Dear Editor,


Ever step into the kind of muck that takes hold of your foot — twist and turn, and you’re more stuck, and deeper in? And when you get loose, you’re minus a shoe, or there’s a clod of mud that won’t come off without a mess on your hands.


Stepping in city hall culture is a bit like that, as seen by the swamp that was Cornwall Mayor Kilger’s council and administration – it’s a mess left on our hands that we still suffer and pay for.


One mess especially worth noting, followed the deliberate failure to report elder abuse at the Glen Stor Dun lodge, and the reprisals, harassment, and dismissal of the whistleblower that protested it.


The acts and fails of the Glen-Stor-Dun manager, the city’s CAO, the Human Resources manager, the Mayor and Council were uncovered by the judicial process that brought down a verdict of “GUILTY” on the City of Cornwall.


And it was painfully clear how city council sat on its wee hands during the scandal, and through the disgraceful city hall denials after the verdict… This, with a supposed lawyer sitting on council to boot!!!


Does anyone recall this “lawyer” calling out Kilger, Fitzpatrick, Menagh, Durochie or anyone else for the Glen Stor Dun Lodge fiasco, or confronting the city hall dolts who scandalized the justice system by denying fault (despite the plea and verdict), and suggesting court justice is about money.


And now we have “lawyer” Bernadette Clement being touted as a candidate for the Canadian Senate or, God save us, an appointment to the bench! …Is that what we need?


Do we need someone intent on making friends rather than making a stand?

Do we need someone to talk uninvited about nothing at any opportunity for face-time?

Do we need someone with no qualms about using us as a career stepping stone?

Do we need someone that is driven by politics not conviction?


Prime Minister Trudeau has distinguished himself by advancing honourable causes but, is his current attempt to correct a political and judicial landscape created by the previous fascist-lite government, a “fix” in the very style of his disgraced predecessor?


Here’s trusting that the criteria for the government’s quota formula doesn’t trump merit with; a fashionable orientation; a token tint; vanilla opinions; or a proven fealty to …My Leader Right or Wrong.

(Editor’s Note)  We have allowed the writer of this letter to with hold their name because of the lack of protection for Whistle Blowers by the council of which Ms Clement has now sat for three terms.


  1. Bernadette Clément is a very intelligent woman but like all of what Cornwall stands for is “COVER UP” and it has been way too long that this has been going on. People elected a new mayor Leslie and nothing has changed at all. Corruption keeps on going strong and a continuation of the usual cover ups. I feel sorry for those who came forward and the abuse of the elderly, and disabled is a crime.

  2. Not just one lawyer in coubcil chambers but two….Helen Finn as well.

  3. Yes, this is quite interesting not to mention confusing. Hopefully my case will resolve all the issues that have been in question. The truth is quite simple and straight forward. As they say “evil can only prevail when good people do nothing”.

    April 21, 2016 a motion and cross motion will be heard in the Cornwall court outlining all the details. Everyone is welcome to attend.

    Diane Shay

  4. You all wouldn’t believe the things that I am hearing of what is going on in the US and it reminds me so much about Cornwall that I am spitting nails lthis evening. I always wonder if there is such a thing as a good politician. The news that we hear on TV is all lies – pure hog wash and how very true that is and Alex Jones as well is a liar and a fake so be careful. I heard plenty.

  5. Diane I am not praising Bernadette Clément and I know what kind she is but I am saying that she is very intelligent and she is very intelligent and as a lawyer she can spin things around to suit her needs. I have listened to so much about what is going on in the US that would make anyone’s hair stand up straight. This world is mighty crooked to the core. Diane be safe and the best of luck.

  6. When you have an individual that refuses to comment on the elephant(s) in the room than you have an individual who represents no one. In fact they don’t even represent themselves. However recent selection practice has established that competency is not required.

  7. Jules if Bernadette was intelligent as you suggest (I admit I have not heard that from anyone else) then she would do the job she was elected to do, represent the taxpayers of Cornwall. It would appear that after more than one term she is still struggling. Not a definitive sign of intelligence even approaching average.

  8. Yes Helen Finn is a lawyer but she cannot practice here in Ontario unless she writes the bar exams for Ontario. At the present time she is just a clerk and that is quite a let down for what her profession is about. If Helen Finn is intelligent she would go and write the bar exams for Ontario. Something does not add up there at all.

  9. Author

    David she not only not comments, she poses for selfies with other councilors who are fraudsters.

  10. Author

    Here’s a deep cleavage shot as she hops in for a road trip with Councilor Robert Brock Frost.

    At the time she would have to live in an igloo to not know about his River Kings exploits as well as his criminal lawyer’s letter regarding the Hatset Real Estate fraud.

  11. Mr. Oldham it is too bad that Bernie is self centered and she has herself focused on bigger things. About selfies take a good look at Justine with all the selfies and people are finding fault about him as well. Society itself has gone to hell in a handbasket. Life has gone from cutting ribbons to selfies. Justine is getting as tiresome to see as the Kardashian bunch.

  12. Jamie I was wondering about the man in California who went to purchase an estate in Nicaragua and being defrauded by Brock Fraud – what happened to that case? How can any decent real estate company hire Brock Fraud after what he has done? About Bernie she is self centered just like Caroline Hébert and I cannot stand her at all. Nothing but a bunch of crooks in action.

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