Kilger Illness Delays CFN T Shirt Trial Against City in Cornwall Ontario – JAN 15, 2015

MilkCartonHoodKilger2CFN – The City of Cornwall has asked for a delay of the trial regarding the removal of editor Jamie Gilcig from Council when he didn’t like Mr. Gilcig’s t shirt.

The delay, because of the former Mayor’s health issues, should be a few months taking the case past the two year mark to resolve.  Hopefully he will make a full recovery and we send him our best health wishes.

Media reports claim that he had developed Colon cancer.

Mayor Kilger has been recovering from Stomach cancer surgery previously.   He lost the election to former Councilor Leslie O’Shaughnessy who had resigned over issues stemming from the mayor and council via in camera sessions and as he termed, “lies” stemming from Mayor Kilger and management.

Mr. Kilger nor any of the council have ever apologized to date for what occurred that night, to the citizens of Cornwall or CFN.  Oddly enough they debated the 100 Letter Campaign which was cancelled by CFN after the City refused to participate or support it .     The Campaign was to promote the city and small business by having the public send in letters and vote over three months about why Cornwall is a great place.

Mayor Kilger cited that linking the contest to the city’s facebook page would be a “security issue”.

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  1. We all know that BOB was not a good mayor but one thing is in my heart and my mind is that I do not wish him bad and want him to go through the cancer treatment that the doctors are giving him and wish him a good recovery and prayers. There are enough people on both sides of our family fighting cancers, heart, diabetes, etc. All the best to you mayor Kilger on your recovery. Just stay without anymore stress – stay away from the political field.

  2. I am very familiar with colon cancer myself, so I certainly know what Mr Kilger is going through. It is a tough one but although I was given 18 mths to live. I have surpassed that and doing quite well. Hang tough.

  3. OMG Jane you too. Yes you have to hang tough and one thing is to have a positive mind to get better and stay away from stress.

  4. My stage 4 husband with prostate cancer was given 2-5 years almost 8 years ago so there is always hope along with his treatments.Best of luck to both Jane & Bob

  5. Postponed due to medical condition, sorry for his medical condition, but really, I am sure Bob would never appear at the trial but would send in one of the high priced city lawyers to do battle which by the way us taxpayers will be hit with.
    Jaime, you are entitled to justice in a reasonable time frame, 2 years for this type of kiddie politics is way over due. The city needs to grow a pair…..
    And, BTW not that it matters, but I am a 2 time cancer survivor of colon & prostate. Good luck Mr Kilger I am praying for you.

  6. Author

    Gerry we made a very generous offer to settle. Sometimes you get an issue resolved and move forward. Sadly the city rejected it.

  7. What went on between BOB and Jamie that evening was a real laugh and this type of a thing should never have happened at all. BOB would not show his face in a court room and it would be a real shock if he ever did. He will like someone said send a high priced lawyer instead and the people of Cornwall will be responsible for the cost. Believe me folks you haven’t seen anything yet and I mean that fully. All of this nonsense isn’t over yet.

  8. The city’s thinking that a trial is best? Who is doing the thinking for the city’s legal department?

  9. Author

    They’ve probably already spent twice my offer to settle in the settlement hearing by sending in two high priced litigators. I think if the money came out of their own pocket they’d be less apt to burn cash for nothing. They were wrong. Apologize, fix it. Oddly enough that’s exactly what Mayor O’Shaughnessy stated he wanted to do with Diane Shay….

  10. Jamie we haven’t heard anything more about Diane Shay have you? It was just this week I got to think about her after the rink fiasco wondering what had happened to her. Leslie was supposed to look into her situation and not a peep. When people get their tax bills it will be a real eye opener. I can just picture the words that they will all use to describe everyone at city hall. LOL LOL.

  11. Why when people get their tax bills will it be a real eye opener? The first proposed tax hike is 5.58%. But the mayor and a few councilors have said they’d like to see a tax freeze. So we know the tax hike will be nowhere near the 5.58% proposed. That is the dream budget. And we know how city administrators like to include dream projects, etc.

  12. Author

    Hugger this is most likely the same game that the Kilger council used and that ended up with compounded 2% raises. Half of this council voted to stop that practice and now we’re back with the same opera.

  13. I have no issue with COL tax hikes. But anything over that, especially the proposed 5.58%, I have a big issue with. If I have to live with COL increases on my pension, then so should the city. And don’t give me the “contracts have to be honoured” BS. There are ways to save money in this city. The city council and mayor have to find those ways. Have they ever thought of combined spending between departments or perhaps with some of the area municipalities / townships? And perhaps working with, instead of against, some of the area municipalities / townships? I bet if an auditor went through the budget they could find lots of ways to find savings without cutting staff or services.

  14. {moderated} Jules you were asked to keep it to one paragraph max, on topic, and with nothing really goofy. Please be kind to your humble moderator.

  15. I sure am trying Jamie and yes I have to try a little harder. I rattle on as you know.

  16. Hugger I remember bringing up about the small towns around Cornwall to come together as an amalgamation to help with taxes, etc. You got upset when I said that. Yes there are plenty of consequences but there is no free ride. Everywhere is expensive. People from outside Cornwall will come in for a swim or use that cursed Benson Centre for the same price as the ones who live in Cornwall and that isn’t fair at all. All the small areas should be combined with Cornwall. Here in Ottawa we wouldn’t want someone coming from the outside and having the same privileges as those of us paying the big money. Something has to happen and that I agree and get someone in (a professional auditor) to go through the books and find the solutions.

  17. What is really ridiculous is first of all BOB bringing up stupidity over a funny shirt and if that is enough to bring a person to trial then that happens to be the laughing stock of Canada and all the free world.

    Secondly this charge over calling someone over the phone or in person charging them with sexual hit ons and no proof from Jamie’s phone(s) nor having anything recorded nor witnesses nor the Barney Fife investigating this stuff and Mme Meilleur turning a blind eye to all of this makes absolutely no sense at all. If Bell Canada or anybody else that Jamie deals with comes up with a clean record of calls then the case should be dropped altogether – this is totally insane to the maximum. People’s lives get destroyed because someone doesn’t like that person then if that is the case how many people get destroyed because of dislike or hatred. This is absolutely sick.

  18. Author

    Jules I just won’t read them if they’re long and if they’re not on target I hit delete now.

  19. Jules, amalgamation is a dead issue in Ontario. It hws not a concept that went over well in Ontario; both by the residents and the government. It cost a lot more than the gov’t thought.

    I agree that people should be charged more to use facilities out of their home municipality. But to set up a system to do this is expensive. It’s cheaper to let them use the facilities rather than setup a membership program or check residency.

  20. Hugger no wonder many people are moving out to the boonies because of cheaper taxes and they get what they want from Cornwall and the people’s expense which isn’t fair at all. My doctor’s secretary lives out in Greeley with her parents and they have 3 acres of land and they built their own house and on septic tank and well and that house would cost a lot of money in town but she can come in and enjoy what Ottawa has to offer without paying the humoungous taxes, etc.

  21. If she lives in Greely then she (technically) still lives in Ottawa. I’ve lived outside Ottawa on well water and a septic system. I will NEVER ever do that again. I would rather have city water and sewers. Yes, taxes are lower outside the cities, but you do not have the full complement of city services. You give up something wanting to live outside the city. But there are advantages that cannot be measured by living outside the city.

  22. @jules The municipalities of SD&G contribute to Cornwall projects that their township does not have. They gave money to help build the aquatic centre, and therefore their residents pay the same fee as the someone from Cornwall. Seems fair to me.

  23. If this is being handled by the city and its lawyers why the delay?

  24. Author

    Hugger Bob would have to testify. It’s not unusual to have a delay for illness. Justice can wait a bit longer. The result will most likely be the same.

  25. Or the lawyers get richer and the people paying the bills, the taxpayers, continue to get screwed.

  26. Author

    The tax payers were screwed the day Mayor Kilger hit the panic button. They day after when council didn’t hold him responsible, the day that they spent a very silly amount of money in a settlement hearing, the days that they have dragged this out longer, the day in the future when they drag out a trial and probably an appeal to drag it out even longer than that. That could be a factor in why they want to raise your taxes 5.58%…

  27. When will the city realize it’s ?etter to cut your losses and run. It’s not always about winning.

  28. Jamie and Hugger and folks I wouldn’t be surprised to see Cornwall’s taxes escalate beyond 2% and it is just like Jamie said about paying expensive lawyers and dragging the court on because of BOB’s illness. This T-Shirt thing is a joke and a joke on the tax payers who have to pay for the insanity of BOB’s nuttiness. This is really crazy and I don’t have words for it but everyone is going to pay and there will be no tax relief that I can say. My estimate would be anywhere from 3% to 4% at least of an increase and maybe even the full 5%. What BOB did during his time in office is going to cost all of you big time.

  29. Hugger you said something sensible about combining departments to try and save money and yes it is sensible but since when do governments do anything sensible. It would take a professional auditor to go through the books with a fine tooth comb and there are many who wouldn’t want that because they don’t want to lose their jobs and yes plenty of job losses if this were to happen. You need to get rid of one man digging while 5 look on.

  30. Cancer…

    It’s a sobering moment when you hear something like, “your ultra sound shows a mass on” this or that, or “your X-rays indicate a spot on” the other.

    The sounds around you fall away, a silence thick and heavy — if that is possible — envelopes you, and there’s a little hum or ringing in your ears you never noticed before, and a gentle pulsing in your brain.

    Maybe a day or three later, a bout of fear, a bout of sobbing, a profound recognition of your mortality, and if you’re wise, you accept it.

    At this point, there is the opportunity to find a little peace. Embrace it, consider your options or lack of, and begin… a day at a time.

    This won’t erase the devastation on your best laid plans, on your loved ones and those that depend on you.

    But to accept your mortality, to no longer ignore it, to see that death is not just for others, …that is most liberating. And you go from there.

    But to get back to the story…

    It’s an opportunity to reflect on selfish actions, poor decisions, low motives, and the consequences for others… and to and make amends.

    Or one can carry on as before, satisfied to be remembered by a namesake meeting room, street, or edifice built at public expense, …rather than for honour.

  31. Not necessarily combining departments, but more sensible purchasing.

    Very well put Simon.

  32. There comes a time when Kilger will meet his maker,nobody gets out of this alive.I would have thought that he would have given an apology by now to Jamie & a settlement,surely he does not want this to continue beyond the grave. Do the right thing city…pay the man!!!

  33. Being advised by high-priced lawyers this will drag on so they can pad their bill. Nothing new there.

  34. There is one more thing that I wanted to add is that in the US they have their First Amendment where they can say a lot of things that we Canadians are muzzled for. They also have the Second Amendment to carry guns on their possession which we do not have along with so many other amendments. They have always been a much freer nation than our Canada and sometimes too free. It was funny to see the hooded man but this is how I jules sees some of the people of Cornwall with their terrible racism towards others. We went through it as well and I would never go back there to live ever again. We learned our lesson the hard way.

  35. Where would you rather live Jules? Canada or the U.S.A.?

  36. Jules, the good ol’ USA, “Land of the Free”, has the highest percentage of it’s population locked up in prison than any other country on the planet. A higher percentage than North Korea, Iran, or any other hell-hole you can think of. They have 5% of the world’s population, and 25% of the world’s prisoners. Not My idea of a desirable place to live.
    Interesting article here.

  37. Hugger between Canada and the US I would pick Canada. Yes the US has more people locked up than anywhere else in the entire world. I follow things that are not mainstream/lamestream news to get to the truth of things and mainstream/lamestream does not give the people the real truth about what is really going on. There is so much that you will get to see with the time (as time goes on) that I knew for many years. If there was a perfect country or a perfect town I would have been there a mighty long time ago.

  38. Mr. Johnson I see what you mean but one thing is that those who live in example Long Sault or any other very small community does not pay the same tax rate as a place like Cornwall. I do understand about contributing like the aquatic centre and even for hospitalization from what I read before. It is the tax base that isn’t on the same wave length and that is why so many leave Cornwall or Ottawa or wherever to have cheaper taxes.

  39. Agreed Jules…smaller communities do not pay as high taxes as Cornwall residents. They also don’t have some of the services we have….buses, civic complex, Benson Centre (a favourite of yours), the Aquatic Centre, full time fire department, hospital, etc. Though smaller communities do contribute to construction and operation of civic complex, Benson Centre, and the Aquatic Centre, etc. Personally I`d rather live in a larger municipality and have those services and thus pay the higher taxes. Country living is nice, but….

  40. Hugger if places like Long Sault, Ingleside, Morrisburg, etc. had bus service I can assure you that Cornwall would just about be without a lot of people. Those are nice towns except for the likes of the new mayor Bancroft, Tammy Hart, Richard Currier and all the rest of the X-filers. This bunch are literal witches who fly over peoples homes and scare the living hell out of everyone. They are so mighty evil.

  41. Yes, Jules. BUT they don’t have bus service. And some of us prefer to live in a bigger municipality. There is nothing wrong with Long Sault, Ingleside, Morrisburg, etc. But some of us do not want to live in small villages, towns. To each his own, I guess.

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