Andre Rivette Throws his Support & Endorses Leslie O’Shaughnessy for Mayor in Cornwall Ontario

mark & andre sept 2014

(Andre Rivette seated and chatting with candidate Mark A MacDonald)

CORNWALL Ontario – In a surprising announcement long time veteran councilor Andre Rivette came out in support of Leslie O’Shaughnessy over incumbent Bob Kilger and rookie mayoralty candidate Jamie Gilcig Friday night at a capacity room in the Ramada.

Mr. Rivette gave his endorsement after Mr. O’Shaughnessy made strong revelations and opened up about events that led up to his resignation from Council during this last term and in particular events connected with Whistle Blower Diane Shay who was in attendance.

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  1. André thank you so very much for your support of Leslie O’Shaughnessey and Leslie is the best person to kick out Bare Ass to the curb. It takes a lot of political experience to be mayor as well as to be a very strong leader and Leslie has all those qualities. I am here in Ottawa and rooting for Leslie. Jamie is an excellent journalist and has a great deal of qualities but it takes a person with a different approach and knowledge that Leslie has. When Leslie resigned I literally supported him and many of the people in Cornwall have as well who knew about what was going on. It is thanks to Jamie that the truth has come out and Jamie is number one in journalism and this is a mighty good quality Jamie. The toilet papers of record are not going to last as long as they keep doing what they are doing. I myself do not look at them at all. YIPPEE for André Rivette who is the man that I knew since my childhood as being honest and straight forward and hard working and was never different than what you see him today. YIPPEE for Leslie. Go for it Leslie.

  2. Should make the next 2 council meetings interesting.

  3. So very true,Hugger, “Should make the next 2 council meetings interesting”. It will be interesting to see, if the “Bully” keeps up his unrelenting attacks on Gerry Samson or does he shift to Andre ? lol Bullies traditionally go after the weakest prey, & being Andre has fought back before, I hate to say it, but Gerry your it ! lol

  4. Here are the 5 Andre is talking about (my opinion). Time for change Cornwall

    1. Denis Thibault
    2. Elaine MacDonald
    3. Syd Gardiner
    4. Bernadette Clément
    5. Denis Carr

  5. Author

    TB all the other councilors at one point or another during the term also supported the mayor on issues. There are no innocents in this council; just those less guilty.

  6. The good thing about this is when Bare Ass leaves completely and normalcy should set in. There are some councellors like what Trailblazer pointed out as some of the worst of the lot. A mayor cannot go bullying people and ask for respect. Glen Grant is another that has to go. I can’t wait to see what happens in the election. I am not following Ottawa’s election closely at all and I don’t know people in councel – Ottawa is too big for me to follow. I am concerned what is happening in Cornwall.

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