Tory Minister Kenney – NO DEAL WITH NDP

httpv:// “These people drink their own Kool-aid.”   Ugh, do these folks know how to alienate Canadians by the thousands or what? L I N K Click the link to read the Globe & Mail’s coverage of the story. please visit our sponsors:

Let the Battle Begin – Ignatieff Throws Down the Gauntlet

Michael Ignatieff made his position clear.  It’s time for the Harper Government to go.   From Sudbury the Liberal Leader stated clearly his intention to bring the Conservatives down the first chance they get.   It’s now up to Jack Layton or Gilles Duceppe to prop up Mr. Harper or we go to election. Mr. Harper may […]

Elizabeth May not to Run in Nova Scotia

L I N K Elizabeth May, Leader of the Federal Green Party of Canada has officially stated that she won’t be running in Nova Scotia again.   Right now things are pointing to the BC riding of Saanich-Gulf Islands. “The B.C. riding of Saanich-Gulf Islands, which is currently held by Conservative cabinet minister Gary Lunn, has […]

NDP Nomination Meeting Drums Up the CASH

Another night, another nomination meeting.  This one served up some really good carrot cake though. It was all Darlene Jalbert last night at the Navy Club.  Surrounded by party faithful and committed volunteers Ms Jalbert enters her second attempt to unseat local MP Guy Lauzon. Cornwall City Councilor Elaine MacDonald led off in welcoming Darlene […]

Local Liberal Stars Shine at Bernadette Clément Nomination Meeting

Local Liberal Stars Shine at Bernadette Clément Nomination Meeting

It was a breathtaking night in local politics at the Knights of Columbus hall.    Local Liberals turned out in record numbers to attend the nomination meeting. Only one candidate was on the docket, which wasn’t surprising to any in attendence.     It’s part of Ms Bernadette Clément’s charm, pulling people together and uniting them which makes […]

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