is an issue.
    Now that we see the OPPA giving almost 30,000 to the liberal party, and still wonder who authorized the use of a uniform and car, the optics are negative for the force.

    I do question allowing unions, who get their money from taxpayer funded workers, to put this stuff out during an election period. If your being political, it should be part of a maximum amount of spending by parties.
    We saw that sort of funding thing with Quebec during the No and Yes campaigns on separation.

  16. No I am not saying teachers, doctors, nurses or snowplow operators should not be permitted to express their political opinion on their on time. When they are on the job it is a different story. When they’re on the job and expressing their political opinion there is a perceived impression that their employer endorses that opinion.

  17. @ Eric. I might be wrong, but I get the impression that don’t like the idea of the police union not supporting the party of your choice. Were you objecting when they were supporting the Cons in previous elections?

  18. unions have no place in the public sector. period. I have no idea how we got side tracked and allowed such lunacy.

  19. @ Jason. Tea-Party Tim, like, totally agrees with you.

  20. Nurses, teachers, cops, firemen, paramedics should not be allowed to strike at all. These people make top pay more like the crazy politicians who steal from us and keep crying for more and more. It is going to come a time when there will be no more unions because it is that that is destroying all jobs. Teachers are the laziest bunch who do very little work and get top dollar and with all the perks. Only politicians get what they get. “No tanks” I do not support any teachers at all whatsoever and have been saying that for many long years. I sure do hope that Hudak (who dat) gets in to trim the fat. None are any good at all and we were talking about this very same thing today with friends of ours but I do hope that he gets in.

  21. Furtz I have no idea who supported who previously. It is just the last provincial election when I was made aware of unions doing advertising, family coalition comes to mind.
    Elections Ontario has 19 unions registered to promote their chosen ones, it should not be allowed during an election as big money producing heart tugging ads affect people. Wording used is another matter.

    Jules, I think it is the Toronto Police Service that have a guarantee that their pay will be the highest. A problem with that is the union then goes to smaller towns for increases to inflate and keep the cycle going. Smaller towns have no money but are not complaining enough, yet.

  22. The small towns like Cornwall, Hawkesbury and other places are making the same salary which is mighty ridiculous and the unions are pushing this garbage. You wonder why our jobs (industrial) have moved abroad well that is why the unions. Look at what is happening with Canada Post and even the post office in the US they are going the same route and will only deliver at those special boxes that are being constructed and not door to door and of course in apartment buildings where they do have those boxes inside. Things are going to change drastically everywhere because everything is completely unaffordable. Electricity is going up 41% as well as gas going up both at the pumps as well as home heating fuels. Enough is enough and something has to give somewhere. Many people are losing their homes and yes even here in Canada and you are not told the truth. I said something the other day about the truth of our Canadian banks and Jamie didn’t post it and I can tell you that they are in trouble and that our banks were bailed out by a foreign private bankster outfit that we are all aware of.

  23. Hudak has motivated just about all unionized workers in the province to vote against him because of his imported Tea-Party stance on organized labour. Although he hasn’t talked about it during this campaign, he has made it clear over the last year or so that if he wins power, he’ll pass legislation that would effectively kill unions in Ontario.

  24. So… Jamie, looks like as Mayor you’d let Unions win… is that the type of leadership you will bring to the area?

  25. Author

    Jason can you clarify your slur please?

  26. Jason. …I seriously doubt Jamie would let the unions “win.” Cities are in a tough spot as unions have very strong contracts. I think a few city services could be contacted out at a savings to taxpayers.

  27. Author

    The bottom lines is that if you take the Declaration of Office your decisions have to be for the best of the Corporation of the City of Cornwall. When you slip from that slope; as has this current council, that’s when you’re in trouble; especially when some management is running amok and mired in the corruption.

  28. Hugger I stopped believing in politics since quite a long time ago and no not hate but close to it well maybe I don’t know how to describe it. I trust in nobody. I made the mistake of thinking that Bare Ass would be good for Cornwall and boy I can tell you Hugger that I made one hell of a mistake and I won’t repeat that one ever again. As for the provincial and federal no way would I ever vote again. The entire system is mighty corrupt to the core and not one of them are any good at all and that is the entire truth coming from me. Like I said many times before I tell it like it is and I don’t lie and I don’t back down – I am a straight arrow.

  29. You don’t like politics at all, but yet you still complain and offer no solutions.

  30. CLARIFICATION: You are pulling your pillar of changing CPS to the OPP. Why? Because of Union strength? Should you not push through and do what is best for the citizens, which as you had already mentioned, changing from CPS to OPP would save the municipality money. I think you should stay with your pillar and stand up to the unions, if you don’t who will?

  31. Author

    Jason there are several factors; not just bottom line cash. I was very disappointed to see the OPP via its union take such a political take. It personally upset me and I could not endorse that force after that action. We all should have the humility to change a position if that’s the right decision to make rather than stay in a position that is either wrong or something we don’t stand for any longer because of pride.

  32. Hugger we are all human and yes we all have a right to complain including me and yes we do pay taxes all of us and when we pay the ransom aka taxes we do have a right to complain. Things are going to get more and more expensive as it goes along. The gas at the pumps is going to go even higher as time goes on. The 41% in electricity is hitting the US as well. I read that yesterday about the US. We are all in a big financial mess in Canada, the US and the rest of the world. Cuts have to happen and there is no other alternative. Cut your idiot box the cable and anything non essential. Learn to read and play board games as a family and when we had the power outage in 98 we became closer as a family. Have discussions on what you read and you get ideas from others just like we do here on Jamie’s CFN. It may come a time when the hydro will force you by cutting on your electricity just like what goes on in other countries. Learn to live a different and healthier lifestyle.

  33. Paying taxes is NOT an option, you have to pay them. Even homeless people pay taxes. Think about it.

    I (& I suspect a lot of others) was taught in civics class that if you don’t vote then don’t complain too loudly as you did NOT participate in the process in electing the people making the decisions. I’ve lived on that principal since I’ve been 18 and have even voted when I’ve been very, very sick. Please, Jules, rethink what yuou are not doing.

  34. As for Jules suggestion of cutting the “idiot box.” That really isn’t an option is it? If you know how you can get deals from your cable, internet or phone service providers. I’ve been getting deals for over 20 years. It’s knowing how to talk to them and what to say.

  35. Admin…I think you’ve made a mistake in reversing your plan to replace the CPS with the OPP. You’ve bundled the OPP and the OPPA together. They are two totally different animals.

  36. Author

    Maybe hugger, but it’s the frontline officers that most people have to deal with and of late my experiences with police have given me more cause to focus on issues like that.

  37. Hugger all this civics class means absolutely nothing. Everyone can vote for someone and they turn out to be the wrong person for the job just like “McGuilty #1, and McGuilty #2” and try and complain to both of them because I can guarantee you and everyone that my daughter was in the ER at the General Hospital here in Ottawa with viral pneumonia and was left for last to see a doctor and others went ahead of me. I literally gave hell to the head nurse and do you know what her answer was to me “take it up with McGuinty” HUH some taking up with the retarded idiot that he was and is. You can complain till the cows come home and nothing will be done. My daughter waited 10 hours and was mighty sick and I met a lady at Wal Mart who is a cashier and went through the same hell and I can tell you that the fiberals are not going to get many votes and the only way they get them is by theft. I wish that Mike Harris were back again because he would outsmart them all.

  38. I think that it is a good idea to replace the Barney Fife PD with the OPP and the reasons why is to get rid of the corruption and the hiring of family, etc. I am absolutely for this system and there was talk many years ago about getting rid of the Barney Fife PD and replacing them and yes again I am absolutely all for this system. Another thing is why 12 counsellors and a Mayor for such a tiny town and you all wonder why the “ransom” taxes is so mighty high. Yes Hugger we have no other choice but to pay the ransom or they would come after your house because the reality is that you do not own the land and only rent it – you are a tenant on the land and not an owner.

  39. Refusing to vote doesn’t make the problems go away.

    As for renting the land….I don’t think so.

  40. Yes Hugger it is true. You rent the land. The land belongs to the government and you pay taxes as a form of rent. We all spoke about that on a number of forums and it is all true indeed. You do not own the land and only the very rich elites own their land. The rest of us are considered slaves or tenants on the land. I had both Canadians and Americans saying the very same things.

  41. Sorry Jules, no. We own the land. Why else would you pay a “land transfer tax” when you buy your house. Some of your thoughts and ideas really have me laughing. You can think what you want, but I feel you’re wrong sometimes. This is one of those times.

  42. Jules is correct about land ownership. I “own” 300 acres in the boonies, however I must obtain and pay for a permit before building any kind of structure on it. And I don’t own anything beneath the surface of the land. I cannot stop anyone from prospecting for and mining minerals on my property. And, of course, as soon as I stop paying the taxes, the township will take ownership.

  43. I guess we differ on the definition of “ownership. “

  44. Furtz, you should look into land patent grants. Not sure if a prospector could stake a claim where you are, if that is the case, get a license and stake away. We let government get away with too much!

    Maybe Jules is referring to the first paragraphs here -

  45. The government owns the lands and that is the reason why you are paying taxes. Even if you own the house and all with no mortgage you do not own the land at all – it isn’t yours at all. You have a right to live on the property but you cannot do with it the way you want. I cannot have a goat, a cow, a horse here in town at all and there are regulations. You are only free to a certain extent and nobody is ever completely free. If I had my house back again and I didn’t get a permit to enlarge my house or do certain updates or whatever it may be a fence, a driveway, etc. the municipality can make me take it apart and be fined. A couple in a townhouse below built a six foot fence in their front yard and the city made them either take it down or lower the height so they lowered the height.

  46. Like I said before our definitions of “ownership” differ.

  47. There is something else about this land ownership. If the government wants to build a road or a highway or whatever it may be they buy you out at a mighty reduced rate way below market value and yes they get you off the land when they want it. The land is not ours even if we pay all our lives for it. The government is the owner of the land and we pay a ransom for living on it.

  48. Hugger I laugh at myself every single day believe me I am telling you the truth about myself. I have more fun than a barrel of monkeys here on CFN.

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