SD&SG Riding President Calls Incumbent MP A Bully on Social Media by Jamie Gilcig OCT 12, 2015

As we get closer to the 19th it seems the local Liberals are feeling the frustration from trailing so badly in the poll numbers.      Or simply they have an utter boob as a riding President and simply didn’t replace him as they never had much hope of actually winning?


At the 8 minute mark of the video above you can see the exchange over the Chem tanks.    To pound the failure of the point further Ms Clement’s team pushed another media outlets coverage of the event as a paid post on Facebook, but the only thing revealed in this exchange was that Ms Clement’s council hid the fact of the Chem tanks from the public until they were in the ground making any opportunity to repeal the decision to place them across from luxury condos mute.

Ms Clement talks about the files being disappointing, but clearly her City government was notified of the details and study.    The only question is why her council failed to notify the public especially if the waterfront is a priority.

She talks failure, but again, refuses to address her own council’s failure.

labonte LIThis isn’t the first circus like event from their Riding President who on his linked in page claims his role with the party as employment and cites his piece on this newspaper in his writings while calling CFN a blog and worse, and whose only recommendation on the page is from….his own wife.

Is this the change that Ms Clement is talking about?   If this is her Riding President what does that say about Mr. Trudeau putting together a team for change and what would that change really be?

With actual candidates being yanked by their party’s for social media comments, do you think it’s acceptable for a riding president to post such a claim of a running candidate?    You can post your comments below.



  1. When are the SDSG Liberals going to learn? They have to put in a candidate that can beat the incumbent MP. There is no use putting in a recycled Liberal candidate who lost the last time.

  2. Author

    Hugger the problem is “the local machine”. Until they get rid of the school teachers that are calling the shots it will get worse, not better. Look who the put in as riding President for Pete’s sake?

    It’s like their pulling homeless people off the street to man the local riding association….

  3. There should be a rule that if you lose you cannot run again.

  4. Ms. Clement, given her education/knowledge certainly had many opportunities to be an excellent leader in the community. Unfortunately she chose a different path. As I have commented many times before, past actions are an excellent indicator of future behavior. I not sure the tax payers can endure much more of this type of leadership.

    Take Care,

    Diane Shay

  5. Diane we are in agreement and I believe your comment to be valid. As far as enduring the type of leadership that you refer to I believe that the capacity continues to stretch to match the sense of entitlement. Trudeau’s sound bits add up to a staggering debt load that would cripple the country for decades to come. But this is not about planning to keep promises any more than McGuinty or Wynne planned to keep promises. It is about getting elected at all costs to gain power. Great strategy that has proven to have worked in the past but we are chasing the tail of the Greeks and the ultimate outcome is not pretty. I feel for all those that will have to pay the price of living for today without acknowledging the reality of the future.

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