Wynne $50M Min Income Plan Voter Pandering by Jamie Gilcig APRIL 24, 2017

Cornwall Ontario – There’s a reek of petty desperation and vote buying in the latest cookie being tossed to voters in Ontario.    At the end of the day many see through it though.    Lindsay, Hamilton, and Thunder Bay have been chosen for a pilot project for guaranteed minimum incomes.

$50M divided by 4,000 families equals $12,500 per.   The language of which families are chosen for the pilot project seems hinky too.

A single person could receive up to $16,989 per year. A couple could get up to $24,027.

The ridings though in the last election interestingly enough were won by one of each major party, but the NDP riding, Hamilton, is leader Andrea Horwath’s, and Conservative riding that’s home to Lindsay was very close in 2014. Thunder Bay is a safe Liberal riding.   In other words, much to gain, nothing to lose, all at the expense of the taxpayer, and typical Wynne pettiness at the expense of the public purse.

And of course nothing for this part of Ontario which is mostly Blue and in true need of a guaranteed income as insanely high hydro rates, and now school closings, are devastating rural communities in Eastern Ontario.

With rumblings that Ms Wynne will be falling on her sword soon if the Liberals have any hope of finishing above third in the next election politicos have to wonder if any of these flimsy vote gaining stunts could be enough for Ms Wynne to not see her political career ended?

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  1. Removes motivation for a growing segment of our population however it will shore up an outward flow of liberal votes. Buying your vote with money from those who work, how very Canadian eh.

  2. I will never vote libtard no matter what they do. Every time I get e-mail from the libtards I just delete it and I don’t read a single word that it contains. I have a person in mind who is very good to be a conservative leader and no other. I have absolutely no respect for the libtards at all. I don’t care what or how much they offer they have destroyed Canada financially.

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