Two Cornwall Political Deaths – Mrs. Laurette Kilger & David Denneny Pass Away – JAN 6, 2015

Bob1ACORNWALL Ontario – This week saw the passing of two political family members in Cornwall Ontario.   Former Mayor Bob Kilger saw the passing of his mother, Laurette Kilger on December 31st.    Mrs. Kilger (87) had been at Glen Stor Dun Lodge.   Mayor Kilger was a frequent visitor usually attending at least three times per week.

Mayor Kilger is battling Cancer and we extend our sympathies to the entire Kilger family.

Councilor Elaine MacDonald saw the passing of her husband David Denneny, 62, this week of Cancer as well.   Dave was a great guy and I enjoyed my chats with him.  He always had a smile and I saw him only a few months ago at the Credit Union.


  1. Condolences to both families. And good luck to Bob in his latest battle with cancer.

  2. Elaine MacDonald I am sorry to hear about your husband and his passing. I felt very bad for the death of Pat Finnerty as well and he is missed by me and a wonderful man from what I can see. Life is way too short Elaine and live life fully and since I am getting older and feeling it sometimes I know that every minute counts.

    Another thing is that I can offer BOB plenty of criticism as mayor of Cornwall but one thing that I would never criticize is his health and hope that BOB recovers from his latest cancer. Not being in politics he can get away from the stress of the job and heal and he is going through rigorous treatments and for all of us to send him prayers for a good recovery.

  3. My opinion comes from a mom who has lost an otherwise healthy son at 38 years young from anaphylactic shock & I say Thank God for taking his mom first…no mom or dad should out live their child

  4. Oh My God Mary I am so mighty sorry to hear that because there is nothing worse or more painful than losing ones child. At age 38 he is way too young to have passed away. My husband’s nephew is battling stage 1 brain cancer and has one more treatment to go through and he is age 54 and his age has it against him.

    About Mrs. Kilger Sr. I am sorry for Mayor Kilger for losing his mom and she lived longer than my mom who was very sick with cancer, diabetes and alzheimers disease.

    Life is so mighty precious and a good thing that Mayor Bob is no longer in the cat bird seat and needs to heal and now this happening to his mom. Life is mighty short and way too short.

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