Shell Shocked From Cornwall Ontario as More Bob Kilger Council Scandals Released by Jamie Gilcig

jg2CORNWALL Ontario – So I was asked by someone on my election team how I could cover Leslie O’Shaughnessy’s  campaign kick off event last night seeing as I am running against him and Mayor Kilger in the election?

It’s a valid question; but then I guess after nearly six years this person didn’t know myself or CFN well.

We operate by different standards.   Not necessarily better; but different.

I was recently called an egomaniac in a hate group and it was boggling.  Who chooses to live in Cornwall Ontario to be an egomaniac?  I mean; surely if you are an attention ho it would not be in this city, would it?

But I digress.   I would never sell my integrity as some senior management, elected officials, and most of our current council candidates would.

One of the reasons we are on a record traffic pace this month is because many get that there is a certain core of honesty that we adhere to on CFN (that other media wont for many reasons; most about Benjamins) and that I’ve even had some of the nasties come and ask for help with issues. (yes this town is that freaky and odd)

What struck me as I loaded the eight clips from last night up to our You Tube channel is that I’m really shell shocked at this time.

It’s been three years of the Kilger led boycott that extends to local agencies and the Federal and Provincial governments.

Bare Ass BobI’ve watched victim after victim of Mayor Kilger and his henchmen(and women as both Bernie Boo Boo and The Kite Flyer) made possible the devastation that has been this last term.

It literally has cost our city millions of dollars.

The corruption and bullying probably won’t end this election.   There are a few reasons.  For one we have media that simply won’t tell enough of the truth to penetrate the public’s skull and dig deep down into their smoke and pollution filled cerebral cortex.

They won’t call a spade a spade.  It’s sad; but then at the end of the day they don’t face the day to day financial ruin that we do from the regional boycott (heck the Counties of SD&G boycott both CFN and SSN too!)

While there really are a lot that want change between the Chamber of Commerce cancelling the All Candidates debate as per an email from Lezlie Strasser to her board; to the embarrassment that is Todd Lihou and the Seaway News coverage; and the Dupelle like temerity of the Freeholder, the public may only find out many truths after October 27, if ever.

There are no innocents from this last council.   I endorsed Mayor Kilger and some of the councilors in the last election, and for that I owe our fair city a big apology; but at least I can say I’ve learned from my mistakes.   Sadly I don’t think many others have…

So for the victims of this council; the Diane Shay’s, the Rob Menagh’s, the Rob Hickley’s, probably some other Rob’s, Todd Lalonde, Greg Kielec,  and even some of the councilor’s themselves like Leslie O’Shaughnessy, Andre Rivette, Gerry Samson, and Maurice Dupelle, and yes, for many of the staff of CFN and myself even,  we owe a moment.

If this was a movie there would be a third act spike when the bad guys go down and justice prevails.  It’s the natural story paradigm; hero, heroine, fool, villain; justice prevails.

Sadly real life is rarely a movie.


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  1. Jamie stop and take a good long look at yourself. You are a great person with a good heart as big as your body. You recorded Leslie O’Shaughnessey and you didn’t have to do that but you did and not just for yourself but to expose Bare Ass for what he is. Leslie is a mighty good man and don’t think that Leslie will ever forget what you did for him. Politics is a very dirty game and the only way that Bare Ass can win is to play mighty dirty because that is the only way he knows how – he is as corrupted as can be and is not a good person to have around at all. As long as Bare Ass is around Cornwall will be toast. There is a very bad gang both in Cornwall and in South Stormont and it is those who belong to that bad gang that bring down the good in those communities. You are a very good person and I knew that from the beginning. You are too good a person and that is why they jump all over you and I went through this as a child and I never forgot any of that and never will.

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