Media Pushing Hard for Justin Trudeau Victory in Federal Election by Jamie Gilcig OCT 11, 2015

Media Pushing Hard for Justin Trudeau Victory in Federal Election by Jamie Gilcig OCT 11, 2015

Maybe Stephen Harper was right all those years claiming an unfair media bias…or maybe all those years of claiming media bias are coming home to bite him on his thinking parts, but this election is seeing a clear surge this Thanksgiving weekend of media mania for all things Justin Trudeau and the Liberals.

Which is odd as Mr. Trudeau has not really been that strong.    His promise everything and throw everything at the wall strategy has had clear success for a few reasons.

One, many Canadians really have had enough of Mr. Harper.     Likewise the budgets of governments rarely psychologically impact we poor slobs that pay the bills unless you were a government scientist during the Harper years.

Three, looks do count and clearly have since JFK beat Richard Nixon.   Media counts.   You can’t expect big success if you get torched like our PM has been this election.    That and the weeders might actually vote this election.

Nobody really knows what will happen on October 19th.   Polls after all are usually paid for by someone and if you don’t like the results you get you keep paying the polling company until they get the results you do like.

It’s bewildering why the media is pushing so hard for Trudeau.       Could it be because Thomas Mulcair has a beard?

Looking at our two main news aggregators, and National Newswatch most of the stories posted clearly have a positive Liberal message or a an anti Harper one.

Thomas Mulcair with this scribbler before becoming LoO
Thomas Mulcair with this scribbler in happier times.

While my personal experience with him doesn’t inspire confidence it has to be admitted that he has shown clear leadership in categorically being against Bill C 51 and the even worse TPP.   Trudeau fell into the bear trap on C 51.

As our French friends showed us in the revolution way back, sometimes you just want to have a good party and burn down the house, chop off the villains head and it’s usually the pretty person holding the torch and making the most noise that gets to take his place.

In this case Trudeau may get to be that guy, but nothing should be taken for granted as there will be a minority government this election and stranger things can happen that Mulcair supporting Harper or vice versa.

Nothing should be taken for granted this election.

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