Earth Matters – Want to attract life, colour and wonder to your surroundings? – Cornwall Ontario – Monday March 8, 2010

Think about planting species of plants native to North America which thrive in our extremes of temperatures throughout the year, require little or no work to maintain, and attract a multitude of creatures which are an absolute joy to watch and share your space with, should you take the time to appreciate.  There are many […]

ROGER SAUVÉ – Life Trends – Facts And Figures That Matter To You – Wedding Bells? Less than half of single people will marry before the age of 50 – Summerstown Ontario – March 8, 2010

ROGER SAUVÉ – Life Trends – Facts And Figures That Matter To You – Wedding Bells? Less than half of single people will marry before the age of 50 Spring is almost here … and love and weddings are not far behind. Have you found that special someone out there that you would like to spend the […]

Komorowski’s Korner – Insulation – Part 2 – Cornwall Ontario – March 3, 2010

Insulation – Part 2 Proper insulation is probably the most important factor in staying warm at an affordable cost. There are four basic types of insulation used in construction today: fibreglass, cellulose, rigid foam sheets, and spray foams. Each of these can provide a cost-effective solution towards insulating your home and insulating your wallet from energy […]

M.P. Gerard Kennedy resurfacing in fashion – Commentary by Ken Smith – Cornwall Ontario – February 28, 2010

M.P. Gerard Kennedy resurfacing in fashion Maybe you remember M.P. Gerard Kennedy. He gave us single-handedly Stephane Dion. Kennedy, third in the 2006 Liberal leadership race thought an alliance with Quebec’s Stephane Dion in fourth place would beat frontrunner Michael Ignatieff. Kennedy was right and the Liberals ended up with a fourth-best leader. Dion then carried […]

Letter to the Editor – John Milnes – Incompetence and Security – February 28, 2010

Dear Sir: Prime Minister Harper, aided by Luc Lauzon and all the other anti-democracy Conservative Members of Parliament, determined to close down Parliament so they could play around, unimpeded by the opposition.  Everything fell nicely into place. The nightmare of Haiti was to provide a ready made grandstand opportunity and the security at our airports gave them […]

Earth Matters by Jacqueline Milner – Food for Thought – Canadian Organic Conference Gala Evening – Dr. Wayne Roberts – February 28, 2010

Food for Thought I attended the Canadian Organic Conference Gala Evening Friday, February 26th; an evening which has traditionally kicked off a Saturday of workshops, lively conversation and information pertaining to Organic and Sustainable farming practices.  It actually has the flavour of a country social where old friends and new gather to eat, laugh and share. […]

When Large Corporations Become Petty – Editorial – February 27, 2010

We at The Cornwall Free News just celebrated our 1st Anniversary.   It’s something we’re all proud of because many people gave us little chance of making it to our first birthday, but people can surprise you and the response to our online newspaper was way beyond even our own expectations; not only locally here […]

Canadian Woman’s Hockey Team Get Gold Medal for Canada and Partying – Editorial – February 27, 2010

At least they were drinking Canadian Beer 🙂 Congratulations to the Woman’s Hockey team for winning gold and making Canada proud.   I’m totally bewildered by all the news drama created by Girls being Girls. Come on; they’re hockey players!    The stuff that I can’t print that I’ve witnessed, never mind the lore of […]

Earth Matters by Jacqueline Milner – What is New of Environmental Note about Town? – February 20, 2010

What is New of Environmental Note about Town? Our wonderful cherished wetland sanctuary Cooper Marsh is hosting a fund raising event March 13-14 from 1 to 9 p.m. at The Visitor Centre. This will be a family friendly event which will have something of interest for the children and adults. The funds raised will facilitate […]

Letter to the Editor – Rebuttal from Ken Smith to Markus Noé – Why Coalitions Rarely Happen in Canadian Politics – February 19, 2010

Why coalitions rarely happen The two main parties in Canadian federal politics, the Conservatives and the Liberals, maintain their images of power through singular identities. Stand-alone leadership is what defines the Liberals and Conservatives as main parties. Both main parties secretly fear joining coalitions because it dilutes their image as a main party. Stephen Harper, […]

Letter to the Editor – Brian Lynch – Cornwall Community Hospital Bed Cuts – February 18, 2010

Dear Editor: I am very disappointed that the Cornwall Community Hospital has been forced to close 18 beds and lay off 30 employees because of inadequate funding from the provincial government. These cuts will certainly hurt the quality of health care in Cornwall and area. With an aging and growing population, the provincial government should […]

Letter to the Editor – Man Made Global Warming – John Milnes – Long Sault Ontario – February 17, 2010

Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye.  The verdict is now coming down with respect to the man-made global warming issue.  In fact, it is pretty well down with contrary statements from Professor Phil Jones, Director of the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit and, perhaps, the greatest scientific proponent of the man-made global warming […]

Vanier Institute for the Family Yearly Report by Roger Sauvé released Nationally – Canada – February 16, 2010

We’re very lucky to have as talented a person part of our family at The Cornwall Free News as Roger Sauvé of People Patterns Consulting. Roger, through the Vanier Institute for the Family releases a yearly report which went live recently. LINK “The numbers show that most families haven’t felt much relief from the recovery […]

Letter to the Editor – James Borer C.D. – NDP No Detail Politicians – Lunenburg Ontario – February 15, 2010

Letter to the Editor  NDP – No Detail Politicians In most circumstances to have lots of rhetoric with no details we call it fiction, delusion, hypothetical and even fantasy.  But on the 9th of February at the NDP Annual General Meeting in Cornwall it was the talk of the party.  Now no doubt the people […]