Having a site like this gives you a lot of information.  It passes through; it passes by; it never stops. I get to see the search terms used that bring people to The Cornwall Free News and was surprised to see my own name as a term. So I GoogledContinue Reading

Parisian Style Bistro: What’s the Fuss About?   Chef Shawn Kretz turns in his latest column typing with only one hand! What makes a Parisian style French Bistro different than a Bistro in Lyons, Strasbourg, or Dijon? Well, for the most part a Parisian Bistro will draw the best from allContinue Reading

Editorial- Finally minimum wage went up in Ontario. I know the struggles of small business as I’ve run one.  Yes wages are expensive, but the reality is that Minimum wage is a system that supports the Service Industry. Walmart recorded profits this year.   Tim Horton’s, Burger King, McDonalds, and manyContinue Reading

I was just watching this week’s city council meeting on Cogeco and it’s amazing to watch this group interact. There definitely are certain “types” of people.  You can see which councilors supports business interests, and which councilors support human interests; which councilors are smarter or brighter, or which councilors youContinue Reading

LINK to Mike Peeling’s Story in the Standard Freeholder. I can tell you as someone who is looking for work in Cornwall the market is brutal; unless you’re a cronie of some politician 😉 What jobs there are, are low paying and nearly abusive.  I know one local company thatContinue Reading

It seems as though every industry wants a bailout.  I want one too, but sadly there is no applicable category I could apply for. The most successful bail out that comes to my mind was the one of Chrysler in the 80’s. Lee Iaococca had a plan. The former managementContinue Reading