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Cornwall Ontario – In what seems to be a cross country spree of alleged scams and frauds; involving landlords, telecom companies, digital tv boxes, and even stiffing a poor home cleaner, David Rosenstein, AKA David Rose, AKA Daniel Rosse, and who knows how many other aliases has appeared to leave a stream of victims.

Ironically, even though charged by police in 2018, it was not for any of the allegations that this newspaper has been sifting through.  He also stated that he has or had warrants on him in Quebec.

Maureen Fedorus thought she was renting her home on Sydney here in Cornwall to a nice young man who was a chef.

In fact she thought he would be buying the home as she was taking a job in Nova Scotia.

She ended up with, by her account, over $10,000 in damages before he left including a fire extinguisher left in the oven of the home!

(Mr. Rosenstein seen taking a mud mask in Ms Fedorus’ home)

She did her best to try and get some justice eventually getting a $1700 award from the Ontario Landlord Tenant Tribunal which she has yet to collect, and of course she had to pay her legal bills as well to go to the tribunal.

Nancy Struthers, President of the S.D.&G. Landlord Association sent in the following statement for publication:

[bs-quote quote=”Being a landlord is rewarding and challenging at its best. So hearing stories like this, just makes me thankful we have the SDG Landlord association here in Cornwall.

We meet 5 times a year on Monday nights and this gives us the opportunity to learn from one another, keep current with changes to Legislation and lobbying for change when needed.
The more people we have the stronger we become as a group and situations like this could be avoided.

Let’s avoid mistakes like this in future and here are ways to get in touch with us: call 613-936-2274 or e-mail the Association at: sdg_assoc@yahoo.ca. or apply on-line by visiting www.sdglandlord.ca ” style=”default” align=”center” color=”#2231d8″ author_name=”Nancy Struthers” author_job=”President – SD&G Landlord Association” author_link=”http://www.sdglandlord.ca/eng/eng.asp”][/bs-quote]

[bs-quote quote=”All landlords need to treat their rental as a business.  This means having a proper application fully completed by the tenant and the landlord must verify all information being provided by the tenant.

In SD&G there is a landlord association which they should be a member of. ( S.D. & G. Landlord Association de Proprietaires) Through which you can investigate prospective tenants and learn to be a better landlord.

In a nutshell if you do not take your landlord business seriously and follow the proper procedures you as a landlord are the one that is going to suffer.  Also landlords must stop being cheap, namely obtain professional advice whether it be accountants, paralegals, or other professionals in the landlord and tenant world otherwise you as a landlord are going to pay for your own mistakes.

Ms Fedorus situation could’ve been avoided and many similar situations could’ve been avoided if the landlord had been proactive before renting to a tenant.” style=”default” align=”left” author_name=”James Moak” author_job=”www.Cornwallparalegal.com”][/bs-quote]











James Moak, a licensed Paralegal based in Cornwall and Kingston, and the foremost Landlord & Tenant specialist in Eastern Ontario, sent in the following quote for publication: (left)





Ms Fedorus started an odyssey  only to discover other alleged victims from all sorts of places.










David Kerr’s allegations  posted on social media about his misadventure with Mr. Rubenstein.

None of the allegations have been proven in court as many of the victims have complained that law enforcement many times have refused to hear their stories or investigate Mr. Rosenstein which may have emboldened him to expand his activity.

There’s an irony that fraudsters seem to know and benefit more from the legal system than their victims, many of whom he’s threatened with police or legal actions for them simply trying to hold them accountable.

Mr. Rosenstein in fact on multiple occasions  threatened this journalist with filing harassment complaints when we gave him a chance to respond to various allegations as they arrived, which is simply responsible and fair journalism.

In Mr. Kerr’s allegations on the left identity theft is added to the pile.

In fact CFN has screen caps of Mr. Rosenstein using various aliases.

In this screen cap on the right he’s typed that he set up a fake id for internet service to someone he sold a cable box to including stating that it should take 1-4 months before Cogeco Cable figures it out offering to set up another account when that occurs.

Clearly this is not a rookie, but someone who has figured out some angles on how to abuse a system that simply passes those losses and costs onto consumers that are not ripping these companies off.

Again, if a humble journalist and social media group could pull this info together why haven’t any law enforcement agencies?

Why has Mr. Rosenstein been allowed by our system to appear to go on a rampage of fraud and abuse including the lowly non payment of a woman who travelled from Cornwall to Long Sault to clean his home?

The Cornwall Community Police Service has not responded to this story, but the SD&G OPP seem to be initiating an investigation as Mr. Rosenstein appears to be residing in Long Sault with some babies in Cornwall.

One of his favorite tactics appears to be sending an EMT, but not the password which would allow payment to go through.

He retaliated against Ms Fedorus according to a post that she made.

This screencap is from a woman alleging that he beat her.

And in this screen cap, taken from today using the David Rose alias, he’s stating that he’s “smoking a J and hitting the road” back to Cornwall where he partially refunded one of his victims in exchange for removing her posts about in a social media group dedicated to his victims.

The victim then reposted over 30 screencaps of their dialogue.  (Never mess with a Cornwall chick!)

In fact Mr. Rosenstein is allegedly still active with what appears to be his main source of income at the moment, scamming programming on cable boxes to cheat Bell and Cogeco while sometimes even hooking up fake user internet accounts.


He also has refused to re-program or fix boxes that didn’t work once delivered or refund money.

In an email to a Cornwall woman he was putting his moves on he claims to make between $240 to $500 per day from his ads.


We will be updating this story as more information becomes available and it should be interesting to see if he’s finally charged by the OPP as the CCPS seem to be awfully busy….

And if you own a property you can avoid scammers by joining your area Landlord Association and working with professionals who can help you avoid the types of scams that too many are pulling in 2018!

If you have more information about this story please email us at jamie@cornwallfreenews.com

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