View From the Hill by Keith Beardsley – Where Will the Anti-Harper Vote Go? MAY 18, 2015

Dr. EvilQuick comments on some of the events and issues of the past week

Polling numbers are getting interesting as a three way race is developing. It is always good for democracy when the public is engaged. The question now becomes where will the anti-Harper vote go? With three opposition parties dividing up that vote, it almost guarantees a Conservative win, although I hardly think a majority. Unless of course the anti-Harper votes move either to the Liberals or to the NDP and try to block the Tories. Watch for more talk about coalitions and the Conservatives are sure to revert back to form and talk about the dangers of a coalition government, even though they are legitimate and can work quite well.

What a surprise the Conservatives have announced new emissions targets. It must be an election year! It at least gives Harper a talk point for the eventual leadership debates, but does anyone out there think they will ever be achieved?

It is time for all of our party leaders to make sure that their respective parties pay for their travel to political events, not the taxpayer. That goes for MPs and ministers too. It is pretty easy to calculate what percentage of a trip was of a partisan nature and what portion was actually government related or parliamentary business. Let the party, riding or individual pay for the partisan portion.

The party that used to attack the Liberals for how they abused ads, the Conservatives aren’t much better at the moment. It is an election year and the ads flooding the TV should probably have the CPC logo as they aren’t much different from true election ones.

Some of the latest numbers on the Alberta election shows it was about hope and anger. Something our federal politicians should pay attention too. Hope almost always trumps fear.


  1. It’s “amazing” that when Obama and the communist dictator of China announced their greenhouse gas emission commitment to take effect in 2030, the media fell over itself to say how wonderful they were. But now that Harper has announced something similar, he’s portrayed as just a cynical politician preparing a “talking point” for an election year. People can judge whether they are all cynical liars or not, but no one can help but see the usual double standard at play in our left-wing media.

  2. Lots of Liberal voters are switching to the NDP. The Liberal support of C51 was the tipping point.

  3. Author

    That’s very true Furtz. JT will have to pull one out of his hat. As it stands now Harper is running up the middle. The question today is will he be in Majority territory again.

  4. I’ll go out on a limb and say that another Harper majority won’t happen. Even with the split in the “left” vote, people (including Cons) have seen enough of the never ending sleaze emanating from the PMO and the Harper cabinet.
    It’s a bloody shame that the Libs crowned Trudeau, but that mistake won’t save the Harper Cons.

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