Not a Single Vote for Incumbents in Cornwall After Latest Whistle Blower by Jamie Gilcig

Jamie Gilcig

jg2CORNWALL Ontario – There are 12 people that owe the truth to the people of Cornwall.   Bob Kilger, Elaine MacDonald, Syd Gardiner, Maurice Dupelle, Andre Rivette, Leslie O’Shaughnessy, Denis Carr, Denis Thibault, Bernadette Clement, David Murphy,  Glen Grant, and yes, Gerry Samson owe the people of Cornwall some answers.

Julie Johnston, a registered nurse from Glen Stor Dun Lodge,  the latest whistle blower delivered 11 envelopes to council twice.   It was Maurice Dupelle that brought it up to council and it was Mayor Kilger in a closed door meeting that apologized to council.

This has never been officially released to the public.  It has not been brought to the police either.   All have signed oaths/declarations of office.

I have heard many excuses given by all; but no real truths.    Not one person has said “I messed up.   I should have gone to the police.”

I won’t venture into why some may or may not have done the right thing.   Only those aware, as these folks were at some point, can answer that question.

The issue is that if they took an oath of “Omerta” over this issue what else haven’t they disclosed?   Even Leslie O’Shaughnessy, who resigned over what he clearly termed as lies from Mayor Kilger and city management is only now coming out with some information at the time that he’s running to take Mayor Kilger’s position.

O’Shaughnessy talks about missing mail.

Nobody is perfect.  But councilors get an honorarium and expense account.    Not one of the councilors I spoke to when asked ever sought independent legal council even if only to ask questions and get an opinion.  Why?

Running for office is a very interesting trip.  Winning of course is the goal and staying is always important.   Could some of these councilors have stayed silent for fear of having to choose to resign like Mr. O’Shaughnessy did?   Were they just not wanting to let go of the little power they had?

We know for example that the City was notified about the Chem tanks on our waterfront in February and June.   We know that because this newspaper got an email from Transport Canada confirming that which resulted in a press release not from council; but from Mayor Kilger.

Why did the mayor release a statement instead of council?  Why did he and council all feign surprise?   Why weren’t the member(s) of Economic Development held accountable?   Could it simply of been that this was also another cover up and that the CAO and/or Mayor were calling the shots?

chem tanks ball park april 2014Could it simply have been that they knew that if the public found out about the project “BEFORE” construction had begun that it could have been prevented?    Could it all be tied into this ultra secret harbour divestiture process with the Federal government and Akwesasne?

The problem with getting caught lying or playing funny beggars is that it tints anything else done by the same monkeys.  How many issues have been exposed?  How many have occurred but simply not been exposed, yet?

Of course it’s always easy to look back at an issue in retrospect; but the reality is that many issues were buried under the excuse of the info being “in camera” but I have said to many that you could voice displeasure to the media (public) of an issue without giving specifics.  Likewise comments could be made in open council without violating privacy as well.

How is the public to know so that it can react to issues if they are not brought public?  Isn’t that why we elect councilors?  To represent the public interest?

This is why I am at this time suggesting that not a single vote be cast for any of the incumbents from the last term.   The municipal act as we’ve seen is toothless.   The only device that the public really has short of highly expensive legal gambits is that one moment every four years when we vote.

There are options this election that the public can make in the voting booth.      Cornwall needs to move forward.  It needs to cut from the shame and scandal of this last council and it needs to do so completely.    It needs to send a CLEAR message to the world that this city won’t tolerate the type of behavior condoned by this past term from conflict of interest, to possible criminal activity.

There is only one solution to that and that’s to make sure that not a single one of them are elected again; especially if they refuse to admit their roles and come clean with Cornwall.

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  1. Cornwall finally waking up to lies & conflicks & just throwing their hands up in the air & saying what next!!! How much more is hidden from us? Who is next? Just waiting for another shoe to drop. Cornwall can not afford another 4 years of this crap

  2. In essence your solution has been my opinion right along. The sad reality Jamie is that as I have said in this forum time after time, the vast majority of the electorate are ignorant of the issues. The small minority of informed individuals will have their votes vetoed by this group and as with the previous election we will see possibly two new councilors joining David Murphy and Maurice Dupelle around the horseshoe. The worst possible news will be the reelection of the current mayor who will continue to offer Cornwall nothing of substance. Just to make matters even worse do not expect (because of political alignment)this individual to battle for a continued exemption under the Green Energy Act for Cornwall to benefit from Cornwall Electric (Fortis) being able to purchase inexpensive power from Quebec. Our ablility to maintain inexpensive hydro for this community, as I have been informing as many people as I can, expires December 31st 2019.

    My point all along has been that if the current administration has been unsuccessful in attracting meaningful employment to build our population with the huge current advantage then how do you think they will fare when hydro rates go through the roof?

    To be clear on my definition of meaningful employment it is careers with a future that provide income that will support a family as opposed to merely jobs that barely enable individuals to live paycheck to paycheck.

    High taxes, failure to attract meaningful employment, lack of planning, lack of vision, lack of concern for the average taxpayer = the current administration and some of the principle reasons that Cornwall is where it is today rather then where it could and should be.

    I regret not having entered the ring to run for council. I might not have won a seat but my independent and forward thinking and lack of fear to speak the truth would have had an effect on the whole proceedings.

  3. Her Wakiness is back and laughing as hard as I can over my husband’s strange dream about getting lost and before that was watching smuggling of people going on the Akwassasne reserve in Cornwall and we just roared with laughter.

    I always said that the fish rots from the head down and if you can’t figure that one out then you are all in trouble. I have a terrible feeling that Bare Ass is going to get in again and I hope that I am wrong about this. If you think that things are bad now watch out. You are all in for the treat of your life. Bare Ass has connections here in Ottawa and are strong connections and Jamie you won’t be elected mayor of Cornwall aka Smugglers Alley. The toss up will be between Leslie and Bare Ass but the people are so stupid that they will go and put Bare Ass back in. Most of the people will not vote at all. Next Monday are the elections and I am like a prisoner crossing out days on the callender to see who gets in. It doesn’t look good at all. I wish that Mr. David Oldham did throw his hat in the ring but Mr. Oldham you will be watching from the sidelines like I am to see the fights that will erupt. This election will be a dirty one.

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