Is lying to the public at a party level good politics? Pinocchio Harper at work and play.

I just shake my head as I read this stuff. The first thing you see when you go to Mr Harper’s website are attack ads graphically displayed. A click away you can participate in something called Where Mr. Harper and his team will actually instruct you to perpetuate lies to the media by […]

So What Would you do to keep your seat if you were a MP?? Elections are good for the Economy – 2009 Federal Election

Politics are a blood sport.    They are not for the squeamish.   We don’t really want honest politicians.  We don’t want fair politicians.  We want our politician’s to serve our best interest.  We want our MP to bring Jobs and prosperity to our riding; even if it’s at the loss of another community. This is human […]

It’s Official – David Rawnsley to run for the Green Party in SD&G

We at The Cornwall Free News wish to offer our congratulations to Mr Rawnsley and his Campaign manager Lorna Foreman. For immediate release Cornwall September 14th, 2009. The Green Party is pleased to announce that David Rawnsley will once again be their Federal Candidate in the riding of Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry. David carried the green-banner during […]

Election Prediction for this Week – or Why Stephen Harper so badly wants an election EDITORIAL

Good morning everyone.  Nobody wants an election.   That’s the buzz phrase that comes out of a lot of politician’s mouths and in print.   Reality is though that the majority of politicians do want a Federal election. Don’t let anyone in the Harper Government fool you.    Mr. Harper wants a majority.  He’s tired of not being […]

New Harper Attack Ads against Mr. Ignatieff

New Harper Attack Ads against Mr. Ignatieff

A new attack ad is being released by the Harper Government. No, I’m not going to link to it or show the clip. I tell you, if this government spent as much time, resources, and talent on the economy and governing this country than they do on nasty ads our country would probably have almost […]

Harper Government Bloodlusts for Majority as Insiders Sell Shares at Unprecedented Rate

The world has filled the economy’s coffers in an unprecedented manner to help fight the recession/Depression and now that much of those dollars have been spent insiders, that is people on the inside of many of the corporations that benefited most from those cash infusions into the economy are selling their shares in these corporations.  […]

Federal Deficit over $50 BILLION Dollars – Stephen Harper calls for Conservative Majority Government in the Next Election

I guess blowing up the Canadian economy is the mandate for a majority Government according to our Prime Minister, or his stock portfolio is doing well.. L I N K Deficit going over $50 Billion  “Finance Minister Jim Flaherty revealed Thursday that Canada’s budget shortfall will swell to a record $55.9 billion this year “ […]

Sometimes Politics Make Me Nauseous – Harper Government Propaganda Machine @ Work

Nobody wants an election.  It’d be bad for the country.   Canada, it’s media, and airwaves alike are being pounded with this message. Here’s Minister Van Loan, who actually can speak!  L I N K “What is of concern with an election looming is the number of pieces of legislation that we have on the tackling […]

Fun and Politics in Lamoureux Parc – Labour Day part deux

Fun and Politics in Lamoureux Parc – Labour Day part deux

It wasn’t all fun and Hot Dogs.   There was some serious speech making. Here is Cornwall City Councilor and Darlene Jalbert’s campaign manager Elaine MacDonald in action. httpv:// There was a minor fracas as 3 people with placards who were handing out tracts heckled some of the supporters in the parade.  You can hear a […]

Labour Day Rally in Lamoureux Parc – Darlene, Bernadette, and Zelda!

Over 1000 people today were treated to a star studded Labour Day afternoon in  Lamoureux Parc.   City Councilors Glen Grant,  Bernadette Clement, Elaine MacDonald, Kim Baird, Syd Gardiner, and Miss Gay National Capital Zelda Marshall  joined NDP Candidate Darlene Jalbert  who hosted a day of entertainment, good food, good company, and a fine march around […]

Joe Gunn – Need to Buy or sell a Property ? Call the Expert

Joe Gunn –  Need to Buy or sell a Property ?  Call the Expert

Advertisement Joe is your online resource for home buying, home selling, financing, and property listings. Whether it’s a house, condo, cottage, or apartment, he can assist you with your real estate needs. Joe has been in the real estate business for over 25 years, a community leader and is well respected within the industry. Click […]

I’ll be at Lamoureux Parc on Labour Day for the Picnic – Will You?

What a terrific concept and event.    Labour day in the parc, food and entertainment sponsored by local unions and the Cornwall & District Labour Council and hosted by Cornwall’s very own Elaine MacDonald. John Divinski wrote a super article in the Seaway News this week.  Click the link to read full details.  L I N […]