Letter to the Editor – Tom Manley On Conservative Tax Credits SEPT 20, 2015

Conservative Tax Credits Are Big Government
The Harper Conservative are proposing a tax credit for service club memberships. That follows earlier tax credits for volunteer firemen, children’s organized sports, and children’s organized cultural activities.
These are all very noble and worthy endeavours. But do they need tax credits? Do tax credits make them more worthy than other types of volunteering, community engagement, pick-up ball hockey in the yard, or exploring the forest with your parents? The tax credits do not increase participation in such worthy endeavours. They merely reward existing behaviour and buy votes among target audiences.
The Conservative Party was supposed to be about small government. These tax credits are simple examples of meddling in private lives and big government intrusion in individual values and priorities. How dare Harper tell us where to put our time and out money! Where is the Conservative Party of small government and personal freedom?


  1. I do not understand your take on this. No one is telling you where to put your time and money. Many volunteers provide their time for free and sometimes it even costs them money to help out. Encouraging a positive is a good thing, and really, allowing taxpayers to keep more of their own money should be policy.
    Insurance companies provide better rates for safer drivers, is that wrong?

  2. I happen to agree with Tom Manley. To me this is simply a vote buying exercise by the Cons. This proposing a tax credit for service club memberships will not increase membership.

  3. While I try to respect the opinions of others it is my opinion that there is nothing inappropriate with this tax cut/credit. There is no conspiracy to entice simple minded people to shower the conservative party in votes. Rather the tax cut/credit addresses a rather pressing and urgent need in our present day society. In a word, participation. In an environment of extremely high taxation and large have not provinces (Ontario and Quebec) people are required to operate valuable services that cannot otherwise be delivered to those that require assistance. This move may escape a few but most are able to realize that government cannot or does not provide services without considerable expense primarily due to the inefficiencies of government run programs. While this may not be the perfect solution to a fast rising problem at least something is better than nothing. The simple reality is that the move in no way can produce a negative effect. Worst case scenario is that no one takes advantage of the plan.

  4. As for Manley, his opinions do not paint a flattering picture. I thought he was bigger at one time and had a little class. Proof that my opinions are not always correct either.

  5. So, you think this “tax credit” will entice people to join service clubs?

  6. I can see agreeing with the concept Hugger 1, but buying the arguments given should be different. Anyway, that is one more tool to entice people. Sadly, some will not volunteer without a reward.

  7. I think at this point, that most people want to elect a party that doesn’t routinely engage in election cheating and fraud.

  8. Furtz you have a point but what viable party is there? Christian reform.Green, Communist party of Canada to name only a few are relatively clean of such tactics and corruption but will the Canadian public back them?

    Hugger1…I never suggested that a tax credit would entice people. I merely suggested that since we enjoy one of the highest taxation systems in the world we are tapped out. Services as we know them are going to be drastically reduced as unions and administrative overhead suck the lions share of available funds out of our dysfunctional and unsustainable three tier government system. Health care is the perfect model to support this premise. We all continue to hear that doctors pay has been clawed back for the last two years, nursing and support staff cut. We pay a supplemental individual provincial health tax on top of regular provincial taxation for OHIP and have watched as coverage has been reduced. In all of this Hugger1 have you ever heard that administrative positions have been lost? In fact top administrative positions recently have increased in some cases as much as 180% (Senior hospital administrator 2015).

    Tax credits for home renovations, energy reduction, investments and a host of other areas have had success so the logical thing would be to wait and see how this pans out. As I stated it is better than nothing. Do you have a better plan to encourage people to participate and volunteer for the services that we no longer will be able to support through taxation?


  9. David. both the NDP and Liberals are viable parties, and neither of them routinely engage in election cheating and fraud.

  10. Yesterday we received our voting cards in the mail and my daughter was the very first one to tear hers up and dump it in the trash. The second one was my husband and I don’t intend to vote but the card is still with me. My son is the only one who will vote. About voter fraud none of the parties listed are innocent of wrong doings. The entire bunch are in it for themselves and I don’t have any intention of wasting my time on any of them. When we lived in Cornwall and we were walking at the Power Dam with some people from Cornwall one man put it this way: “you know that you have to step into one little piece of doo doo but he used the real word with “s” but you just don’t know which one. I just reared with laughter and said how very true that is.

  11. If you’re going to destroy your voter card at least shred it. It has too much information on it that can be used by less than good people.

  12. Furtz …great joke! The NDP has its election closet skeletons federally and provincially and the Liberals and the word fraud are interchangeable not only federally but provincially. All three major parties are flawed. Who cares to what degree or how often? In a nutshell it doesn’t matter. A thief is a criminal, what they stole or how much is really a mute point.

  13. Jules…. glad to hear that your son believes in his fellow Canadian and democracy and is willing to stand up for freedom. I sincerely hope that you share his wisdom.

  14. Nothing causes me to lose sleep more than the thought of bilingual Supreme Court Judges.

  15. Mr. Oldham the last time I voted was for Jack Layton and not because I am a socialist which I am not but because I did anything to not have Harpoon Harpo in as PM nor the man who lives in the US who has dual citizenship (the professor in the Liberal/Fiberals). I bet that you and others are having a good laugh and believe me this is true. When Harpoon Harpo showed up I was mighty upset. With all the bafoons that we have to choose from Harpoon Harpo is still the best of the bafoons. My son never misses to vote and it has been that way since he was of age to vote. The rest of us don’t care and I have reached a point in my life where I see society going down the tubes. I can’t stop the society from going under and it would be a waste of my time to go and try to change it when the sheeple are voting for the wrong people who have the wrong ideas.

  16. Hugger my daughter tore her voter card up in pieces and my husband did the same. I still have mine and will destroy it as well. My son will be going to the polls as usual and hasn’t missed since he became of age to vote whether federal, provincial or munisipal he was always out there to vote. I haven’t voted since the time that Jack Layton was alive and that is the truth. I am not a socialist at all but voted for him because I didn’t want Harpoon Harpo (that was when he first came in as Cons leader and I never liked him) and I didn’t want the Liberal/Fiberal professor who lived in the US at all – would have voted Cons more that Liberals instead) but Jack Layton was my choice. I support Harpoon Harpo in my own way and think that he is the better choice of the three bafoons even though I don’t like nor trust any of them. Well I kind of like Thomas the Cat a little but he is still not quite the choice I would make and would prefer Harpoon Harpo for now.

  17. So, at one point Harpoon Harper wasn’t good enough, but Jack Layton was. But now Harpoon Harper is good enough to be the only choice. Seriously??

  18. Hugger1 …you yourself stated “lesser of evils” in a political reference on choices. I personally liked Jack Layton and had wished that he had been a Liberal rather than just right of communistic idealism.

    Jules do you believe that an individual who passes on voting has any right to complain in a social political sense? Do you believe that by default if you are not part of the solution (in a democracy that means casting a vote) than you are merely part of the problem? How do you justify that by not voting you are helping yourself and your fellow countryman? Just curious.

  19. Mr. Oldham if I go out and vote my vote would go to Harpoon Harpo and nobody else and it wouldn’t change matters. Some people have said that Harpoon Harpo stole votes and I wouldn’t be surprised because I said those same words when Harpo first got in years ago. My vote would not change a thing since it would go to the bafoon in office. What I like about Harpoon Harpo is that he thinks before he speaks and doesn’t flip flop like the rest of them. The others don’t know what is coming but Harpo is very much aware and mighty scary. You don’t go out and make promises that you can’t keep. If I decide to go and vote (it is hanging in my mind just now and that is why I didn’t tear up my voting card) to vote “Heir Harpoon Harpo” back in again because he is the best of the baffoons.

  20. Aren’t politics fun? Open to so many interpretations.

  21. Mr. Oldham a person can complain about a leader if he or she votes or not – you cannot satisfy everyone for a leader – some are good, some are fair and others are a disaster. My husband and daughter are watching football ljust now talking about me going out to vote and my daughter told my husband that I intend to vote and for Heir Harpoon Harpo. My husband told my daughter just a few minutes ago that if Justine Trudope got in Canada would be finished. My husband was talking about Pierre Trudeau to my daughter and said that he had the personality of a leader as well as the education and that he was Minister of Justice as well as a professor of law. Justine is only a drama teacher in a private school. If Justine were a home economics teacher he may have a bit of a foot in the door do you all think? LOL LOL. ROLF! We are poking fun at Justine this evening and my husband and daughter saw him on TV. I keep getting messages from the Liberal/Fiberal party on my site and none from Thomas the Cat nor from Heir Harpo. Heir Harpo you have my vote in October I am going to head to the polls.

  22. I agree with David Oldham; if you don’t vote then you have no right to complain about the results or complain about what politicians do.

    As for Justin Trudeau let’s get a few things straight….he was a teacher over 13 years ago. What his being a former teacher has to do with what he does now I’ll never know. Now Stephen Harper in his early career worked in the mailroom for Imperial Oil. They have both moved on from their earlier careers and become politicians, one respectable and one PM. Stephen Harper became PM at age 46. Justin Trudeau will be 44 this December. So, becoming PM at an early age is not out of the possibilities for Justin Trudeau. I can’t understand anyone who would like to vote for someone (Harper) who stole votes, changed the rules so it’s harder to vote and has constantly lied to the Canadian people.

  23. Jules I am not saying that you don’t have the ability to complain about a leader if you don’t vote. What I am saying is two main things. Firstly you would be complaining about an individual that represents the party that you helped obtain power by refraining from voting. Which of course makes the person complaining look more than a little simple/foolish. Secondly since someone who refrains from voting is simply giving up their right to be heard why would anyone knowing that you didn’t vote listen to what you have to say after the fact? Makes absolutely no sense or gives any credibility to your arguments. Please exercise your right to vote knowing that it is not all about backing one party in particular but it just may help prevent the party that represents your worst nightmare from gaining traction or coming to power. Give it some thought is all.

  24. Hugger1… just curious, how has it become harder for a Canadian to vote?

    I know of only two Canadians over the age of 18 who are prohibited by law from voting in federal elections. You do not have to be in Canada to vote, you can vote by proxy. You can vote on a variety of dates in advance of the technical voting day. Mentally ill persons cannot be restricted from voting even prisoners in jail can vote. In 2004 of the approximate 32 million Canadians over 22 million were eligible voters (61% exercised their right in that election).

    My experience has been an ever increasing reduction in obstruction from voting combined with an ever increasing apathy which has slowly diminished the percentage of voters. So with a continual reduction in obstructions/restrictions again I ask for my own personal enlightenment, how has it in your mind become harder to vote?

  25. One example of it being harder for Canadians to vote is the restrictions Harpoon Harper has placed on Elections Canada on what they can / can’t tell Canadians.

  26. Hugger1… Elections Canada is a non-partisan agency. What restrictions are they working under that inhibits your ability or mine to vote?

  27. One example is that Harpoon Harper has made it harder for them advertise to Canadian on how to vote.

    The voter information card is no longer accepted as a proof of address. During the 41st general election, the card was accepted as a proof of address at select polls.

    The provisions for vouching, by which one elector could “vouch” for the identity and address of another elector, have been repealed.

    And I am done with this.

  28. One last thing from leadnow.ca.

    Some rules around voter identification have also changed since the last election, so get the updated information and be prepared when you arrive at the ballot box.

    This is especially important now that Elections Canada no longer has a mandate to promote voting – so it is up to us to spread the word.

  29. If there is a tax credit that needs to be removed it is the tax credit for donating to a political party. This tax for donating to a bunch of porky crooks in Ottawa, dwarfs what you could expect to receive for donating a snowsuit to a shivering child here in Cornwall.

    The political pigs in Ottawa have engineered up to a 75% tax credit if you contribute to their party coffers, in contrast to about 25% should you prefer to clothe a cold child.

    And as for Guy Lauzon and Stephen Harper…
    These two scum bag beggars, these pathetic political panhandlers, they each sent letters soliciting money, last week to a 93 year old Cornwall gentleman living in a senior’s residence; a man who raised and provided for his family without handouts and who continues to pay his own way.

    With unmitigated gall, the despicable Lauzon and Harper tried to put the touch on this man; Lauzon for $500 and Harper for $1,500.

  30. Hugger!…. Nothing personal but you have absolutely no clue what you are talking about. You are merely regurgitating something you heard or read that was substantially biased. The mandate of Elections Canada is extremely crystal clear…check the website it refutes your absurd claims that they cannot promote voting. It is what they do.They clearly identity all political parties (even the ones that did not qualify this election) how to vote and where (by mail, by proxy, in advance and all polling stations and what is required of a voter).

    Yes the voter identification and verification system has been improved to try to ensure one vote from each eligible voter. How is that a bad thing? You seem focused on the concept that some people who shouldn’t vote or have voted more than once will be restricted from doing so.

    Spouting off unsubstantiated nonsense is not becoming of an individual that I have often found enlightening and level headed.

  31. Simon you should not tell porkies. Solicitation for political donations does not work in the manner in which you portrayed. If any political party specifically demanded a fixed amount (rather than a range from 0 to infinity) as you proclaimed they would be charged. Tell us when the people you referred to have been charged. Obviously with the passion you condemned them with you will follow through and not let the purported atrocity go unheeded.

  32. Just for the record leadnow.ca is not I repeat is not a non-partisan consumer advocacy group. Rather they have a particular agenda which promotes a bias to further their own specific cause. Information gleaned from sites like this promote misinformation and serve only to influence people with limited cognitive skills. The internet unfortunately is rife with these types of sites.

  33. Hugger, you are arguing with a hard-line Harper-Con supporter. Harper and his party never have and never will do anything underhanded to gain political advantage.

  34. Tax credits for donating to a po,it iCal party. Talk about wasted time and money. And David Oldham….everyone is entitled to their opinion, whether right or wrong.

  35. Furtz….agreed. Harper and his band of crooks would never lie or do anything underhanded or illegal.

  36. Simon….I, as well, received letters and emails requesting I “donate” to the Con party. I was trying to figure out how they got my info. The only dealings I’ve had with the Cons was through Guy Lauzon’s office over two and six years ago. I was assured at that time my info would be destroyed. I guess it wasn’t.

    David Oldham…. can you name me one group that doesn’t have an agenda, hidden or not? Living in a democratic society it’s hard to find anyone, or group without an agenda.

  37. As much as an earlier commenter would like to mislead readers… the begging by pork barrelling politicians (Guy Lauzon and Stephen Harper) most definitely occurred and I have the two letters in hand.

    That earlier commenter would have you believe that the claim of written solicitations (begging for money) is baloney, and while it is tempting to physically feed this so-called “baloney” to the fool by mouth, or better yet Gitmo style, a formal complaint will be lodged with Elections Canada instead.

  38. The Harper Cons have been prosecuted and convicted for election fraud in every election since the party was formed. Not innocent mistakes, but premeditated schemes to cheat on their campaign financing, and systematically directing non-Con voters to bogus polling stations. These crimes are no less than blatant attacks on our basic democratic principles. It’s interesting that there are still some Harper devotees who don’t see a problem with subverting democracy as long as it’s the Harper gang that’s doing it.

  39. Author

    Hugger there was a story that was told to me by a deceased prominent Con that a certain party may have been getting info from a certain local gov’t agency.

    While we never had proof to write a story I find it interesting that prior to 20-7 or 08 I’d get junk mail from Mr. Lauzon with the spelling used by the agency for my service. IE there was essentially only one way that my mailing info made to our MP….

  40. I agree Admin. The request for “donations” came addressed to my legal name, not the one I use in daily life. So, they had to be getting their info from a federal or provincial agency.

    This just goes to further prove what Simon, Furtz and myself have been saying….that the Cons will go to any measures to get re-elected.

  41. Given the infamous report several years back of Guy Lauzon glad-handing at a funeral, it’s not surprising how low his team will go.

    The source that gave out the name and address of the earlier mentioned senior, has been uncovered, and the OPP will be asked to investigate.

    Thanks Dave for the motivation to pursue charges, but don’t expect a card from Guy or Stephen this Christmas.

  42. Hugger1 …since you asked …one group would be Elections Canada. They do not so much have an agenda but rather a mandate. That mandate is to provide voting information to the Canadian public. The chief electoral officer and his direct assistant are to the best of my knowledge at this time the only two individuals in Canada otherwise eligible to vote who because of their roles cannot vote in a federal election. I could go on extensively with examples but I already need to apologize for being dragged so far off topic.

  43. The one who will not receive a card from Guy Lauzon would be mighty fortunate since he pronounced someone who is living to be dead. I will never forget that funny movie that Jamie put out. Honestly every time I see Lauzon I just roar with laughter.

  44. I am in awe at how many individuals rather than engaging in simple debate of facts find it curiously easier perhaps to play spin doctor. Perhaps it stems from the mindless reality show fixation that seems to have gripped otherwise relatively intelligent people.

    My point, which has been completely missed by all, is that all the major Canadian political parties solicit donations. The action is a request not a demand. Donate or don’t donate, your choice. Be fair and represent the whole picture and not just a handful of pixels.

  45. Author

    I am getting spammed to death by the dippers. Multiple emails daily.

  46. David Oldham….I meant group, not federal agency. Hopefully Elections Canada does not have an agenda besides promoting voting in federal elections.

    And you seemed to have missed the point of some of our posts. Who solicits donations from 93 year old Cornwall gentleman living in a senior’s residence? As well, in my case I’d like to know how they got my name. Federal agencies are not supposed to sell, loan etc. their mailing lists. Having dealt with Guy Lauzon with my everyday name I know someone gave my legal information to the Conservative party. That is what disturbs me, my info being sold, etc. by federal, provincial departments to political parties.

  47. admin: I am getting spammed to death by the dippers. Multiple emails daily.

    Welcome to the club. Both my smartphone and tablet are stuck on the September 24 CFN page due to spam, etc. I’ve had to add Chrome to both to be able to access CFN on those devices, as the Internet” app is stuck.

  48. Hugger1 ever wondered what Bell Canada does with its vast customer demographics data base? The internet for decades now has been a growing source of information on all who partake of this medium in a insecure manner. Facebook is just one example of an information service (why do you think Facebook went to court to obtain propriety rights?) and there are many others collecting personal data. No conspiracy theories just a reality of our time.

  49. Perhaps. But Bell doesn’t have my legal personal info. The way the donation request was addressed I know it came from either a federal or provincial agency.

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