No, I am not Running in 2015 for the NDP – Rumor Put to Rest & Election Thoughts by Jamie Gilcig – MARCH 23, 2015

jg2CORNWALL Ontario – My phone started ringing far too early this morning.   It was surreal, but I live in surreal times in a surreal community.

I first have to shoot down and dispel the rumor.  I will categorically not be the NDP candidate for this riding in the upcoming Federal election.

As much as I enjoyed writing about NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair frankly I haven’t

Thomas Mulcair with this scribbler before becoming LoO

heard from him since the election.  I feel used, abused, and tossed away, but luckily I’m a very emotionally secure adult.   Mr. Mulcair and I had some magic moments, but I would  not run for his party, especially in this riding.

But this morning did lead to some very special conversations which led to even more special questions about what locally would be the hot ticket issues that Guy Lauzon and other party candidates will be facing.  (PS!  I won’t be running as a Liberal either)

I spoke with Cornwall’s pre-eminent Para Legal, Mr. Jim Moak, and he said personally the Gas Pricing Monopoly was a big issue for him; especially as his firm has expanded into the Kingston area and he’s been doing a lot more travelling.

Why are gas prices going up while oil prices are falling?  Why do gas stations seem to switch prices in unison?  The optics are of market collusion and while many people complain about this that perhaps it’s time to make this an issue?  Fuel costs of course also impact inflation including the high cost of some foods.

Other’s have talked about controversial bill C-51 which seems to be Draconian and something that might not pass the court test when challenged.

Locally the Chem Tanks on our Waterfront issue has still not been ever answered or resolved to a reasonable person’s expectation.    Cornwall lost a Job Incubator, apparently at the behest of Mr. Lauzon’s heir apparent Eric Duncan and with Mr. Lauzon’s support and assistance.      That story hasn’t even gone public at this point.

Jobs are desperate in our local economy.   Frankly many this writer has spoken with are dismayed at a lack of local representation; not only from Mr. Lauzon, but from the opposition riding associations locally.    Where have the NDP and Liberal voices been other than Lib riding association Jamie Labonte sounding off like a casting extra from One Flew Over the Cukoo’s Nest by calling the largest newspaper in his riding a blog?

Mr. Lauzon looks to be about to do a cake walk, depending who the Liberal candidate is, which I’m hearing we will know within…um….minutes.   (alright, I’m fibbing, but am going along and not saying who until they officially release it…)

In the last election the Grits rolled out Councilor Bernadette Clement who spent nearly two years hiding from Lauzon before running out a campaign that actually fared worse than Denis Sabourin before her.   Is this campaign going to be a gimme for Guy in spite of Justin Trudeau’s dreamy hair and the public tiring of nearly a decade of Stephen Harper?

Frankly elections come down to money, which ultimately leads to power.    Jobs are a good place to start.   We all want to better our lot in life.  I know I do.  And we all don’t want to be taken advantage of and feel like we’re being effed over.  (ditto for me on that count too)

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  1. No NDP or Liberal candidacy for you Jamie?

    I think the Cons could run a garden gnome in this riding and still win.

    The gov’t keeps saying there is no market collusion amongst Big Oil. Of course they do. If market collusion was found then Big Oil would have to stop it and pay big fines. And guess who really pays the fines? The consumer through higher prices. The gov’t doesn’t want to upset Big Oil who pay huge taxes to them. But who really pays the tax? Again the taxpayer.

  2. Jamie after the way you have been treated and still going through hell in Cornwall I wouldn’t run either. My God Almighty Jamie I couldn’t go through 1/4 of what you are going through. I have no respect for any of those 1% in Cornwall or anywhere nor the “freeloader nor Toad Lihoot” nor the Barney Fife PD or FD or any of the fraudsters from the top down. Nobody would ever put up with such crap at all anywhere. I don’t know how you do it. All the best Jamie.

  3. I don’t blame Jamie for not running. As he said during the municipal election that was his one and only run for political office.

  4. Hugger, in Leeds-Grenville where I live, the Cons have successfully run a garden gnome for years. They call it Gord, and they prop it up for photo-ops about once a week at public events. The voters around here love it.

  5. Author

    Furtz last time I ran into Steve Clark he actually mentioned you. 🙂

  6. I’m sure Steve knows who I am. I give him and his party a hard time, but to be honest, I think he’s a good guy.

  7. Author

    I think he’s a good guy too for the most part. Sad that he won’t do a sit down interview though.

  8. The only way you’ll ever get a “sit down” interview would be to agree on which questions will be asked, and which topics will be discussed. Steve is a pro and would never give an interview that he doesn’t control.

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